Run For Your Lives! – They’re Back From Outer Space!

falling-crawlingzac-pic2Taylor James Abshire has returned to Flirt4Free in the role   he made infamous a year ago …  misfit Zac Zeek!                              Times must be tough in the Ohio rust belt these days!Adam Foxx                                                     And Live from his retirement home in Palm Springs … Grandpa Foxx made his inauspicious return to the cam last night on Chaturbate!

Like a plague of locusts descending from the skies and spiders crawling out of the woodwork … it’s a terrifying time in the Cam World these days!

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Donnie B Is Back!

donnieb3At the end of last month Donnie B was removed from the Flirt4Free roster after a lengthy run serving the “wee hours” community.  The good news is that Donnie is back once again.  This time around he is appearing on Chaturbate.  Miss M will let Donnie tell you the details himself. ………………………………………………………….DonnieBelladonnieb2The cam world was just a little off tilt without Donnie B – but all is right with the universe once again. 

Be sure to visit Donnie over on Chaturbate soon – and tell him Miss M says hello.

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USA Shut Out Of The Current Top 4!

top4 headertop4-7-31-14

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Blue Aidan Wants Presents To Celebrate One Year of Whoring!


Model Blue Aidan with his hand out

Model Blue Aidan with his hand out

Blue Aidan is celebrating the One-Year Anniversary of whoring himself on cam (give or take – what with time off for bad behavior) … and would like to remind everyone of his Amazon Wish List. 

In fact – he would like to remind everyone twice!   In one day!  Because … you know …”presents are nice”. 

Let’s get right on that, boys … because … you know … it’s not every day a grown man celebrates a whole year of flogging his genitalia.


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Brad Hedlund (aka Eric Anderies) – Separating The Truth From The Lies – The Facts From The Fiction!

brads 3rdSoCal StudEric Anderies is Bad!  Bad Brad!  Bad Brad Hedlund! Clearly Eric was having a rare moment of self-clarity when he chose his fake Flirt4Free name … and the descriptive adjective he chose to go with it. His chosen Instagram username is also surprisingly introspective … “eslickrick”.

You all know Eric as Brad … the sun-kissed, self-proclaimed gay, SoCal beachboy … struggling to put himself through medical school by day and juggling endless hours of homework and exams … with cam-whoring on Flirt4Free … by night.

Eric Anderies (aka Cam-whore Brad Hedlund)

Eric Anderies (cam-whore Brad Hedlund)

But Eric Anderies is so much more than that … and Brad Hedlund is so much less.

There is, in fact, so much to tell you about Eric/Brad that Miss M is going to have to break the details into several posts.  Miss M is printing these posts after much research – and two lengthy Twitter DM conversations with Brad himself. 

In those conversations … it was like pulling teeth to get Brad to tell the truth about just about anything.  He is good at fast-talking and diverting questions – but not so good at just telling the simple truth.  It was quite frustrating.  Miss M was finally forced to ask point-blank questions and request yes or no answers. 

For example … after dancing around her questions … Miss M directly asked Brad if he were really in Graduate School … or in any school for that matter – as he consistently claims he needs financial help from his room members to continue to become a doctor.  He finally answered “No!”


You’ll hear more on Brad’s medical school ruse … his live-in girlfriend of over two years (all the while claiming to his fans that he was gay) … the supposed attack where a man broke in to his home and tried to “rape” him … and much more.

You’ll see photos of the 6-bedroom, 6-bath, 6700 square-foot Single-Family home he and his girlfriend, Jessica, are living in … about 20 minutes west of the wealthy resort town of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  Barbara Walters called the city “a little slice of Heaven” and included it in her list of the most fascinating places to visit.  Here’s an exterior shot to whet your appetite.


You’ll read about Eric’s 2011 arrest for Assault and Domestic Violence – and his 2012 charges for Harassment.

You’ll see photos of he and Jessica as the two lovebirds frolic on a wonderful beachfront vacation in Costa Rica paid for (at least in part if not in total) by Flirt4Free members … and you’ll read of Eric’s current GoFundMe site seeking more travel contributions (ostensibly for another volunteer “mission”).

the happy couple

You’ll be directed to past “Dirty” details about Eric … like this one:   Girls Need To Know About Eric Anderies.

You’ll also read additional portions of our DM conversations … and so much more.

banana sandwichYes … today is Eric Anderie’s third anniversary of shaking his genitals for Flirt4Free members who only think they know him.  It is his third anniversary of taking their money for a medical degree from a college in which he is not even enrolled.  It is his third anniversary of lying about his name, his criminal background, his location, his sexuality … the list is endless.  Miss M wanted to make sure it was a special celebration for him.  He’s earned it.

Keep checking back for… the rest of the story (or subscribe to Miss M tweets @MissMurmurs for announcements of future posts).

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Sara Lynn and Her Summer Makeover! Sexy or Scary?!

sara lynn springIt seems like just yesterday Miss Murmurs was complimenting Sara Lynn on her new look for Spring.  It was fresh and stylish.

This is why Miss M doesn’t know what to make of Sara’s choice of looks for Summer.  From fresh and stylish to frightening and scream-worthy!  WHAT were you thinking, Sara, dear?

Take a look and see what YOU think!

summer makeover

MISS SARA LYNNSara Lynn SummerIt looks like Sara is fresh from a Summer swim … and ready to join Carrie at the prom!*  The Fall season just can’t get here too soon!  ;)                                      *And yes – that really is Sara Lynn!

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Da Pain, Boss – Da Pain! … And So It Begins Again!

Back Just 2 Weeks – The Beat Goes On!


“Ay yi yi!” — Blue Aidan

Can the endless parade of back spasms … toothaches … torn ligaments … car breakdowns and stolen wallets be far off?

aidan blue chest strain

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It’s A Grand Opening For!

colbyknox - now openFlirt4Free Favorites Colby and Mickey have launched their new website … with lots of hot and sexy fun from these two hot models and their sexy friends … Tyler Sky, Ryan Durham, Jake Evans, Damien Young and more!

colbyknow-about usVisit Today!

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Miss Murmurs Congratulates Flirt4Free Model Will Ryan!

Will RyanMiss Murmurs would like to congratulate model Will Ryan on winning the top spot in Sunday’s “Webcam Cup” Promo … and use this as an opportunity to introduce those who might not know him to one of the absolute nicest guys on Flirt4Free.  In fact, models as friendly and gracious as Will are a rare find in the cam world … and Miss M suddenly realized she had been remiss in not acknowledging this soft-spoken young man long before this.  If you have never visited 6′ 2″ cutie Will Ryan (a Flirt4Free Lifetime Achievement Hall of Fame winner) … make it a point to do so. You won’t be disappointed. ;)

Will Ryan 2

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Flirt4Free Model Colby Money aka Eric P. Leuci Mugshot!

Flirt4Free Colby Money aka Eric P LeuciFlirt4Free Model Colby Money – whose real name is Eric P. Leuci was arrested last year in Florida … and charged with two criminal violations.  Charge 1 was “DWLSR” – Driving with license suspended or revoked … and Charge 2 was “NCTC” – Non-cooperative target classification … meaning person did not obey or follow directions of the arresting officer. 

Miss M has been unable at this time to find out why his license had previously been suspended or revoked in the first place … but as Mr. Leuci will coincidentally be doing a show later tonight on Gay Hoopla … perhaps someone who plans to attend could ask him … and report back to our gentle readers.

Eric P Leuci aka Colby Money of Flirt4Free

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An Interesting Top Three!

top3- 7-12-14c

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FUN FINGERS! With Eric Anderies (who plays Brad Hedlund on Flirt4Free)

This is actually kind of painful to sit through … but Miss M just knew Flirt4Free’s “Brad Hedlund” fans would love it.  ;)    Take a peek!

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“I’m Kinda Famous On Here!” — Crazy Annie Reynolds™ (murderator)


Chaturbate Rock Star - Crazy Annie Reynolds™

Chaturbate Rock Star – Crazy Annie Reynolds™

What are Crazy Annie Reynolds™’ two favorite things in all the world?  Chatting online and masturbating!  So it stands to reason that Chaturbate and Crazy Annie were a match made in heaven. 

Crazy Annie Reynolds™’ dream during her beleaguered tenure on Flirt4Free was to somehow be able to banish the grey users.  At Chaturbate, Crazy Annie’s dream has come true.

Miss Murmurs recently visited Crazy Annie Reynolds™’ Chaturbate room … and wanted to share with her gentle readers just a tiny snippet of Crazy Annie in all her glory.  Oh – and some model was there too!

annie-chaturbateIf YOU would like to visit Crazy Annie Reynolds™ in her room at Chaturbate … just look for one of “her guys” … like Travis Deland … or Anthony John (Tj) Pelka aka JJ Swift … or Ricky Stormes aka Jaden Storm … or whomsoever she  announces on her Twitter.  Just remember YOU…..

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Miss M Has To Agree … It Really WAS Inane! ;)

Izzi Says 2izzi-tweetWhen He’s Right … He’s Right!

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Jaden Storm’s Hernia Far From Sexy!


Miss M always has to chuckle when someone (in this case, Model Kane Drexler) actually says out loud what she was just thinking to herself. 

In the constant barrage of promotional tweets from Voyeurboys that the twittersphere seems inundated with these days … complete with at least 7 exclamation points … this gem slipped through … and Jaden himself and Crazy Annie Reynolds actually favorited it.  Maybe you should pay for some real advertising, Boys.  Just sayin’.  Right after you buy Jaden a truss, that is! ;)

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Miss M Wishes A Happy Birthday To An Old, Old, OLD Friend!

adam_foxx_eyes39Miss M couldn’t let today go by without a Birthday shout-out to “The Giant Dildo™” Adam Foxx aka Jeffery Ronald Price aka Julien Price aka Rentboy Ashley Jordan … upon whose back was literally built.

mADAMe2Miss Murmurs will go easy on Madame today – as she knows beginning her 40th year on the planet is stressful enough for the rapidly aging “Giant Dildo™.” 

Look at it this way, old girl … you finally left West Hollywood where you were the oldest among the young and pretty … and went to Palms Springs where you are among the youngest of the dead and dying.

Thanks again, my dear old, old, old friend … Miss M couldn’t have done it without you!  HAPPY 39TH BIRTHDAY!


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Travis Deland Banned! Moves To Chaturbate!

violationModel Travis Deland, while competing in the 4th of July contests, brought along a friend to his chatroom … and bought himself a two-week suspension from Flirt4Free.  Travis tweets to tell us he’ll now be appearing on Chaturbate for the time being …

travis tweets

And sure enough … there he and his friend, Dexter Davis, were … in the middle of the night … complete with Crazy Annie Reynolds as their moderator.


Take that, Flirt4Free!  ;)

travis-fmmupdate2It looks like Travis got off to a rocky start last night at Chaturbate … first by hooking up with career killer “Crazy Annie Reynolds” … and second by not fully understanding how Chaturbate works and angering lots of visitors to his room.   By night’s end … even his new Pimpette was hoping he could get his act together for his next show.  This just doesn’t seem to be Travis’ week.


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Max Hughes Rockets To Victory! – Chris Fosgate Sweeps Past Izzi!

max hughes

Model Max Hughes Celebrates His Victory

big bang

Most Fireworks Gifts Collected

When the smoke had cleared from the four-day 4th of July Fireworks contest … model Max Hughes had danced his way past his competitors for Top Spot and the $500 prize with the most gifts of all of the models competing – a whopping 879! 

Max’s personal style of “dirty dancing” wowed new and old fans alike – bringing them back for more night after night. 

Jaden Stormchris fosgate 3Izzi lamentsJaden Storm, who logged in more hours than any other model during the contest period, came in second … and model Chris Fosgate (in only 10 hours on cam during the entire four days) swept past Izzi for the third place finish.  Izzi, who, like Jaden, also spent over 25 hours online competing … was left scratching his head over that loss.

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Coming Soon! – Meet More Men Behind The Models …


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Coming Soon! – Meet More Men Behind The Models …

up close and personal ad3

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This Flirt4Free 4th of July … Declare Your Independence!

independence2From Silly Flirt4Free Holiday Promos Designed For The Sole Purpose Of Separating YOU From Your MONEY!

get noticedIf  big-tipping a cam-whore is your idea of “Getting Noticed” … Miss M hates to tell you this … but your “Small Penis Syndrome” is out-of-control!

Grow some real balls … and have the courage to hang on to your money!

And for those of you who fawn over the “big tippers” … you have simply replaced your “Penis Envy” with “Money Envy” … and it isn’t attractive!

get noticed

A Flirt4Free Promotional Banner Relays Flirts’ Message Loud and Clear!

No one has extra credits just lying around … they were all PURCHASED … with real MONEY!  You worked for that money … so it’s time to make the cam-whores work for theirs!

Believe Miss M … If everyone stopped tipping for just ONE day … especially over this promo period … you would see some shocked models actually start working for your money again … not just asking for your HELP!


You’ll See The Flirt4Free Models Sit Up And Take Notice – And Start WORKING For Your Money Again!


independence2Miss M apologizes to the models who really DO work hard already and actually EARN their shows and tips (and you know who you are) … but lots of your co-workers need a little wake-up call (and they know who they are)!


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Leave them alone, And they’ll come home – Wagging their tails behind them! … Flirt4Free’s Black Sheep Returns.

bad pennyIt is said that “a bad penny always turns up” … and it seems to have proven true with Flirt4Free’s worthless reprobate … and former deadbeat “studio owner of sorts” … Blue Aidan.

You’ll recall Mr. Blue was the subject of a Dallas craigslist SCAM ALERT warning unsuspecting models who might sign up for Flirt through his studio to beware the unethical and unscrupulous “Blue Aidan Models”.  (Click the pics to enlarge)


It seems Blue Aidan had disappeared without paying his models the monies owed to them.  He later claimed he had used their money to pay for his own personal dental bills.  His models were moved to an independent account.  It was not until one model threatened legal action that Aidan finally coughed up the money – threatening to file for bankruptcy.

Model Blue Aidan with his hand outDuring his previous tenure on Flirt4Free Blue Aidan was known for his infamous Amazon wish list filled with expensive items the straight model hoped his gay followers would buy him for his “new home” … as well as a notorious “GoFundMe” page requesting $2500 in donations and F4F tip targets to buy himself some new “threads”.

In short, many fans felt Blue Aidan had become known as an opportunist and user.

raffle3Aidan also was well-known for his “Raffle” that went on for months – collecting monies for some unknown prize.  To this day, no one seems to know if any prizes were ever awarded … or if that money also went away with Mr. Blue when he stopped paying his models and disappeared on March 1st.


Also during his tenure on Flirt, Aidan seemed to suffer all manner of illnesses and unfortunate happenings.  He was plagued by various and frequent back injuries … car problems … water pipes bursting … check fraud … stolen wallets … the list was endless.  However, he never lost sight of his “GoFundMe” money-seeking campaigns … his “offline tip” requests … or that famous wish list … no matter how much pain or annoyance he was enduring.

aidan-blueShortly after his disappearance, Miss M speculated about why he was no longer on cam and wrote the following: “Perhaps he is simply not in need of funding or Amazon gifts at this time.  Whatever the reason … Miss M is sure the next time he is in need … we will see Mr. Blue again.  Surely there’s some sort of head injury or roof leak in his future.”


Well, apparently that day has come.  In recent weeks, Mr. Blue has been making noises about returning on his Twitter …

returnlaptopmiss medo you miss this

uh ohnewest cut

though he held off until recently when he appeared briefly … to little interest and no tips.  And then suddenly, there he was again last night … looking a little worse for wear … and he made it clear “he has returned”.  If there was any doubt remaining – it was removed when Aidan’s wish list (which had been inactive for months) suddenly was sprouting new items (like the $130 Jersey below).  Oh yes … Aidan Blue is back alright!

blues wish list

House-Of-BlueMiss M knew the smell of easy money would eventually draw Aidan back to the scene of his crimes … and apparently she was exactly right.  Amazingly enough, gone from his new home last night was the beautiful leather sofa set (replaced by some Rent-a-Center cloth set) – and only holes in the wall remained where once hung his big screen TV.  Clearly there have been some “financial problems” in Mr. Blue’s life lately … so back to the feeding trough he comes. 

Hopefully, not many Flirt members will even bother to give this huckster the time of day … let alone their money.  Blue Aidan made his bed and he needs to lie in it (providing the bed is still there in the bedroom … and not gone with the TV and sofa).

A final tweet from Aidan Blue issued just this past week …

he has returned

to which Miss M and Flirt members reply …

big whoop

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Miss M’s Grapevine!

mm-winery 2sean-masked2WHO WAS THAT MASKED MAN?

It was just Sean Holmes who crawled out from under the rock where he has been hiding for the past 3-plus months to make his first Flirt appearance since he was last tipped on February 23rd.

Mr. Holmes appears bi-annually to claim a free trip to the Flirt Summit (next held in Cancun).  The Top 5 models in July win a free stay and $500 for airfare.  In short … expect to be seeing a lot of Sean in July … and then poof!  He will disappear into the night like the Lone Ranger.  “Hi-Yo Silver!  Away!”

By the way, Sean … How is that long-ballyhooed site coming along?  Can we expect it sometime before Christmas?  “Ho Ho Ho!  Away!”widget-divider

Timothy Hoffman - Marc Swift - Flirt4free - Snow CampyFrom Sex Cam To Snow Camp!

Timothy Hoffman – who recently ended his three-week run as Flirt4Free model Marc Swift is now starring in the summer season of plays at Snow Camp Outdoor Theatre in Snow Camp, N.C.Timothy Hoffman - Marc Swift - Flirt4free - Snow Camp Schedule

Click to enlarge the full schedule at left should you wish to visit Marc over the summer.

widget-dividergoldilocksCan Daisy Dukes Be Far Behind?

Occasional Flirt4Free model Jaden Storm (Ricky Stormes) has returned from the hills of Arkansas as a summer blond.  Hopefully housemate TJ Pelka (JJ Swift) will hide the bleach from Goldilocks in the future.  Perhaps the Arizona heat is finally getting to the former Fratman.

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Coming Soon! – Meet More Men Behind The Models …

up close and personal ad2

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Coming Soon! – Meet The Men Behind The Models …


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