The Flirt4Free Top Twenty for January 26, 2015


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She’s Come Undone – A Psychiatric Analysis Of Crazy Annie Reynolds™

armchair psychologistAlthough only a recent addition to our comment section … a gentleman who signs himself  “Armchair Psychiatrist” has, however, been reading Miss M’s blog and watching Crazy Annie Reynolds™ for quite some time.  After Miss M’s recent post regarding Annie finding herself silenced in a Chaturbate room … Dr. Arm Chair and Miss M spoke of the possibility of him giving us an analysis of this perplexing Crazy™ woman – and he has agreed.  Miss M has added photographs for a touch of color. ;)



Bon jour, mes amis! Mademoiselle Murmurs graciously invited me to do a psychoanalysis of the resident psycho, Crazy Annie Reynolds, and I have humbly accepted her kind offer. So that all may understand, I will use English and do my best to be clear…but please, pardon me if I lapse into French, for Madame Reynolds is a most interesting subject!

And so, let us begin.

First, characterizing Madame Annie as a psychopath is incorrect. One of the hallmarks of psychopathy is antisocial behavior. As the readers of Mademoiselle Murmurs’ site may attest, she is hardly ar16antisocial. If anything, she is hypersocial, yes?  She follows over 400 people on Twitter, and has nearly as many following her. Having observed her in the chat rooms of the website, Chaturbate, it seems that she is quite well-known among the members there, to judge by the many greetings she exchanges with incoming members. Also, as she seems to value her connection to the broadcasters of that website (in particular the group known collectively as the VoyeurBoys and specifically the owner of that company, Monsieur Jaden Storm) and expressed concern during their various travails–I understand that Monsieur Ken Ott was injured in an accident, and that Monsieur Storm damaged his hand previously–I think it safe to conclude that Madame has not fully relinquished her empathy…though it appears significantly impaired in its development.

ar6Nor do I think Madame Annie qualifies for the label of “sociopath”. Her sense of right and wrong–the absence of which is often an indicator of sociopathy–seems to be intact…or so I have been informed by one of her followers, who recalled her concerned tweets after she conspired against her then-benefactor, Izzi (who had convinced Flirt4Free to allow her to return to the site after one of her numerous bans), with another model to overtake and usurp one of his Hall of Fame records. It seems she was deeply upset and appalled by what she had done, indicating that she realized she had done wrong. After the fact, perhaps, but still aware.

ar11In reading Mademoiselle Murmurs’ various posts about Madame Annie, I came across an interesting description of Madame: “demented dingbat from down under.” A colorful turn of phrase, but inaccurate, I think. Madame does not yet demonstrate any symptoms of dementia. She seems to have no difficulty recognizing the many Chaturbate members who regularly greet her when they see her.

Perhaps, if I had greater access to her Twitter account, I might be able to provide a better analysis, but alas! It is protected, and I have no inclination to follow her. However, Mademoiselle Murmurs has written so much about her, and because I have seen her among the members in the chat rooms of Chaturbate, that I believe I may draw a preliminary diagnosis.

ar17I believe that, first and foremost, Madame Annie has a form of narcissistic personality disorder. Though this is more common in men than in women, consider these symptoms…

1) Madame Annie demonstrates a significantly exaggerated sense of self-importance, as evidenced by Twitter excerpts Mademoiselle Murmurs has included in her posts, in which Madame Annie believes herself to be “helping” the models she tweets about. She also regularly announces to her followers where she is on the site–previously on the Flirt4Free site, then after her permanent banning last year, on the Chaturbate site. Mademoiselle Murmurs has informed me that several times Annie claimed she would no longer announce where she would be–apparently Madame Annie also suffered from a paranoid delusion that Mademoiselle Murmurs stalked her so she could continue her “campaign” against her–only to later resume those announcements. It appears she believes all her followers need to know where she is at all times, which leads to the second symptom.

ar52) It appears that Madame Annie regularly needs admiration from others, and according to the various posts on Mademoiselle Murmurs’ site, she has drawn to herself a coterie of like-minded individuals–whom I have seen commonly referred to as the “penniless rabble”–to satisfy this need. Apparently, wherever she goes, they follow. Also according to some of Mademoiselle Murmurs’ posts, these canaille sans le sou settled into a chat room on Flirt4Free–varying depending on whomever Madame Annie was infatuated with at the time–and occupied themselves by carrying on conversations around the performer, often to his detriment. Apparently Madame Annie and her comrades are responsible for the demise of several models’ careers. I do not know how this applies currently, as the chat rooms of Chaturbate seem filled with similar penniless individuals who seek a free show, and Madame Annie regularly reacts with outrage that these members would make requests without sending suitable gratuities to the performers.

ar93) The third symptom is one that has become more obvious with her emigration to and settling in at Chaturbate: a sense of entitlement. Madame Annie, having been made a moderator in many a room on that site, now apparently feels she has the right to go wherever she chooses, and to be made welcome and paid fealty by those already there. Mademoiselle Murmurs has shown me some of Madame Annie’s tweets about another broadcaster, whom she referred to as (please pardon my vulgarity) “sadassnation”. It would appear that Madame Annie has a history with this broadcaster, Jake Ross…upon further research, it would seem Madame Annie, in her Chaturbate incarnation “anniegirl143″, had on at least one other occasion attempted to enter into Jake Ross’ Chaturbate room, only to be spotted and immediately kicked out. Apparently she found the incident amusing. However, this seems to leave her dissatisfied–she is not, after all, receiving the universal admiration she craves–as she continues to monitor the comings and goings of Jake Ross on Chaturbate.

ar34) Madame Annie also seems incapable of intimacy with others, even going so far as to leave behind her husband and child with nary a regret to settle in Australia. I understand that it is only recently that Madame Annie has finalized her divorce. Incroyable! But in learning of Madame Annie’s fickle behavior, entirely believable. Mademoiselle Murmurs has told me of the many models and broadcasters whom Madame Annie has been linked to: Izzi, Adam Foxx, Paul Atreides, Ryin Jackson, Seth Landon, Rob Ryder, Jesse John, Bryan Cavallo, Mike Timber, Josh Champ, August Lincoln, Silas Woods, Sean Holmes, Mike Hollister, Travis Deland, Zac Zeek, Jaden Storm…and these are only the ones she visited while she could yet access Flirt4Free! Certainement, the woman gets around…


One other disorder seems to be at the heart of Madame Annie’s problems: she demonstrates symptoms of Oppositional Defiant Disorder, or ODD (Zut alors! I have made a joke without meaning to…for certainement, Madame is quite odd). Though ODD is usually a child’s disorder, perhaps in Madame’s case it went undiagnosed…a reasonable assumption, for prior to 1980, there was no such thing as ODD, and Petite Fille Annie was le enfant many years before that, non?

annie21) Having witnessed for myself how quick Madame Annie is to make insulting and offensive comments on Chaturbate, I believe I may confidently say that she does so fully aware of the impact her words will have on their recipient. As she delivers most of these comments following her silencing of another broadcaster attempting to self-promote in the room she is in, one might infer that she does so in hopes of driving the broadcaster off and never returning. However, because of her narcissistic personality disorder and her lack of empathy, she does not censor herself or consider the actual impact of her words. She wants only to antagonize the offender to the extent that he never intrude again.

ar132) Madame Annie has proven time and time again to be argumentative, and is quick to challenge anyone who dares to disagree with her, or become extremely defensive when someone dares to challenge her. One need only read through the many posts done by Mademoiselle Murmurs to see that Madame is ready to lash out at any moment. I have it on good authority that she has readily turned on her “friends” the moment they speak against her, unfollowing them on Twitter, then backtracking and following them again…her need for admiration will not let her remain steadfast in her convictions: she NEEDS to remain in contact with them so their notice will satisfy her.

annie33) There are several telling posts on Mademoiselle Murmurs’ site that show how vindictive and spiteful Madame Annie can be. Mademoiselle is not intimidated by Madame, and so Madame feels threatened…or perhaps more accurately, Madame feels the purpose she claimed for herself being called into question and threatened. However, because she is powerless to physically retaliate against Mademoiselle–an ocean between them and no money to traverse it–she may do nothing but post useless tweets seeking Mademoiselle’s demise. Madame Annie is fortunate that no one takes her seriously…for certainement, death threats are a serious matter under any circumstance. For another, less violent example of Madame’s vindictiveness, look no farther than Mademoiselle’s single post about August Lincoln.

ar44) Most significantly, Madame Annie is incapable of understanding why she is so despised. She blames Mademoiselle Murmurs for the trolls that stalk her throughout the Chaturbate site, claiming that they followed her there from Flirt4Free. From some of Mademoiselle’s earlier posts, it is clear she blames other members for her loss of favor with the models who eventually asked her to leave their rooms alone. Her narcissistic personality disorder will not let her accept that she might have been in the wrong, and her oppositional defiance disorder drives her to find someone else to blame for her misfortunes.

you're bannedAs one might expect, Madame Annie has a notable and telling lack of respect for authority. Reading through the many posts about Madame and the comments left by others, it seems she had been warned and banned repeatedly for violating the rules and the ethics of Flirt4Free, including the promotion of other websites. Perhaps it is the absence of an actual physical authority that allowed her to forget about the rules.

wineI have no doubt that there is much more to be learned about Madame Annie Reynolds. What shadows in her past drove her to marry a man, bear his child, then leave them both behind to take up residence on the other side of the world with another man? Why, only now, after all these years, has she finally filed her divorce papers? What compels her to drink glass after glass of cheap boxed wine–a sin in itself–night after night?

Sadly, I can do no more without speaking to Madame Annie in person and discussing her mental state…and I believe we all know how she would react to any questions about her sanity. With the ocean between them, Mademoiselle Murmurs is quite safe from Madame’s murderous impulses, and Madame can do naught but threaten over the internet. But with so much frustrated vindictive rage stored up, I would fear for my life, were I to confront her directly.

annie1952aAnd so, Mademoiselle Murmurs, I thank you for this opportunity to analyze so magnifique a case as Madame Annie Reynolds. Truly, the combination of narcissistic personality disorder and oppositional defiance disorder have produced a unique individual!

Je vous remercie beaucoup, belle dame!


Miss M thanks the good doctor for his expert opinion … but will, for the sake of expediency, continue to settle for Crazy™.  You know, if you gentle readers continue to contribute to as you have recently – Miss M may be able to get her real-life work done, plan her wedding, get hitched and retire — and still keep chugging along. :D

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Look Who Turns 24 Today! Best Wishes from Miss M!

Happy Birthday Beckalynn Hue

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Whatever Happened To Chris Fosgate?

chris fosgate 2Miss M has recently received a couple of fan queries regarding the continued absence of the delightful Chris Fosgate … the rookie model who finished as the #15 model for all of last year.  Chris is a Miss M favorite also … and Miss M had been concerned about him as well … having not seen him on cam since November of last year.  She decided to send a short email to Chris to see if he was doing alright … and if we could expect him back soon.

chris fosgate 3Chris wrote back within hours – with good news and bad news. 

The bad news straight from Chris’ email: “I’m not sure if I will be back online or not.  I am just trying to pursue alternative income sources (trying to become a successful  entrepreneur!)”. 

The good news, of course, is that Chris may be leaving the cam world behind … for real world ventures … which Miss M is always happy to report.  In this case, however, the news was bittersweet.

chris fosgate 4For Chris’ fans … who are  likely disappointed to read of this turn of events … Chris also wrote: “However if anyone would like to talk I do check my messages and I try to respond in a timely manner. I do miss talking to everyone!”

So it looks as though he’s left the door open a tiny bit … but has, as of now, moved on.  Miss M and his many fans will miss him … but wish him great success as an entrepreneur … and a happy, fulfilling life.

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A Gentle Reader Shares His Thoughts …

Our friend from the comment section who signs himself A. Nonymous recently sent Miss M the following post – which he deemed too long for a comment.  Miss M is printing it here as a regular post – and thanks Mr. Nonymous for his time and thoughts. (Miss M has added a few pictures for color. ;) )


A Comparison of Blogs – MM v. BB (with a cameo by CGN)  by A. Nonymous

A few months after I became a member at Flirt4Free, another member grumbled to me about how a certain website had targeted Annie Reynolds (who at the time went under the moniker “AnnieInAustralia”) with hateful posts and lies about her. Since I felt I owed her a bit of support after she helped me learn about Flirt4Free, I asked him about the site–Miss Murmurs’ site–and came here to see what was going on. The information I found about blogger-vs-wordpressMs. Reynolds surprised me, but I found more interesting reading fare as well.

Then, shortly after the VoyeurBoys began, another member–whom I did not at the time know was a hardcore fan of Jaden Storm’s–told me about Ben’s Blog and the coverage it was doing of Jaden Storm’s new venture. I am not a fan of Mr. Storm, but I decided to visit when I was told that Ben also covered the Fratmen. Though I am not a member of the Fratpad, I did visit some of the Fratmen when they started broadcasting on Flirt4Free, so I wondered what I might learn at Ben’s Blog.

What a shock! The two sites are blogs, but all resemblance ends there.

 By definition, a “blog” is “a regularly updated website or web page, typically run by an individual or a small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.” Miss Murmurs manages this quite well. While some might take issue with her subject matter and the tone of some of her posts (for example, the people she is writing about), the informality is there. When reading her posts, it is easy to imagine Miss Murmurs sitting across the table sipping champagne as she shares with her friends the juicy tidbits of gossip she came across in the course of the day. Her writing style is clean and professional, as one might expect from a published journalist, yet the ease with which one reads her posts is a tribute to her skill as a polished journalist.

benjyBen’s Blog, on the other hand, aspires to present itself as serious journalism, but falls terribly short. It is no surprise: given that its content consists mainly of reports of how much a webcam performer made in tips or photo series of one of those performers, this is a Herculean task…and Ben is not Hercules. The feeling I get when reading Ben’s posts is of a news broadcaster sitting behind a desk and talking at me. There is no interaction, nor any invitation to interact…no conversation at all, nor any attempt at one. It is very much as if Ben is preaching (which makes sense, given that he is a scholar of theology, if not a clergyman himself) and the reader is expected to accept everything he says as gospel. Even allowing for his partiality towards his subjects, Ben’s writing is filled with errors in spelling and grammar…and some of his most glaring mistakes go unnoticed by himself or his readers: sometimes Ben writes lead-ins to news stories and links to them, but in December he led into a HuffingtonPost article, “Gay Black Men, It’s Time to Do Away with ‘Trade’ and Down-Low Brothers in 2015″, with the title “Gay Black Men, In 2005 It’s Time to Do Away With ‘Trade’ and Down-Low Brothers”.

(Allowing for their different writing styles, Ben isn’t a bad writer…but a journalist he is not. His writing alternates between being too dry and devoid of emotion, and being soppy and slobbery with fawning sycophancy for the topic. Miss Murmurs, of course, has always maintained that “she cannot please  everyone…and so she pleases herself”, and so her writing is filled with wit and charm.)

no harmThere is no doubt that both sites are highly subjective and express the opinions and thoughts of each person. However, Miss Murmurs and Ben go in completely different directions when dealing with feedback, as expressed in comments. Miss Murmurs remains gracious in tone and in manner, and though her style varies with the responses, it is invariably polite…even when replying to the more vociferous and hateful comments she approves for posting. Most commenters follow her lead and, though they may disagree with her–and with each other–there is still a tone of respect.

agreeAt Ben’s Blog…not so much. Though Ben may profess a tone of neutrality and adopts it in his own comments, at least one of his editorial staff (Matthew, I believe his name is), is quick to take issue with any criticisms leveled at the subjects of the posts, which are usually GayHoopla staff and models or the VoyeurBoys models. Commenters on Ben’s posts take their lead from Matthew and respond to the critical comments in the same tone. There is minimal respect and no tolerance of dissension or disagreement…either you are with them in their blind admiration of GayHoopla and VoyeurBoys, or you become the new target of their verbal assaults.

(Yes, some of the commenters here on Miss Murmurs’ site do descend into sharp negativity…but they do not share the utter hatred and loathing, the vituperative venom, of those that respond to criticisms laid upon Mr. Storm and the VoyeurBoys, the owners of GayHoopla, and those who might stand up for the owner and administrative team of the Fratpad.)

missmavatarMiss Murmurs does sometimes pursue a serious matter, and the tone of her writing changes accordingly. If she sees someone doing something wrong, whether professionally or ethically or also potentially dangerous, she calls that person on it…even if it is someone she likes personally, or even if it’s one of her favorites…for example, when one young man wrecked his car, she felt obliged to, as she put it, “bump” him a bit.  What she does after she delivers her scolding depends on…well, stuff…like how responsive the person is to her criticism. In this case, the young man was quite contrite and responsive, taking responsibility for his actions.

Ben and his fellow VoyuerBoys fans, however, have a blind spot when it comes to the things the VoyeurBoys do…no matter how potentially dangerous they might be. Halloween night, for example, shortly after the twins arrived at the VoyeurBoys house, some of the VoyeurBoys decided–consciously or unconsciously–to get drunk. They succeeded, to the point that, according to Ben’s Blog, two ended up vomiting in the bathroom. loyaltyHowever, it wasn’t until an anonymous commenter took Ben and his readers to task for being “more focused on and outraged by…a misleading ad than the health and well-being of the VoyeurBoys” that Ben added his concern by changing the title of the post and urging further comments on the issue. Sadly, his “VoyuerGate” posts were what everyone was focused on, and the short post covering the drinking episode faded away into obscurity. Just recently, one of the VoyeurBoys got into an accident and ended up in the ER. Ben posted the news…posted that the VoyeurBoy was all right…and then promptly forgot about it, instead posting pictures of the injured model. As an older man who knows better, and as a community leader (or so I would assume him, as a clergyman, to be), now should be the time to reprimand and lecture the young man about the dangers of speed and wet roads.  He apparently decided to leave the lecture (which no doubt would have fallen on deaf ears) to Miss Murmurs, posting as he did a link to this site, and instead penned an emotional appeal to the young man to be more careful. At least this time he DID say something about it.

(To be fair–if I must be–Ben does a good job of including news and other media that may be of interest or have significant ramifications for the lifestyles of his readers, including a small bit of coverage–really small–of the Paris shooting, as part of his attempts to rise above mere blog-dom. Miss Murmurs does not usually do this…but then, she has never suggested that her site is serious journalism…merely her thoughts on various matters connected to Flirt4Free…and the truth as she sees it.)

welcomeIf you are a fan of the VoyeurBoys and do not like what you see here–in Miss Murmurs’ posts, in the comments of other members–by all means, visit Ben’s Blog and enjoy the company of like-minded individuals. But when you get tired of the sycophantic drivel produced by Ben, defended by Matthew, and lauded by the many commenters who share his fanatical admiration of the VoyeurBoys…come back here for another version of the truth seen through sensible eyes not blinded by the stars of the self-deluded.

And on another note…

camguyRecently another blog site appeared on the vastness of the Internet, focusing more on Flirt4Free’s European models (whereas Miss Murmurs does occasionally recommend South American or European models, she focuses more on the goings-on in the American–and some Canadian–cam rooms, and Ben’s Blog is strictly about the Arizona performers at GayHoopla and VoyeurBoys). As the “new kid on the block”, being only about 4 months old now, CamGuyNews has maintained a low profile…but it has successfully broken the news about one performer’s Flirt4Free forum blow-up and another conflict between the fans of two different models. Thankfully, CGN leans more towards Miss Murmurs’ style of presentation rather than Ben’s…and since it is highly doubtful Mr. Storm will be recruiting performers from overseas, I have little doubt CGN will be spared the dramas surrounding Miss Murmurs’ and Ben’s Blog’s area of overlap.

  A. Nonymous

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FLASHBACK! 1 Year Ago! – Flirt Bans Crazy Annie Reynolds™

flashback2Crazy Annie Reynolds Mourns The Loss Of Flirt4Free!posted on

annie-goneCrazy Annie Reynolds … after sending the careers of so many aspiring models to an early grave … has finally done herself in. If we’re lucky … this time will be for good. Give us Eternal Peace!

annie-cheersUnable to keep her mouth shut about promoting other sites and ventures (despite being banned for the same infraction in the past) … Annie went and did it again two nights ago! This time, however, as she began to promote Jaden Storm’s new venture … there was an employee of Flirt4Free in the room watching!

Annie tried to sign on last evening … only to discover her account had been shut down. She complained a bit on Twitter … then spent the night wandering around other cam sites … but found none to be as “chat-friendly” as Flirt4Free. She is hoping to call VS and get it worked out … as she has so many times before … so, alas, this NO-Annie-mmdelicious turn of events could be short-lived. But if she’s unsuccessful … and the ban sticks … something tells Miss M that Izzi won’t be coming to her rescue this time around.

Hold your breath and cross your fingers, gentle readers … we may finally have seen the end of Crazy Annie Reynolds.

UPDATE1annie-banned2As of a half-hour ago … Annie was supposedly still not sure why she had been banned … and supposedly not in any hurry to find out. Yeah … right! ;)

UPDATE #2 – THE TWITS JUST KEEP ON TWEETING!t-boneWhy does everyone always seem to blame that Miss Murmur dude? :::sigh::: You know … if Miss Murmurs were to marry that Miss Murmur dude … she would be Mrs. Murmurs Murmur, dude. What do you think? Catchy? :D


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“It’s been a while since a mod silenced me in a room…” — Crazy Annie Reynolds™


It seems as though Crazy Annie Reynolds™ was having a bit of a dust-up last night and took to the Twit-o-sphere to vent.  Miss M hasn’t a clue as to what it was all about – and doesn’t really need to know.  It’s just always so delightful to see Annie enjoying herself on her last hope for a social life, Chaturbate.  Getting ready to turn 60-years-old, recently divorced, and still estranged from the daughter she abandoned as a child back in England … Crazy Annie Reynolds™ isn’t wallowing in self-pity … but is living her life to the fullest.  You go for the gusto, Crazy Annie™!


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Does Any Of This Surprise Anyone? GimmeGimme A Break!

kenhospitalbraceIt was inevitable!  Not long after Patrick Vidal (who plays Ken Ott at the Voyeurboy Whorehouse) bought himself a bright and shiny new motorcycle … his tweets began – as did the warnings from fans.

kenspeeding120kencommentsThe warnings came and were immediately brushed off!  The very next day came this tweet and more warnings …

thug-kenkencomments2“TRY TO GET SOME SMARTS” warned Pudgester to apparently deaf ears.  So it was no surprise when the next Tweet flew through the Twit-o-sphere earlier this week …

crashThe Phoenix Hospital has apparently installed a revolving door to their Emergency room just to accommodate the frequent visits of irresponsible irrepressible Voyeurboys. 

erNow Miss M could end this post here … because she is certain by this time you all know what comes next.  But … just in case you’re new to the world of whores and GimmeGimmes … she’ll continue. 

The above tweet was sent at 9:25pm January 12th.  Later that same night came this one …

ken homeYep, Ken was back home with not a scratch to be seen – just a sling … you know, the kind one might wear if they wanted to convince the coach they needed to skip practice that day!  Not only that, but he was back on Chaturbate by the very next day.

ken on camSo you might say, “Well good – he wasn’t hurt badly – in and out the same evening – and back on cam without a scratch … what a lucky guy!”  But then … you knew it was coming … Ken got even luckier.  It seems some of his fans pleaded with him to set up a Go Fund Me.  Who ARE these mysterious people who always beg for these things?  Well faster than you could say, “Sure, why not?” … there it was.

ken-gfmken-gfm2According to Ken, he is “not fond of” asking for help (where has Miss M heard that “not fond of” phrase before?) and only wants people to contribute what is convenience (which Miss M assumes was meant to be convenient … which still makes little sense … but we digress). 

And within 11 hours Ken had $500 16 hours Ken had 850 currently 950 bucks with no doubt more on the way.  Once again, an able-bodied, handsomely paid adult with NO INSURANCE?  Is IRRESPONSIBILITY a requirement for being a Voyeurboy?  Now Miss M could go off on a bit of a rant here (not that they ever do any good – but at least she tries) … but she’s decided to just repeat a snippet of the rant she went on with Jaden … another irresponsible adult Voyeurboy.


cycleAnd now here we are again.  Another irresponsible Voyeurboy – obviously without the insurance coverage required by law … and without the common sense to drive his motorcycle safely and within legal speed limits.  A scofflaw who, like his boss, lacks the decency to pay his own bills incurred through his own mistakes.  But again – why would you if you also had toadies to foot your bills?  Maybe the problem isn’t really with the irresponsible man-boys after all – but with the over-zealous fools who trip all over each other to curry favor with boys they will never – could never – touch …. boys for whom they are simply a means to an end.

kenSo what’s the lesson here?  Alas, there isn’t one – yet again.  For Ken – who was warned repeatedly about his reckless driving and law-breaking – and who eventually ended up in a crash … well, he has nary a scratch or even a cast (just a little sling) – and no financial worries … no repercussions at all.  His bills will be paid for by the dimwits who hang on his every word (which judging by the copy he wrote for his Go Fund Me borders on the illiterate).  Ken – if you ever want to start a Go Fund Me for a remedial English course – Miss M would be happy to contribute.

healthIn the meantime – Miss M would like to remind the boys that registration is still open for the required-by-law Adult Health Care coverage – and would suggest maybe they take a look.  Today was the deadline – BUT – you can still apply through February 15th.  At least do that much … it is, after all, the law!

Get well soon, Ken! ;)

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Lots Of New Faces Make The Top Ten for January 15, 2015

top10top10-1-15-15Thank goodness for Chris Aron, Stefano, Shawn Elliott and Jake Orion – or Miss Murmurs would be convinced she had entered a strange new world filled with new life and new civilizations!  It looks as though we have begun 2015 determined to boldly go where no man has gone before.  On with the adventure!

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What’s Next For Miss Murmurs?


mm-twitter7Where, oh where has Miss Murmurs gone – where, oh where can she be?  Fear not … Miss M is alive and well … but very, very busy. 

Since returning from Vermont a week ago – Miss M has been inundated with incomplete assignments … pushed-up deadlines … unfinished business set aside for the holidays … and increasing demands in her personal life.  In short, Miss M has been too pooped to participate. 

Not only that … on the few brief occasions when Miss M has been able to look in on the cam world – it has seemed quiet and, dare she say it, dull.  Perhaps it is the after-holiday slump or, horrors, perhaps it is just becoming dull to Miss M.

Oilslick and Evan got what they were looking for with the FOTY awards and seem to have packed up the gravy train and disappeared back into the hole from which they had dragged themselves out. 

Izzi, for the time being, seems to have forgone whoredom to enjoy his time in Europe.  Adam, Paul and Jake remain safely banished to the nether world.

The Voyeurboys have truly become The Voyeurbores.  The only thing more boring to watch than no sex is simulated sex.  Where’s the news?  Ken fell down and got a boo-boo.  Next!

ramboJJ Swift hasn’t been seen in a month … and half of the Flirt models seem to still be sleeping off New Year’s Eve. 

This has led to anomalies like the current Top 20 having names like Rambo Michael at #1?!  Who is this guy?  It seems Miss M no longer sees all or knows all – leaving her with less all to tell.  In fact, the Dirt on Flirt has seemed pretty sanitary as of late.

Miss M even dropped in on our friend, Sara Lynn, last evening and she was looking GOOD!  Snazzy blond wig – more meat on the bones – heck, she didn’t even remind  Miss M of Grandma Murmurs anymore.


What is this strange new cam world Miss M has found herself in?

large-rose-colored-glasses-on-beachMaybe Miss M is just seeing the world through rose-colored glasses these days.  Why is that, you ask?  Well, as a few models and a couple of readers have known for a while … Miss M has been somewhat distracted by her upcoming … deep breath … wedding!  Oh Lord, it’s out. 

This June, Miss M will be marrying the delightful man who last year introduced her to the wonders of camping in the wilds of Canada.  We are tying the knot back home in Vermont – and so up until now the two Mrs. Murmurs (my Mom and sister-in-law) have been handling all of the preliminary planning (it’s like having two personal secretaries you don’t have to pay ;) ) … but since going home for the holidays Miss M has been informed she MUST get more involved. 

weddingOn January 29th, Miss M will be turning 30-something-years-old (a tad long-in-the-tooth for a big June bride to-do) and would happily prefer the courthouse steps and a Niagara Falls honeymoon. 

As their only daughter, however, The Murmurs want the whole shebang – and I am expected to aid in this adventure.  Never argue with your Mom. ;)

All of this, it would seem, begs the title question “What’s next?”

First let me answer the inevitable question that everyone has asked … Yes!  Miss M’s fiancé knows all about her extra-curricular activities here at – and is absolutely fine with it.  Miss M wouldn’t be interested in a man not confident enough in what he has to offer as to worry that men on the other side of glass might pose some kind of threat.  He knows that although Miss M looks at other men – he is the only man she holds in her arms and in her heart. Awww.

So the real question of “what’s next?” comes down to … is there really anything left for Miss Murmurs to cover?  Are we just in a slump … or in a final slide?  What do YOU, her gentle readers, think?  Is it time to put away the poison pen and let these fine young men get back to whoring in peace?  Or is it time for Miss M to find a way to work the blog back into her daily list of to-dos? 

yachtIn either event – Miss M will be away for three weeks this summer for her honeymoon.  She’d invite you all to come along – but she’s not sharing her handsome hubby with a boatload of gay men. :D

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Blake & Luke and Blake & Parker and Blake & Caleb and Blake & Casey!

boris-n-natasha reportby Kevin Jacobs

On a break from plotting against “Moose and Squirrel”, spies Natasha Fatale and Boris Badenov report to Miss M and her gentle readers on some Chaturbate cam whores. 

Luke Allen

Luke Allen

Luke Allen, played by Billy Davis in Los Angeles, and Blake Mitchell, played by Lane Vincent Rogers of Lexington, KY, are planning a Cam Tour to a city near you.  The planned kick-off date is January 8, 2015, but executing on plan is not Blake’s strong suit.


Luke Allen & Blake Mitchell

Blake & Parker Mays

Blake & Parker Mays

Blake (wrestlerblake14) attempted it last year with fellow Chaturbate cam whore Parker Mays (fastswimmerboi) played by Ben Prater, but it never materialized.  One wonders if it was because of Blake’s new boyfriend at the time, Helix Studios boy, Caleb Reece, played by Sexton Gage Reece. 

Caleb Reese

Caleb Reese

They broke-up as did Parker and Blake. 

It now waits to be seen if this latest “Whores On Parade” will get off the ground as Blake has a new boyfriend, another Helix boy, Casey Tanner, played by Slade Michael Ferris.  They both need the extra cash as they like the weed.

Blake & Casey Tanner

Blake & Casey Tanner

Casey Tanner Tweets

Casey Tanner Tweets

If it doesn’t, the good news for Blake is that Helix Studios boys are interchangeable as they all look alike.  He can simply paste a photo of another Helix boy and not skip a beat. 

But, should he decide to change it up, he can always go back to his Kentucky network of cam whores, as there are many, including one from the VB House of Whores.

Until next time, we are Natasha Fatale  and Boris Badenov reporting. 

*Miss M would like to thank Kevin Jacobs (who plays Kev) for his contribution. ;)

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One Suspect Arrested In Fratpad Burglary Case!


Cleaning Woman Burglary Suspect Arrested

Cleaning Woman Burglary Suspect Arrested

In what appears to be a break in the recent Fratpad mansion burglary case, Paradise Valley police have arrested one of two white women suspected of carrying off televisions and other items. The suspect’s muscular build first drew police attention.  Police are not releasing the name of the suspect at this time. The other female suspect is still at large.

fratpad*This breaking news report is a spoof report and is in no way true. The unknown burglars remain at large at this time.  Stay tuned to for more crap like this as it becomes available.

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Former Fratpad Mansion Burglarized As Fratmen Move Out!


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Borat X – Return of the HOT SHOTS for 2015!


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2014 Flirt of the Year Award Winners!


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Happy New Year from Miss MMiss M wants to wish all of the models (we’ll save whores for next year ;) ) … all of the Voyeurboys (past and present) … all of Miss M’s fellow bloggers (Benjy and CamGuy) … all of the Chaturbaters, Fratmen, and Gay Hooplas … and everyone else who makes this adventure so much fun … a very, very happy and healthy new year.

She would also like to send a very special and very affectionate thank you to all of her gentle readers … and especially to her loyal commenters who keep the site lively and without whom, for Miss Murmurs, the site would be so much less fun …

A Sympathetic Voice  -  A. Nonny Mouse
A. Nonymous  -  alloallo  -  Ann Onno Musz
anonanon  -  anonymous93  -  ArgentWolf
Barclay…27  -  Brett025  -  carmen  -  Dave
didione  -  DonnieB  -  Dylan  -  Evan
Figment Rocks  -  flirt follower
Fosgate Worshipper  -  J  -  Jeff  -  Jewboy
Jimmy Russler  -  just me  -  Kev
Lawyer for the Defense  -  Marc  -  Manny
M.B.  -  MissMurmurs #1 Fan  -  Nick
NonUSCustomer  -  Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Ori Guru  -  Pete  -  Rick  -  Steve
teetsiefly315  -  TempleOfSin  -  The Cynic
TooShyTooSpeak  -  uno
wellsn98105  -  who cares

and all the many other “anonymous” commenters … as well anyone else Miss M may have forgotten!  It’s all of you that make Miss M work (literally and figuratively).  Thank you! Here’s to 2015!  Let The Whore Hunt Continue! :D

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The Top 20 For New Year’s Eve 2014!


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Miss M’s Blog Buddy, Benjy Wenjy, Chasing His Tail Once Again!

bb-confessionstrue-confessions14Miss M couldn’t resist using another nostalgic cover – as a reminder of hyper-critical, hypocritical  journalist (and Miss M’s own personal “blog buddy”)  Benjy Wenjy … and his crazed over-reaction to Miss M’s “joke” a couple of months back.  

Now poor Benjy has been fooled once again – but this time the starstruck gossip gatherer finds the prank HILARIOUS!  Why?  Because it was the handiwork of La El – one of “Ben’s Boys”.

Double-talk and double standards!  Welcome to the holier than thou world of Benjy Wenjy!

Now, in his latest retraction (and tragic effort to back himself and LaEl out of any possible repercussions) Ben explains anew in his own words …

b2And so once again we have “Ben the News Hound” barking at shadows, chasing his tail and barking up the wrong tree.  Delicious.

Poor Benjy.  We feel bad for you … but before we let you (and LaEl) off the hook … Miss M just couldn’t resist a little blast from the past.  In the immortal words of Benjy Wenjy regarding Miss M’s more polished prank …

vbupdateBenjy – just be happy “legal beagles” don’t have time to chase insignificant fan club bloggers – or you might have seriously overstepped this time.  I don’t think Justin would be happy to be “implicitly outed” in the press – even if it is just your little GH-VB newsletter.  Oh, and Ben – don’t bother to work up a reply to Miss M …. you’re probably better off to just let this sleeping dog lie. ;)

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Justin Bieber Dragged Into A Gay Hoopla!

privacyYesterday, for whatever reason, Landon Elengold, the owner of GAYHOOPLA, sent out the following tweet … claiming Justin Bieber (using his official Twitter name) had joined his website.  If true, he shredded Mr. Bieber’s privacy without a thought.

Clip108aThen came the comments from LaEl’s followers …

Clip107aAnd then that bastion of journalistic ethics over at Ben’s blog – Reverend Gregory Franklin – put the tweet info into print.  Really shocking stuff – though no one even seemed to realize what they had just done.

bieberMiss M tried to explain it to them …

mmtweetsmmtweetMiss M hasn’t heard back from LaEl – but Ben ran to his computer and changed the headline and added a new line in the copy so fast he must have broken his wrist in the process.  Fortunately, Miss M has both copies so you could see the difference.

bieber2It will be interesting to see if this was just a little publicity stunt on the part of GAYHOOPLA – and if it will backfire in their faces.  If it is true – then they released this information to the Twitter world and the press (even if it’s only Ben’s little blog) in an absolutely unprofessional and tasteless fashion – and Miss M knows tasteless ;) .

Harvey Levin - TMZ

Harvey Levin – TMZ

If Miss M were Justin Bieber and had just had my private information released by a gay porn site and a gay porn fan blog — Miss M might be a bit angry — and perhaps inclined to take punitive action. 

Harvey Levin at TMZ is an attorney – so Miss M passed this information along to TMZ to possibly get their take on the issue.  You know how Miss M loves to do her civic duty. ;)

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Who Saw Harley Kissing Santa Claus?

Miss M loves Christmas photos and anonymous emails – and this one was an unexpected present!  Enjoy!


Harley Marie2aA picture is worth a thousand words – so Miss M will add no snarky comments whatsoever! ;)

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O Tannenbaum! Former Fatty To Become Future Santa? HoHoHo!

O TannenO Tannenbaum is a classic old Christmastime Carol … and what better time for it than Miss M’s Christmas Tribute to Tannen Alexander Olson from Buffalo, NY – who plays Dustin Jones … the longest currently serving Voyeurboy (outside of the owner).

Growing up in Fredonia, NY, Tannen was bit of a chubbo.  As he grew older he ate his way into the Fatboy category.  And now, Miss M is happy to join Santa (the original Fatman himself) in announcing Santa’s successor … O Tannenbaum Tannen O.

Tannen and Santa

Yes, despite losing weight in the months before joining Voyeurboys, Santa has been watching Dustin slowly pack the pounds back on and is convinced by the time the jolly one is ready to retire, Dustin will be back where he started.  Santa sent Miss M two of his favorite pictures of Tannen that helped him win the coveted future Santa gig.

Tannen A Olson and Gabby FulmerThis is Tannen with his former gal pal, Gabby Fulmer, in happier days gone by …

Tannen A Olson and Male MounterAnd this is the tad tubby Tannen being mounted by friend, Doug Mann.

Ah … misty water-color memories of Fredonia.  Who would have thought Tannen would one day grow up to be an Internet whore … and quite possibly … the world’s next Santa Claus?  That is, of course, if Santa doesn’t catch wind of Tannen’s arrest record from just last year.

Tannen A Olson - drugs


Don’t worry, Dustin – your secret’s safe with Miss M!  :D

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“Oh Waiter – There’s A Pubic Hair In My Soup!”

tsh-momO Holy Night!!!  Miss M can’t even seem to take Christmas off – what with the whores who never stop their … well … whoring! 

It seems our friend Nick McCullough aka “The Renaissance Man” aka “The ReMax Man” aka Cason aka “The Sean Holmes” … whew, Miss M needs a long winter’s nap already … has given up real estate altogether to return to his first love … whoring himself for cash. 

The_Sean has signed himself up with a service wherein he is paid to do various nude and sexual things.  For example – he’ll be a “Nude Waiter” at your next dinner-orgy for $150 an hour.  “Oh waiter, there’s a pubic hair in my soup!” 

Check out The_Sean’s price list below!  “We’ve already established what you are, dear. Now we are just haggling about the price”.  But with “Mate of Mine” – there is no haggling at all.  Miss M only has one question … What exactly does “Explicit Nude Model” at 500 bucks an hour entail that would make it $400 MORE an hour than “Artistic Nude Model”.  Think about that one – and let Miss M know what YOU think in the comments below. 

Now Miss M is going to take a shower to wash away the thought of all this – and then go downstairs and have a piece of homemade Apple Pie.   Miss M wishes you tidings of joy – and would like to urge you Ho Ho Ho’s to calm down for a while.  :D


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Thanks to @Jaden_Storm25 for more material than Miss M can use!

nobody lovesvballisonMiss M has to wonder if Jaden tweets himself these congratulatory messages about his GREAT show – or if the other Voyeurboys get together and tweet them to him because he’s always away with his main squeeze, Allison Pratt, and they sorely miss him.  Any thoughts? ;)

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William Haley – Flirt4Free’s Million Dollar Baby!

onemilbabywhhoodieLast night William Haley, age 53, became a Flirt4Free Superstar … earning over 10 million credits in just over 3 years.  That’s a cool Million Dollars split between Flirt and Mr. Haley … not to mention all the promos and bonuses won along the way.  Congratulations William … and as promised … your commemorative hoodie will be winging its way to you soon! ;)

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