BN&F Was Asked To Stop Printing “Unsubstantiated Tips” As Fact…

Well, what Miss M meant to say was “could be” asked to stop “should be” asked to stop “might be” asked to stop ..uh.. will be asked to stop … yeah, that’s the ticket! ;)

benjyIt’s been a bad couple of days for the over-zealous news hens at BN&F – the blog now known for fabricating “facts” from “inaccurate and unsubstantiated tips” … the number one no-no in the world of Journalism.  Even when, for whatever biased reasons, the news hens want the tip to be true (or as a Miss M reader put it … “wishes” it were true) – basic Journalism 101 requires that one checks the facts.  Get it right. Pin it down.

A remedial course in asking “Who, what, when, where, how and why?” is definitely in order.  And no matter how much it irks them to have to do it – Clip231BN&F should also be big enough and professional enough to extend a “real” apology … not some “oops, I made a two-word error, sorry” from some unknown informant … but an actual admission of BN&F’s journalistic irresponsibility … and a real and  sincere apology for any aspersions cast on Miss M’s character by their false claim.  As General Norman Schwarzkopf once said, “The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.”

That, however, would require journalistic integrity … and apparently BN&F lacks that … along with its credibility.  Miss M might suggest that if BN&F cannot get their stories straight in the future – perhaps they should go back to just publishing headlines … the rather weak style made famous by BN&F in the past.  Alas, in this case – they couldn’t even get the headline right. 


Clip233One has to now wonder whether Hunter Gage actually did have 65 people attending his Tuesday show … or if Jaden really did receive many favorable emails on VB Zane’s show, ‘Kitchen Dance’.  When a Clip234news source loses it’s credibility (and integrity) … it is lost completely.  Trust is hard-earned and easily lost.

As a further upshot of their gun-jumping blunder … they have inadvertently alerted Miss M to a Cease & Desist order that apparently “will be” headed Miss M’s way at some point in the future.  Miss M can only imagine that IF cease-and-desist-stampthis IS true – it most likely “will be” coming from the VB whorehouse.  She will await its arrival with great anticipation.

The funniest part of all of this is … due to her upcoming nuptials, Miss M had already ceased and desisted when she closed her blog (unaware she “would be” asked to cease and desist at some unknown point in the future).  It’s all quite rich.  Now, because some unknown, inept and inaccurate (though highly trusted) BN&F tipster couldn’t get his facts straight … we have come to this.

Miss M wants to thank her loyal readers who had no sooner left her such heartwarming goodbyes … when they were forced to rise to her defense in the comments at BN&F.  She also wants to thank the regular commenters at BN&F who are slowly seeing the light and coming around to a new, more receptive point of view.

revolveMiss M is not sure what the immediate future now holds (other than a Cease & Desist order that supposedly “will be” winging its way to Miss M’s door) … but she will remain around a few more days at least.  After all, she has to tell you all about Trevor Fox and Elijah Connor … the two latest arrivals at the VB whorehouse. :D

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The Un-Ceasing Miss Murmurs Returns!

revolveThis morning Miss Murmurs decided that since she would no longer be updating her blog – she would simply take it down and close it for good.  She knows it has been a thorn in the side of many models who were featured (and who have written in the past asking if they could be removed).  So she took the site down and replaced it with only a tiny revolving door to represent the chaos currently plaguing the Voyeurboy whorehouse … a sort of “silent comment” from the typically sarcastic Miss M – as a goodbye. :D

cease-and-desist-stampSadly, it seems some people always have the need to look a gift horse in the mouth … like Benjy and his boys over there at Ben’s Blog.  Before even a day had passed – they had posted a “breaking story” that supposedly there had been legal cease and desist action taken against Miss M asking her to remove specific content from her blog … and suggesting that instead she left altogether.  Since nothing could be further from the truth … Miss M has returned her blog (100% intact).  Miss M is a law-abiding citizen … and were the story true, whatever the specific content supposedly was would have been removed.  NOTHING has been removed as you can plainly see.  She is providing you with the BN&F post as well as her response in the comments below it.

Some people just never seem to know when they had it good.


PS — You boys really need to get a new and bigger type-face.  It’s atrocious!  ;)

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Miss M Lays Down Her Poison Pen For The Last Time…

That's All She Wrote -To my gentle readers … I have loved you all and will miss you terribly … especially my regular commenters who kept things lively and fun.  Miss M has put this day off time and time again — but with her wedding drawing near — that day has come.  To all of the models she wishes nothing but the best.  All she asks is that they work hard … be good to their fans … and be happy! (And maybe just think about getting out of the business. :D )  The last three fun-filled years have flown by … but all good things must end sometime.  Sadly, tonight is that time.  Miss M will never forget any of you … and wishes you all a very fond farewell from the bottom of her black heart. :)   –30–

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Nicolas E’s GimmeGimme! – This Is A New One To Miss M!

gimmie-gimmienicolas eNicolas-EMiss M had no idea Flirt4Free now allows models to use their Twitter account to post a Paypal address … so that they can accept actual $$$ from members.

If Flirt allows this, how long will it be before every model’s Twitter lists a Paypal account to give $$$ directly to the model themselves in order to circumvent Flirt.  After all – the model gets the money almost instantly … so it’s just like tipping him … without tipping Flirt! 

Happy Birthday, Nicolas E – and if YOU would like to GimmeGimme a little belated something for Miss M’s birthday … her Paypal is . :D


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Meet Miss Murmurs’ “Model Of The Week!” – Jason Dalcin

motw-modernJason DalcinTwo weeks ago model Jason Dalcin worked his way to the top spot in The Top 20 … and Flirt4Free gave “Model of the Week” to Blue Aidan – a model known primarily for using his models’ aidan-blue2paychecks for his own personal bills and associated Scam Alerts. 

Even as Blue Aidan spent the week plummeting completely out of The Top 20 … Jason Dalcin continued winning fans and is once again the #1 Model on the site.

Therefore, Miss M was a bit surprised to learn that the powers that be at F4F gave “Model of the Week” for the current week to Hadess – a model currently in the 5th spot.  Hadess is a nice guy (and a long-time favorite among Flirt4Free staff) – but Miss M felt perhaps not as deserving as Jason Dalcin – who has been overlooked two weeks in a row. 

Jason Dalcin 2Miss M always finds it hard to overlook ‘The Top Model On The Site’ two weeks running … and so she has named Jason “The Miss Murmurs Model Of The Week!”  Certainly not as prestigious as being lauded by the company one works for … but at least some recognition of the fact that Miss M and his fans appreciate him.

For those of you who haven’t met Jason – do try to make a point to do so.  He is soft-spoken, laid-back, friendly to chat with … and good-looking to top it off.  He has slowly and quietly been building a fan base of members who love him – and deservedly so.  Perhaps one day soon Flirt4Free might actually take notice.  Until then, Miss M is happy to name Jason our Model Of The Week! ;)


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Voyeurboys’ Revolving Door Just Keeps On Spinning!

vb headvb head2adam wylde

Another one bites the dust!  Jaden Storm has announced the termination of his newest cast member, Gus Papas (who played Adam Wylde), for repeated drug use while on whorehouse property during his four-day stint.  Miss M recently predicted a quick exit for Papas after reading a few of his recent tweets (under his Twitter name, Jake).

awt1awt7awt6awt5awt4awt3awt2526447647_515402And so the road is taking Gus Papas back to HIGH STREET.  If Jaden had only researched his Twitter before paying for his flight out – he might have saved the money.  They say “Live and Learn” – and life is just a series of lessons for Jaden Storm and the Voyeurboys, it seems. 

Who will enter through that revolving door next time?

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Meet The Newest Whorehouse Voyeurboy – Gus Papas!

vetGus PapasGus Papas 2charges for Gus PapasGus Papas detailsGus Papas 3In addition to this arrest … Gus Papas, who currently plays cam-whore Adam Wylde at Jaden Storm’s Voyeurboys, also seems to enjoy DRUGS!  Lots of DRUGS! How long do you think he’ll be able to go cold turkey at the whorehouse – where drugs are off-limits (ostensibly).  Miss M predicts another sudden exit coming soon!  More on Mr. Papas’ drug use coming up in Miss M’s next report.

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A Mixed Bag Of Personalities In And Around The Voyeurboys!

mr. eb2-head

The VoyeurBoys and their members are no strangers to strong–and strange–personalities. Neither are the readers over at B2. So maybe it’s no surprise that there was a question if one of the newest VBs even HAD a personality worth mentioning. After all, why throw up a headline like the one above if there were no doubts?

zane3I’ve only spied on Zane Pierce once: this past Friday when the VBs were mysteriously “sick” and the group show was canceled, with Zane stepping in for a solo show. As Barclay…27 mentioned, he’s not that bad-looking, once he removes the glasses. It’s not quite a Clark Kent-Superman transformation… maybe more along the lines of Peter Parker–Spider-Man…or Tobey Maguire–Peter Parker.

chaosAs for his personality, perhaps it was busy being eclipsed by 1) poor excuses for group shows, including the Valentine’s Day “orgy”; 2) the proposed “hardcore” (that turned out to not even be a soft-core dud) show; 3) all the other models in the house; 4) the unexpected firings of the twins; 5) Jaden Storm’s search for another performer, and 6) the…er…over-exposure of Thursday’s special show. During his solo show amid all the sickness, though, Zane seems to have held his own, at least enough to keep members interested for a time and to reveal that he…how did B2 put it…”has a personality.”

vbsI suppose it isn’t hard to think Zane has no personality. After all, just among the VBs you have Dustin Jones (whose strong personality is that he seems to have NO personality at all except as an eating machine and a sleep-stroking machine), Ken Ott (who apparently–though I haven’t seen it, but then I don’t bother to watch their group shows–is something of an attention hog), Jacob Peterson (who seems willing to shove just about anything up his butt), and Jaden Storm himself, who’s newest asset to his personality is the huge cast he (sometimes) sports on his arm.

annie3aThen, of course, there’s the bunch of members–fanatics, I should say–with strong personalities of their own. Two are well-known to Miss M’s readers: Crazy Annie Reynolds™, a.k.a. anniegirl143, and Steven, a.k.a. steven917nyc. Annie…well, ’nuff said…besides, she has her own category here on Miss M’s site. Steven, on the other hand, is the auteur of those numerous hyperbolic tweets that gratuitously inflates the content chipotleof his tweets by CAPITALIZING all sorts of funny, sexy words…like HARD and BIG and HOLE and USED…and who dominates the chat with reminders to the performers to “retweet” and who, according to comments here gets laughed at behind his back (not to his front, of course, since it seems he’s responsible for getting the VBs freebies at Chipotle, unless I misunderstood other information here). No doubt there are many other strong personalities among the VB members…

As for the personalities over at B2, Matthew springs to mind as being one of the strongest, quite able to eclipse Former Ben’s personality…though now that he’s free from being the owner, Former Ben is revealing an unexpected strength both here in his responses to HMJ, and in his Ben’s Chat (now called Greg’s Chat) column over at B2.

ROCKYWith all these strong personalities, it’s easy enough to see why Zane’s might not be as obvious. However, if he is as new to camming as I suspect, it will take time for his to emerge more fully. After all, look how long it took for Rocky Steele to…

Oh, wait. No, it didn’t.

adamAs for the latest VoyeurBoy, Adam Wylde…I managed a couple of “sneak peeks” into his Flirt4Free room last night via the main page (he was on the last page)…I wasn’t particularly impressed. The first time he was just sort of staring into the camera with an unusually broad lower lip giving the impression that he was pouting…or had applied lipstick but didn’t have the first clue about using it properly. The second time he was eating a banana…it didn’t really do much for his facial expression.

I suppose only time will tell if Adam is a boon or a bane…but just on first impression, if this is the performer one of Jaden’s moderators, AUTigerStud, was going on about recruiting, then both the man and the moderator need their eyes checked.

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NARRATOR: I would like if I may to take you on a strange journey.

boris-n-natasha reportby Kevin Jacobs

Special Note:  I have been tracking Boris and Natasha through the Himalayas to get their latest report.  So far, I continue to miss them only to find the remnants of their thwarted schemes against the ‘moose and squirrel’.  Although I have spotty (damn auto-correct replacing “hi” with “po”) cell service in these damn mountains, I am attempting to submit this piece to Miss M and her wonderful gentle readers.  I hope it transmits.

ricky horrorLet’s Do the Time Warp Again

The Ricky Horror Picture Show


Ricky Stormes as Jaden Storm

Special Guest Appearance

TJ Pelka as JJ Swift

Background Music:

(Theme from Mahogany)

Do you know where you’re going to
Do you like the things that life is showing you
Where are you going to
Do you know

Ricky Stormes, a high school graduate, leaves his “spot-in-the-road”-size town in Arkansas to pursue his dream to become a stripper/camwhore.  Following several years of ‘working for the man’ as just that, he and fellow camwhore, TJ Pelka, set off to open a Cam Whorehouse, the VoyeurBoys (VB), of their very own.

It’s early summer.  Jaden and JJ welcome the boys to their new Cam Whorehouse in AZ.  Crazy Annie Reynolds™ (Nurse Ratched on steroids) sets up her “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest” psych ward of trolls in the CB chatroom followed by an Aftershow that takes place at Ben’s Blog where they love to fawn and fawn and fawn some more over Jaden and JJ.  But as the summer heats up, so does the drama at the VB house.

Background Music:

(Another One Bites the Dust)

Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, and another one gone
Another one bites the dust
Hey, I’m gonna get you too
Another one bites the dust


Not long after launching their new venture, the wheels start coming off.  The transition from stripper/camwhore to camwhore house owner is a difficult one.  Now, Jaden, cum-businessman, has to set strategy, create policy, establish customer service operations, oversee marketing and sales, and deal with pesky human resources (the camwhores).  His response to these new duties?  Fire everyone and do nothing else.  One by one, he kicks the boys out, including his partner, JJ Swift.  He doesn’t even cover the basics, like acquire insurance (legal exposure) and listening (really listening) to his customers. 

A truly successful business does well at both the business-side and the creative/innovative side.  Jaden’s high school education from a ‘spot-in-the-road’-size town in Arkansas simply didn’t prepare him for growing a business, and his creative capabilities can be best summarized in the product that he offers, a run-down cam whorehouse with a stripper pole.   A business has to be better than the sum of its parts.  Today’s Voyeurboys is down to just a few low-end parts.

Background Music:

(Theme from Mahogany)

Now looking back at all we’ve planned
We let so many dreams
Just slip through our hands
Why must we wait so long
Before we’ll see
How sad the answers
To those questions can be


As for JJ, he simply disappears.   Ben’s Blog waits with bated breath to hear from him.  Months pass with no word.  They light candles.  They can’t let go.  He is their everything.  Finally, a tweet from JJ at Thanksgiving.  He’s alive.  He’s on his own.  After Christmas, though, he disappears again.   That is, until now.

After Valentine’s Day, JJ tweets that his extended family has found out what he does.  How can that be? He obviously hoped that his hometown and family didn’t have access to the Internet–“you can run, but you can’t hide”.   It’s not clear, however, if he is upset that they don’t support his camwhoring job or his ‘potential orientation’, as he puts it in his tweet, or both. 


Closing Music:

(Let’s Do The Time Warp)

(Riff Raff) It’s astounding
Time is fleeting
Madness takes it’s toll…

(Magenta) Ahh…

(Riff Raff) But listen closely…

(Magenta) Not for very much longer…

(Riff Raff) I’ve got to keep control.
I remember doing the Time Warp.
Drinking those moments when
The blackness would hit me.

(Riff Raff & Magenta) And the void would be calling.

(Guests) Let’s do the Time Warp again.
Let’s do the Time Warp again.


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Only 60 Attend Hardcore VB Show That Sadly Went SOFT!

The Over-Hyped Voyeurboys HARDCORE Scenes Only Needed One Thing!

viagraTry as they may – Try as they might – Watching Them Try Was A Pitiful Sight!

flaccid-truth-erectile-dysfunctionWord has already circulated regarding Ken Ott and Jacob Peterson’s sad attempt at a HARDCORE show Wednesday night … complete with a not much better try the following day.  SOFT cocks do not a HARDcore show make! So enough about that!

showWhat Miss M found most fascinating was the attendance at Wednesday night’s exclusive show for VOYEURBOYS MEMBERS ONLY!  This was one of the very, very few hardcore shows to be filmed in the nearly one year the Voyeurboys have been around … and it was hyped well in advance as a Members Only Event! 

B2 gave it its own story (which often passes for a story there).

hardcore ad

In short – this was a pretty big deal – and one that Voyeurboys members had long awaited.  One would think almost every member who had forked out the $30 bucks a month membership would be in attendance. Starting at 8pm on the East coast – it was Prime Time viewing! 

lowTo Miss M’s surprise (although she doesn’t know why it should have been) the number of members in attendance hovered in the high 50s – hitting 60 once (and Miss M was one of them!)  The next day’s re-try had far fewer in attendance.

Is 60 hovering near the top number of actual Voyeurboys members – or did only so very few members care enough about a live, members-only, hardcore show with Ken and Jacob to bother to attend?  Something tells Miss M the former is closer to the truth … and that was even more shocking to her than the fact that all while the show was laughably falling apart in front of our eyes – Steven917 continued to crank out over-hyped HARDCORE tweets full of CAPITAL LETTERS!917atweet917

eviction2Let’s see … 60 members at 30 bucks a month (and some pay less with longer commitments) would come to $1800 a month.  $1800 a month in memberships?!  No wonder there’s no Gym at the house.  It’s a wonder there’s even a house.  Can eviction be far off?  We have no way of knowing for sure as Jaden closely guards the membership numbers (and Miss M can now see why) … but if Miss M is anywhere in the ballpark … the monthly earnings at the little whorehouse is a much bigger story than the fact that their boys just can’t get it up and keep it up.

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Get Thee To A Nunnery, Go!

Catholic Cam Girl

Catholic Camwhore, Charity Chaste, Celebrates  Ash Wednesday & “Hump Me Hump Day!”

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FAT TUESDAY IS HERE! Laissez les bons temps rouler!

mardi grasLast Christmas when Miss M told you about Santa’s decision to name New York’s Tannen Alexander Olson (who plays Dustin Jones in the Voyeurboys cast) as his someday successor …

FAT TUESDAY… she thought perhaps just seeing the piggy pictures from his past like the one below might wake Tannen up to the fact that he was putting on the pounds again.

Tannen A Olson and Male MounterAlas, nearly eight weeks later, as FAT TUESDAY rolls around … so it seems is FAT TANNEN!  Weeks ago, at their former whorehouse, it was clear Tannen was tummy-tucking his shirts to disguise the pudge around the midriff.

tummy tuckedBy the time the boys were packing up – it was clear Dustin was packing it on.

let the good times ROLL 2And finally, here we are celebrating FAT TUESDAY – and it’s clear that Dustin has been “Letting The Good Times Roll … er … rolls!”   While the girls in the French Quarter are showing their boobies for beads … our voluminous voyeurboy has nothing to show but folds of flesh and saggy man-titties!             Dustin Jones Fat 1let the goodtimes ROLL                                                    Maybe if Dustin could keep his fingers busy probing Jacob Peterson’s ass … he wouldn’t have them available to shovel food into his own mouth. Just a thought.  ;)

In any event, Miss M would like to wish everyone a Happy Mardi Gras filled with fun, food and frivolity!  Oh, and Dusty … psst … maybe you should just stick to the fun and frivolity, cher!

good times

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And Then There Were Five! The Revolving Door Spins Again!

outThe TwinsWith no advance comment … the weekly schedule for Voyeurboys was posted this morning … showing Devin Matthews and Tony Striker’s final shows would be today!  As of tomorrow they are no longer Voyeurboys.  Although Devin wouldn’t say WHY – the truth is Jaden fired them because Tony missed three scheduled shows in three days. . Fans in his final show were not happy and began expressing it.

devin chatBefore things could get too out of hand, Devin signed off and did not sign back on. Blank air!

vb1There they all were – smiling for the cameras – only days before Jason Keys was dumped!  Back to the drawing board!

vb2zaneAnd then there were six!  They rushed in a hasty replacement. Zane Pierce. Not the looker Jason was … but anyone will do when desperate.

And now The Twins are no more … a victim of the Voyeurboys’ Revolving Door!  Will the revolving door ever stop … or is it spinning out of control?

Miss M has taken the liberty of producing a makeshift cast photo the Boys can use for their ever-shrinking rag-tag group.  After all, why bother to waste money on another photo shoot? ;)

the new VBs

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Lesley Gore – Dead At 68

 “It’s My Party – I Can Die If I Want To!”Lesley Gore1946 – 2015

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Fratpad Welcomes Back A Past Favorite To Their Handsome Cast!

fratpad tweetfratpadFratmen Trent’s return was staged with all the flash and music usually reserved for the entrances of World Wrestling champions.  When the Fratpad stages an event – they make it memorable.  Miss M has to admit it sure beats cheap dollar store balloons and cheesy pink t-shirts.

That’s not all the Fratpad does in a big way!  For years they operated out of a beautiful mansion in Paradise Valley, Arizona – not far from the modest tract home that housed the beginnings of the Voyeurboys.  The Voyeurboys have since relocated to new, slightly larger house in Mesa, Arizona … and the Fratmen may soon be settling into a new Fratpad themselves.

new fratpadWow! Bigger than the last Pad?   Hey, Jaden and the Boys have some used dollar store balloons they could send over for your housewarming. ;)   It looks like Fratpad is back in a big way!  (Speaking of back in a big way – Miss M thought she’d end this post with a pic of the always eye-catching Fratmen Maddox!

Fratmen Maddox

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Limper Than A Wet Dishrag! Weaker Than A Kiddy Cocktail! Able To Creep Viewers Out With A Single Sound! – Look! Down In The Dirt! It’s A Shame! It’s Lame! Where’s Superman?

oh geethrilledVoyeurboys Orgy

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Ashe Maree Mugs For The Cameras!


Ashe MareeWhat was Ashe Maree doing backstage at that convention?

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Jaden Storm & Allison Pratt – Our 2015 Valentine’s Day Love Birds!

Jaden Storm and Allison PrattMiss M Wishes Jaden Storm (Ricky Stormes) and His Longtime Girlfriend Allison Pratt a very romantic and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Tragedy Strikes! Crazy Annie Reynolds™ Dyes!


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What’s New This Week At The Voyeurboys Whorehouse?

As some of you know, Jaden Storm held a meeting with members of Voyeurboys yesterday – and with Miss M too busy to dig into the matter – our friend, Mr. E, has provided us with some information.

mr. eSometimes the smartest way to get information is directly from the source. Sometimes, the best way is to listen (so to speak) to the disaffected as they tell their woes to anyone willing to listen, always remembering to account for their hostility towards the subject. And sometimes, it is easiest to let someone else pare down the side comments and non-essential tangential discussions to get to the heart of the matter…knowing, of course, that the information being conveyed is at best second-hand information. Such is the case with these tidbits gleaned from Ben’s News and Friends about the VoyeurBoys’ members’ meeting on Tuesday, 10 February.

jaden2First and foremost, is an answer to what the $%&@ Jaden Storm did to his hand, which was sporting a huge cast that extended almost to his elbow. It seems that once again Storm will be unable to cam because–once again–he has broken his hand. The same hand. According to the report, he was attempting to increase the amount of weight he could lift. However, his hand–which had previously been damaged by a punching bag–was not yet structurally sound, and was not able to bear the added weight. The bones snapped, and–long story short–Storm is sidelined for the foreseeable future, probably around 4 months’ time.

lawOn the plus side, Storm seems to finally grasp the concept that perhaps he and his company need medical insurance…about time, since it’s now the law of the land.

There haven’t been any ”gofundme” discussions yet, but with all the expenses VoyeurBoys is incurring–they did just move, after all, got the huge television, etc.–for all the camming they’re doing, can they even cover the insurance premiums without assistance?

old newA new performer is scheduled to arrive on Thursday, 12 February. Now, however, the question arises about the status of the current cast. Storm said that he was going to change his recruiting practices: instead of inviting straight men to become VoyeurBoys, he’s going to be looking for gay and bisexual men. Since some of the current crew are not open to certain activities (in the twins’ case, it would be just wrong), will there still be a place in the house for them? And another question: why didn’t Storm think of recruiting gay and bisexual men SOONER?

And if the cast is going to be expanding to include more gay and bisexual men, what’s going to happen with the current cast? Will there be enough space for new and old models to spend the 5 of 7 nights that Storm wants each VoyeurBoy to be in residence at the house?

luca-001A bit of strange news now, that could not be had through regular channels, and while the news itself is noteworthy, it also doesn’t quite make sense. Also, it somehow ties into the Fratmen being on Flirt4Free. Apparently, the fact that the Fratmen also broadcast on their own site has been drawing traffic–and money–away from Flirt4Free, and the company–wanting to put a stop to that–has drafted new, more stringent rules that would affect groups that do live shows on their own site as well as Flirt4Free. The confusion here is that, if Storm is to be believed, the VoyeurBoys do not do live “shows” via the VoyeurBoys website, and that all the cameras are spycams rather than webcams, and so the restriction would not apply. Perhaps Flirt4Free knows something that viewers does not?
ken-ghFinally, Storm said that he does not want to borrow performers from GayHoopla, and in fact stated that he “[doesn't] want anything to do with [GayHoopla]“, wanting VoyeurBoys to succeed–or fail–on its own. An interesting statement, given that Storm himself performed on GayHoopla quite often before starting VoyeurBoys (one of his suspensions from Flirt4Free was for mentioning that he was going to be performing for that site while he was broadcasting on Flirt4Free), and did so on a couple of occasions even after VoyeurBoys became a reality. And didn’t Ken Ott perform on GayHoopla before and since joining VoyeurBoys?

Also, Storm should take great care in how he phrases certain things: unscrupulous sorts might take what he says out of context to stir up trouble.

moneyStorm is looking for investors and/or business partners to speed up VoyeurBoys’ progress on upgrading itself and accomplishing what it needs to accomplish. No, wait…the way Ben’s Blog and Friends reports it, the “investor” label seems sketchy at best. If anything, it sounds as though Storm is asking for cash infusions with no potential financial returns for the donors…two of whom offered over $50,000 to help out.

This might be in keeping with the reliance on others to provide funds…or it may be Ben’s writing which is unclear and confusing.

stay-tunedIndeed, how much of this is an accurate representation of the details Storm shared during the members’ meeting is unknown. A lot of this has been filtered through Ben’s perceptions. Whether it is all factual is unclear: as of this writing, the Fratmen are still broadcasting on Flirt4Free, so either the exclusion didn’t take effect yet, or someone is knowingly or unknowingly reporting incorrect details.

Only time will tell…

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Psychologists Examined Crazy Annie Reynolds™ and Found Her To Be an Internet Troll!

We knew she was Crazy – but our Mr. E. discovers she’s so much more! –MM

mr. eCrazy Annie Reynold™ needs to be more careful about what she tweets. She recently sent this image out to her followers:


Armchair Psychiatrist has already determined that Annie demonstrates the traits of a narcissistic personality. Is she also sadistic and psychopathic?

Rather than trouble Armchair Psychiatrist with further exploring Annie’s psyche–he might be willing, but no one should have to delve too deeply into that quagmire of contradictions–perhaps a dictionary or an encyclopedia (or a Wikipedia) will be enough to help us.

2of3A sadistic personality apparently displays aggression and cruel behavior. Remembering what various members have said about Annie’s moderating style and A. Nonymous’ experiences with her, as well as Armchair Psychiatrist’s analysis, Annie seems to take a great deal of pleasure in silencing viewers in the Chaturbate rooms. She does so aggressively, and as A. Nonymous said, makes comments after doing so that are decidedly unflattering, if not downright cruel, of the person(s) she just silenced.

 So, that’s a “yes” on sadistic.

3of3Not to argue with Armchair Psychiatrist, who has greater experience with analyzing people’s brains, but perhaps he subscribes to a different school of thought regarding psychopathy. According to one analysis, Annie might be considered psychopathic to a certain degree. If we follow Wikipedia’s definition of psychopathy, then Annie demonstrates “high self-confidence and social assertiveness”, she has poor impulse control (remember the Izzi/Zac Zeek/Hall of Fame fiasco) and poor troll-anniebehavioral restraints, and a tendency to defy authority (some of which resulted in her bannings from Flirt4Free).

That’s a “yes” on psychopathic, too.

In that case, Crazy Annie Reynolds™ satisfies the definition of an internet troll. Does that mean Annie’s tweet was intended as a self-portrait?

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Fratpad’s Hostmaster John & Benjy Do Battle At Miss M’s!

mm-twitter7As you all know – Miss M has been kept very busy in her off-blog life as of late – but the cam world has not slowed down in her absence. In an effort to keep you all informed – one of her gentle readers has sent Miss M the following post to fill you in on the recent changes at Ben’s Blog and an interesting back-and-forth going on in our comment section.  

Our writer friend wishes to remain anonymous – so Miss M will just call him Mr. E!  :D


benjyBen’s Blog, following a 20 January “Letter to My Readers” from Ben himself and officially in effect as of 2 February, has undergone a change in leadership as Ben steps back from actively maintaining his site to accept a paying position at a private institute. As Ben later reported on 21 January, volunteers offered to take over updating various parts of the site–or at least gathering the data needed for updates–and on 2 February Ben announced that long-time commenter Ariel Anatole would be stepping in to oversee the day-to-day operations of Ben’s Blog, now officially renamed “Ben’s News and Friends”.

What does this regime change mean?

Overall, not much. The site continues with its promotion of GayHoopla and VoyeurBoys, its aggrandizement of Jaden Storm, and its “officially neutral” persecution of the FratPad and its owner. So, really, it’s just business as usual, with only a few minor changes.


Apparently following advice given to him by commenters here at Miss Murmurs, Ben has begun to voice his own opinions in his posts, not just in response to comments. However, he still seems unable to level any criticisms at the VoyeurBoys or their leader, Jaden Storm. On the other hand, he had Jasonno difficulty expressing his disappointment in the conduct of fired VoyeurBoy Jason Keys during his latest Gayhoopla show, in which Keys did not openly acknowledge the reason for his firing, prevaricating and instead diplomatically stating that he “couldn’t give them the time they needed”…which left Ben dissatisfied, so much so that he added “unable to man-up to the rest” to the sub-header of that particular post and further expressed his disappointment in the post itself.

Oddly enough, it was Matthew–the same Matthew others have cited as being so vicious in his retorts that they stopped commenting at B2–who posted a comment (among others) in defense of Keys’ low-key acknowledgement of his departure from VoyeurBoys, emphasizing in conjunction with several commenters that Keys wasn’t obliged to say anything at that time, as he was there to do a show for GayHoopla, and that particular moment was not an appropriate forum to discuss his firing.

Ben later added his own comment, having reconsidered his position and accepting that Keys did as much as could be expected under the circumstances and that he (Ben) should not expect more (under the circumstances).

speak no evilStill, Ben’s inability to express any criticisms of Storm, or at least of VoyeurBoys, is telling. On Miss Murmurs’ site, he expressed a desire to make allowances for a year or two, as they (VoyeurBoys) were just getting started. However, despite all the repeated comments about Storm’s failed promises, unexpected changes in direction of the company, and an inability to put together a cohesive cast that are willing and able to fulfill the empty promises, Ben remains silent…even as an editor writing an editorial.

fratpadInterestingly enough, following Fratpad owner Hostmaster John’s comments on the same post here at Miss Murmurs’ site that Ben himself posted to, the old tension between B2 and FP seems to have heated up again, with Ben not only responding here, but actually copying their comments and posting them on B2. Of course, the tension was always there, at a medium simmer, what with all the comments, complaints, and criticisms by former FP members discussing this and that, and most recently the whole “Top 100 Fratmen of All Time” thing. Now, though, hostilities seem to have been rekindled.

Now that Ben has let go of the reins of Ben’s Blog and has “freed up his hands” to start pulling the trigger on the shots fired at Fratpad? It wasn’t that long ago that B2 and FP were “united” in investigating the “VoyuerGate” scandal, with all suspicion directed at MM. Does this mean that Miss Murmurs’ site is destined to become the new battlefront?

stilettoIf the past three years has done anything, it has proven that Miss Murmurs will not stand in the way if B2 and FP go to war, even here on her site. But all her readers know that Miss M does not suffer fools lightly. Hostmaster John and Greg “Benjy” Franklin had best keep things relatively civil…or they will likely find themselves ground to virtual dust beneath Miss M’s stiletto heels.


Many of you may have missed the comments between Hostmaster John and Ben which have been taking place in the comment section of an older story -  A Comparison of Blogs — MM v. BB – so take a look there. We even get a peek at the notorious “Matthew” from Ben’s Blog.  Delicious!  Miss M has kicked off her stilettos and popped the popcorn. :D

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Jaden & Crazy Annie Reynolds™ Get It On For Valentine’s Day!

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Catching Up With Ryin Jackson – One Year Later!

meet ryinmovedIt has now been over one year since Ryin Jackson finally packed up and moved to Hollywood (or at least West Hollywood) … leaving Arizona behind.  How time flies!  It seems like just yesterday we were counting down the days before Ryin would get up the energy to make the big move … and now it’s been over a year. 

Miss M has left Ryin alone for the entire past year – giving him a chance to get on with his life and pursue his career as a comedian.

ryin-cracks2ryin-drag3Looking back, we have been through a lot with Ryin … from his days as the Madwoman in the Attic … to his eventual bouts of weeping … to those recurring nights of drunkenness and anger. 

And then he was gone … off to chase his dream … and we parted ways.

ryin-xmasNow, one year later … Miss M decided to pay Ryin a visit on one of his increasingly more frequent visits to Flirt4Free … to see how he was doing.  It was Christmas morning – and Miss M was in Vermont. She had awoke before her family and saw Ryin was online.  This is what she saw when she entered his room. (Alas, her laptop video recorder is of a lesser quality than her PC when she’s home in Santa Barbara … but it works well enough to give us a clear picture of the Ryin Jackson of today!)

ChristmasYes, sadly, there was Ryin Jackson … all alone on Christmas morning … drunk … and ranting on Flirt4Free.  It was as if no time had passed at all – let alone a year.  Christmas just made it seem a little sadder than before.  Then Miss M heard her mother in the hall and got up and joined her family for breakfast and gift-giving around the tree … but the memory of Ryin stayed with her throughout the day.

ryin-2015Miss M has been extremely busy since 2015 began – but took some time to revisit Ryin just a few nights ago.  She secretly hoped Christmas morning had been an anomaly.

When she entered the chat room, Ryin was off cam – but at the top of his chat screen, he had entered the following permanent message.

stdWhen he finally came back to the camera – this is what we saw …

ryin 2015-2Ryin got up from the cam again – and Miss M slipped out of the room.  She had seen enough.  Perhaps it wasn’t an STD, as Ryin claimed. Perhaps he had fallen.  The last time he had fallen was an extremely drunken night in Arizona when he fell over on the sidewalk cutting his face. Was this another drunken night? 

Miss M didn’t stay to find out … but this much is certain.  Nothing much has changed for Ryin Jackson in the last year … and his visits to Flirt4Free are once again becoming more frequent.

homelessSomeone in his chat room once asked him what his Plan B was if the comedian thing didn’t work out … and Ryin said there was no Plan B.  Having a plan B meant you accepted the possibility that you might fail … and that was not an option.  So, there would be no Plan B.  Miss M hopes for his own sake he gets himself a Plan B.  In L.A. – the jails, the rehab centers, and the back streets are filled with people who didn’t have a Plan B.

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