Back By Unpopular Demand! … Is That Blood In The Water – Or Just A Big Oil Slick?

jaws2Drawn By The Scent of The 2014 Flirt Of The Year Awards!

Eddie Clark Returns In The Role of Evan Matthews

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The Campaign For Human Misery!

rev.benjyThe Reverend Benjamin Franklin aka Benjy aka B2 is at it again.  In a side column on B2 there is a comment section.  Miss M likes to refer to it as Ben’s Chatterbox.  Recently, following Miss M’s story of her Scottsdale real estate search that yielded the discovery of  The Voyeurboys House (8749 E Hubbell St, Scottsdale, AZ 85257) … Reverend Franklin took to his bully pulpit Chatterbox – and m2began a snide discussion of M2 and her “campaign to spread human misery”.  His bunions (since he refers to M2 readers as minions) immediately joined in until finally ending the conversation with a DROP DEAD!  This has NOT been a great week as far as people wishing Miss M good health.  In any event – since you, her gentle readers, are apparently part of the M2 Group and Miss M’s minions … she thought she would share Ben Franklin’s Chatterbox and the comments of his bunions.

Ben's Chatterbox

Miss M was tempted to tell Benjamin Franklin and his bunions to go fly a kite … but then she remembered that nasty lightning thing … and thought better of it.  Further, although Miss M is far from a Tea Party Republican … she does enjoy a nice tea party with members of the organization she founded and presides over.  She has kept the foundation out of print until now because she didn’t want her readers to feel obligated to donate … but since Benjy has mentioned it anyway … Miss M might as well tell you about it.



It has always been Miss M’s dream to see the world in chaos and anguish … and she and her foundation have worked tirelessly to make that dream come true.  We are proud to take credit for the spread of Ebola throughout Africa as well as the erupting volcano on the big island of Hawaii … among so many other areas of famine and misfortune.

Benjy and the boys need to get a grip … and save their commentary for those living at 8749 E Hubbell St, Scottsdale, AZ 85257 and other nearby whorehouses … lest the M2 Group and the Campaign For Human Misery team up and drop a house on them … and their little dogs, too!   Ahahahahahaha!

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Drugs, Drinks & Dancing Naked ~ and Travis & Dexter Lecture Miss M?!

Excellent Adventure2

This is the story of Flirt4Free’s TJ Donahue (who plays Travis Deland) and Patrick Christy (who plays Dexter Davis) … and their excellent adventure.  It begins in Naples, Florida … where TJ and Patrick went to high school and became friends … and progresses to life in the “big city” … Orlando, Florida, that is.  The two boys are both hungry … to see the world and to make big travis-fbucks … and to not have to work very hard doing it. 

Last January, TJ quit his job as a waiter (his father manages Shula’s Steak House in Naples) saying he had had enough of working … and had decided to become “Travis Deland” full-time. 

His friend, Patrick, also bolted from life in a restaurant as soon as he turned 18 … and headed to the big city to make fast cash with his pal, “Travis”. He chose the name “Dexter Davis” – they got an apartment together – and the rest is history. 

The boys have been winning promos right and left, Dexterdespite rarely touching one another (and certainly never sexually) because, as they so often remind members, they are straight.  The problem is, as Travis has won more promos, he has become quite full of himself … and has been passing that attitude on to Dexter.

travis winsVenturing back to Travis’ early days on Flirt … Miss M praised him and his huge $2500 Memorial Day weekend win right here on 

But then Travis disappeared.  It is always bad form to ask guys to help you win promos … and then disappear … until you need them once again.  It is a style made famous by real-estate agent Nick McCullough (in his role as Sean Holmes).   So Miss M DM’d Travis … and suggested he might want to return for a night to at least thank his guys for their help (which was pretty amazing – over 200,000 credits that weekend).  He didn’t seem happy to oblige – but did make a brief afternoon appearance … before disappearing once again.

letterLater, Miss M DM’d Travis about ways to protect his privacy … telling him that she had learned his Orlando address from a photo of a wedding invitation – the envelope of which he photographed and placed on his facebook/instagram pages.  He was horrified that it was so easy to discover – and corrected the problem right away.

But then there were more promo wins – and Travis became more and more full of himself.  He began drinking in his chat room and jacking up his prices – until finally one night he brought his unauthorized pal, “Dexter”, into his chat room to perform with him.  Miss M DM’d him to caution him against doing that as it was very much against Flirt’s rules … but he paid her no mind.  The next day Flirt suspended him for two weeks.   He and Dexter went to Chaturbate for those two weeks …. before being allowed back on Flirt.  Now when he did return – one might think he would have learned a lesson … but one would be wrong.

and anotherLet’s jump now to this past Sunday evening – when Travis and Dexter were desperately trying to win that night’s promo.  Miss M tuned in and there was Travis … with a near empty fifth of liquor … showing real signs of inebriation.  Dexter was lighting a bowl and seemed rather high himself.  Next … they both undressed bowl me overin open chat and began shaking their moneymakers at the members in their room – (Miss M only hopes there were no children watching as often happens in open chat rooms). 

With so many models, Miss M would have reported these shenanigans long before this – but she had hoped she could help Travis (and later Dexter) curb their wilder impulses – and become good models. Travis claimed he needed the money to go to college – which at least was a worthy goal. 

TnD censored

Yet, here they were again – jeopardizing their jobs.  Miss M immediately DM’d a mutual friend (who happened to be in their chat room at that moment) and asked him to whisper to the guys that they should knock it off before Flirt caught them – as Miss M had done. He did … and Travis took the warning as a threat … and began a 15 minute rant directed at yours truly.  It was full of bluster and bravado and big words – from such a little man – and it both amused and annoyed Miss M … proving to her once again … some people just can’t be helped.

After sleeping on it for a couple of nights – Miss M decided she was done protecting the boys from themselves – and would publish the facts as she would with any other models.  Miss M has included the video of “The Travis Rant”. 

It begins when Travis receives the whisper … and runs for 15 minutes … so pop some popcorn and enjoy … or come back later when you have more time.  It really is worth the effort.

And that would bring us to the end of “TJ & Patrick’s Excellent Adventure” … except for the following delicious footnote.  How did VS Media react to Travis & Dexter’s open chat nudity, drug use and drunkenness?  Well, take a look …

motw-tnddex3dex1dex2And the beat goes on …


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Miss M Continues Her Real Estate Search For A Scottsdale Retreat and Discovers The Listing for The Voyeurboys House at 8749 E Hubbell Street in Scottsdale!


As you know, Miss M has recently been searching for a desert retreat in lovely Scottsdale, Arizona … despite deciding not to choose ReMax’s Nick McCullough (Sean Holmes) as her agent.  She recently looked through listings on real estate giant – … and found the following. 

zillowClick the above listing to visit the listing page with photos

Although the exterior of the house was a bit tacky and disheveled for Miss M’s tastes … something about the interior made her take a second look.  The kitchen immediately looked familiar … both bathrooms rang a bell … and the pool with the privacy fence just gave it away.  Miss M had discovered the Voyeurboys House … home to Jaden Storm’s cobbled together gang of misfit cam-whores. 

Miss M went through her files and found photos of various voyeurboys doing shower shows in both bathrooms, voyeurboys cooking in that kitchen, and of course, voyeurboys frolicking at that pool.  SCOTTSDALE HAS A WHORE HOUSE IN IT!  Such a small world, isn’t it?

autographsAlas, the house hunt continues … but perhaps the next time Miss M flies over to Scottsdale to personally look at more appropriate real estate options – she’ll pop in to say hello. 

Patrick Vidal (who plays Ken Ott) and Karlis Howard (who plays Brody) are both quite good-looking … and maybe they’ll sign an autograph for Miss Murmurs.  ;)

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THE TOP TWO! – This Week In History …


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Nick McCullough By Day – The_Sean_Holmes By Night!

hhunter2Recently Miss Murmurs went from being The Whore Hunter to The House Hunter … looking for a small desert retreat in the Scottsdale area.  Desert air is such a lovely change from Santa Barbara – and Scottsdale is notorious as a haven for whores – so Miss M could do a little huntin’ on the side. 

She began to comb the real estate sites … but was amazed to find while trying to find a house … she found a whore.  Or at least it looks like our very own Sean Holmes … or Cason … or The_Sean_Holmes … or Nick McCullough – ReMax sales agent. 

Nick McCullough - Sean Holmes - Flirt4Free

Miss M thought about making an appointment to see some homes … but his smarmy picture just seemed to scream, “Would YOU Buy A Used House From This Man?” … and she thought better of it.  Enjoy … and isn’t it nice to see Sean doing a real job for a change?

nm1nm2nm3sean-masked2Who was that Masked Man???  Well, it’s Nick McCullough – ReMax Real Estate Man!!!

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A Freudian Slip from the “Going Down With The Ship” department!

VB-TIAtruth-in-adevertisingGood luck, Novemberguyy!  You and all of the boys are trying valiantly to save Jaden’s ass!  Miss M bets JJ Swift is glad he swam ashore before the “SS CHATURBAIT” started taking on water.  Man the Lifeboats! ;)

*Special thanks to “The Cynic” in our comment section for continuing the “sinking ship” analogy.  Miss M always loves a theme.  It brings back the nostalgia of Paul Atreides’ pre-shows … before his Hillbilly Houseboat would try to set sail … only to sink before the cheering crowd. ;)

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Miss Murmurs Marks The Milestone With Her Congratulations!

STEFANO 2.5m25k

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Sorry To Say Goodbye …

joan rivers

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“Fancy” Helps Celebrate “National Hug-A-Whore Month”

septemberToday Miss M celebrates “Whores in Music” … and she isn’t speaking of Madonna.  ;)

Our musical selection is “Fancy” … a song written and originally performed by Bobbie Gentry (best known for her “Ode To Billie Joe”) in 1969.

fancy-bgThe song depicts its heroine overcoming poverty to become a successful courtesan (noun: a prostitute who has sex with rich or important men in exchange for money).

Other than Gentry’s, the best-known version of the song was recorded in 1990 by country music artist Reba McEntire for her ‘Rumor Has It’ album.  McEntire had a Top Ten country hit with her cover of the song in 1991.

Miss M hopes you enjoy today’s selection … and always remember … “Be nice to the gentlemen, Fancy … and they’ll be nice to you.”  ;)

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A Force To Be Reckoned With – Colby & Mickey Rock Chaturbate!

colbyknox-cbcb-colbyknoxColby Chambers and Mickey Knox rocked Chaturbate tonight in their first-ever appearance there … at times rising to nearly 4000 viewers … and earning themselves tips upon tips! 

They delighted the crowd of old friends with all manner of sexual escapades … as well as winning new fans who were impressed by their honest feelings and respect for one another. 

colbyknox9The dynamic duo has already been a Flirt4Free fan favorite for years … and recently unveiled their own website ( … before moving on to Chaturbate.  They definitely plan on doing more shows there in the future (including tomorrow night) … so be sure to drop by and say hello.  It’s free to watch – or you can purchase tokens and tip to keep the action going for everyone. 

The best part about Colby and Mickey is … when they engage in sexcapades … they actually look like they’re enjoying it!  Because they are. ;)

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National Hug-A-Whore Month Continues …

septemberIn today’s “Hug-A-Whore” tribute … Miss M presents “The Whore of Omaha” – an amusing segment from the CBS comedy “The Big Bang Theory”.

It not only gives us a humorous glimpse into the life of a small town Nebraska whore … but also a look at what goes on in the minds of the men who financially cater to their needs and desires.  Enjoy!

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Miss M Kicks Off The Month With One Of Her Favorite Whores!

septemberSeptember has been designated as National Hug-A-Whore Month … and Miss Murmurs would like to give all of the whores on Flirt4Free a big cyber-hug!  This month she will be featuring great moments in whoredom throughout the ages … celebrated in song, movies, art and other forms of our culture where whores have made their presence known. 

sophia lorenman of la manchaToday, Miss Murmurs is featuring the legendary actress, Sophia Loren, as Aldonza the Whore … in a scene from the 1972 film adaptation of the Broadway musical, Man of La Mancha. This is one of Miss M’s favorite musicals and movies – and she hopes you enjoy this clip as a way to start off Hug-A-Whore Month.

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Isn’t This One Of The Signs Of The End Times?! ;)


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Dorman – The Managing Editor at B2 – Tweets On TJ Pelka … and Miss Murmurs Tweets Back!


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Miss M Received A Note From Our Friend – Devin Stone …

devin note

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James Bond Will Never Be The Same! ;)


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The Million Dollar Whore!

whore storiesizzi-million-dollar-whore______________________________________

izzi10milLast night Izzi earned his Ten Million Credit badge when member Tom Morrow topped off the last 30,000 credits needed.  That means that in the past 5 years on Flirt4Free … Daniel has earned One Million Dollars for VS Media … minus his cut, of course. 

Daniel has come a long way from those days back when he was 20-years-old and trafficking in drugs for a izzi-bars2Canadian drug lord.  Following his arrest, conviction, imprisonment and release … Daniel knew he had to find another way to support himself … and being a man-whore just seemed to come naturally to him.  As demonstrated in the above photo – there just seems to be nothing this man won’t do for a buck … nothing too low or too depraved to wake up his long-slumbering conscience.  This is a man born with the soul of a true whore.

new level

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There Are None So Blind As Those Who See Through Their Giant Aviators!

m2Miss Murmurs has received word that the Rev. Gregory Franklin – publisher of the tiny blog known informally as Ben’s Blog (unofficial mouthpiece and fan site for all things Gay Hoopla and Voyeurboys) has bestowed upon her an honor similar to the one bestowed by Flirt4Free when they began scrambling MissMurmurs (***********) in their chat rooms. 

He and his advisory team (who Miss M assumes is.. um.. Matthew) has decided to ban all mention of yours truly (and her GROUP – whoever that may be) in their hallowed publication. If the need arises to mention her at all – she shall be referred to as M2.



Miss M isn’t sure if the Reverend’s actions constitute Cyber Bullying  … but in any case … Miss M will accept the honor (that had in the past been reserved only for their sworn enemy …  In fact, she is so flattered – she would like to return the honor – and hereby announces that on this day of our Lord, August 29, 2014 … and henceforth … Ben’s Blog shall only be referred to as B2.   Amen.

And just so that you in the “Miss Murmurs Group” will know who this great man of God (and Gay Hoopla) is … for future reference … she is including a photo printed in the publicly available website – The Upper New York Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.

upper nyAccording to one of his many  mastheads, Rev. Gregory Frankin (Benjy was a childhood nickname) is currently the Chaplain, Silver Lake Institute. Greg holds a Masters Degree (M.Div.) from Colgate Rochester in Western NY; a Retired Pastor, Upper New York Annual (Regional) Conference of the United Methodist Church; Retired NYARMY National Guard Chaplain, USAR, and 69-70 Vietnam Veteran.

Sufficient credentials to cover the sexual goings-on over at Gay Hoopla and Voyeurboys, Miss M would say.

The good Reverend clearly uses his religious background when writing the headlines over at B2.  For example …


Daniel Carter is a Hot Bi with a Perfect Bod; 132 Fans met this sexy mofu, tipping $540
Ray Ban Makes Great Cum Shot–Hits Cam Lens several feet away; Drew 83 Fans who tipped $230
The Most Requested Pairing is Now Here: Max & Jeff Fuck
D Penetrates, Pounds Phillip; Many Enjoyed a Solid Show


Whew!   Miss M kind of feels dirty just reading those headlines.  Forgive me , Father, for I have sinned!

Oh yes … on a final B2 note … a gentle reader alerted Miss M last evening that B2 had posted the most recent Alexa Ratings for Gay Hoopla, Voyeurboys, B2 and others … but had somehow overlooked M2.  Perhaps they just weren’t looking high enough in the rankings. 

But, in any event … Miss M has corrected B2′s oversight and has included  in B2′s rankings.  You’ll notice there are well over one and a quarter MILLION sites between M2 and B2 globally.  There’s nearly that many between Miss M and Voyeurboys.  Her closest competitor, ironically enough, is in the US  rankings … with B2′s other enemy … falling just a few thousand sites behind.

bens alexa

Miss M isn’t sure, Benjy …  but either Cyber Bullying  sells … or the rest of the world doesn’t see the delightful Miss M in the same way you do through your giant Aviators.  ;)

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God’s Gonna Get Ya For That!


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Flirt4Free Model Of The Week – William Haley!

model-of-the-weekwh-motw wh-motw2congrats2

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The Top 3 and Ethan G is the Flirt Model Of The Week!


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Miss Murmurs In The News and On Trial! – Outcome: Vindicated!

in the newsMiss Murmurs’ was recently surprised to find herself in the headlines over on Ben’s News – a blogspot blog seemingly dedicated to glorifying, publicizing, and fawning over Jaden Storm and his brood at Voyeurboys … as well as doing the same for the gang over at their sister site (as Jaden called it) … Gay Hoopla!

Ben has a tiny group of diehard followers who have read his “news” since he covered the Fratmen –before following Jaden and “the breakaways” to Jaden’s new Fratmen-Lite imitation site.  Crazy Annie Reynolds™ is one of Ben’s biggest readers and supporters … need Miss M say more?

Seems Ben and the boys didn’t like Miss M’s posts on VB model Marc Swift … and so he printed the following headline and link.


Miss M thanks Ben for the mention – but unfortunately his link (and readers) didn’t register a blip in Miss M’s daily visitor numbers.  As you can see … his post received only 3 comments (and one of those was from Crazy Annie Reynolds™ herself).

Now today Ben added the following post (containing a bit of misinformation) directing his readers to


To correct the misinformation first … Miss M’s post actually mentioned Timothy Hoffman’s ex-girlfriend, Andie.  Miss M knows how much they loathe labels over there at VB where sexual ambiguity seems to be the “in” thing … but it is a point worth correcting.

As to the obedient young man … Timothy made it clear in his email that he had already decided to stop whoring himself prior to Miss M’s announced “Guide” … and just wanted to let her know so he could be excluded.  There will be no “Guide” now – so the point is moot – but should be made nonetheless.

Further … what Ben and the boys call “retribution” … Miss M calls telling the truth.  Andie discovered Timothy and wanted answers.  Miss M gave her the truth.  Today, Andie wrote to Miss M to thank her for her honesty … and to express her disappointment in Tim.


Miss M responded as follows …


Thank goodness someone appreciates the truth … unlike Ben … who saw truth as retribution.  Perhaps if he didn’t have so many stars in his eyes when watching all the naked boys … he would be able to see the truth differently.  Just a thought.

In any event … thanks for the free publicity, Ben … and it’s only fair that Miss M return the favor.  Below is Ben’s Masthead (click to enlarge) and it will tell you all the names of those he publicises in his tiny blog.  Pay him a visit sometime … he could use the numbers. ;)

ben's news

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“Miss Murmurs’ Helpful Guide” – To Be or Not To Be?

2000-Secret IdentityMiss Murmurs has been visiting her family in Vermont on her annual vacation.  During the days following the 72 hour grace period she had offered before putting together the final edit of her “Helpful Guide” … she has read and reread the comments left on the site by both her gentle readers and models.  She has also done the same with the emails and messages sent to her directly by models seeking to be excluded (including a very long and heartfelt email from Ryin Jackson) … trying to decide what course of action she should take.

The number of pleas sent in had already proven to her that the real reason for “fake names” and “blocked states” was NOT fear of stalkers (as is always claimed) … but fear of being found out (as she had always suspected).  Shame is an even more powerful motivation than fear.

truthShe asked herself if publishing the truth about the models who use false names would finally set them free.  Miss M originally believed that once they were forced to deal with the consequences of the choices they had made … the burden of that “guilty secret” would be lifted.

Miss M had been motivated by her anger at the discovery of the many lies told to members by former model, Brad Hedlund, and the realization that so much of the money men generously shared with Brad was based on those lies.

She came to the conclusion, however, that Bad Brad Hedlund was just that … a bad seed … and as such, Miss M had already turned his house of cards upside down in the process of shaking out the bad seed.  THAT was Miss M’s original goal for her website … and she realized she was suddenly lumping ALL of the models into the “bad seed” category.

They might not be the shiniest, most polished apples in the world … but despite their imperfections and bruises … they aren’t all bad apples either.

She decided she would NOT publish her guide which would have judged all models for the sins of the few.  But there was still that lesson that gnawed at her … that all of our decisions in life have consequences … and she knew that without the guide … that lesson would be lost.

Timothy Hoffman as Flirt4Free's "Marc Swift"

Then tonight … a startling comment came to in response to the post about Timothy Hoffman (Marc Swift) winning the Memorial Day promo with the help of Jaden Storm’s Voyeurboys. 

Miss M would like to share it along with her response below.


Miss M can only imagine the consequences this will have for Tim … and Andie … and perhaps others.


Timothy Hoffman is now learning the lesson in the poster above … and through him … perhaps so will everyone else. 

There will be no “Guide”.  At this point, no more good can come of it.  As the overwhelming majority of you expressed – it was a bad idea. 

bad-apples1Miss Murmurs will continue to “shake out the bad seeds” as she has in the past … but has learned that one bad apple really doesn’t spoil the whole bunch.  We may all have to one day suffer the consequences of bad decisions we’ve made – Miss M included … but if that day should come for the models of Flirt4Free … it won’t be because of Miss M’s ill-conceived “Guide”. 

Miss M will see you all when she returns to Santa Barbara in  a few days … but in the meantime … everyone please say a little prayer for Tim.  Miss M has a feeling he’s going to need them.

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Models From Europe and South America Hold Top 2 Spots!


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