We’re making a list and checking it twice! Gonna find out who’s naughty and nice!

santa list2

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Happy Hannukah from Miss Murmurs!


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“All About That Bass” by Rocky & The Rockettes!

bass2At long last the Voyeurboys whorehouse is seeing Anton E Anderson (who played Rocky Steele for far too long) off to the airport and back home to Loves Park, Illinois. Before his long-awaited departure this Friday, Miss M wanted to give Anton her own special send-off … and so she proudly presents … Rocky & The Rockettes – performing “All About That Bass”. God speed, Anton.

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Oh No! The Renaissance Man a No-Go No-Show Ho!

seanholmesSaturday night Nick McCullough was scheduled to appear as The Sean Holmes for a 10:00pm ET show on GayHoopla.  However, when the showtime hour rolled around – there was no Renaissance Man to be found.  Shortly after 10pm, the guys at GayHoopla received a call basically saying “Sorry, couldn’t make it!”

"Gay-Ho The Dancing Bellboy"

“Gay-Ho The Dancing Bellboy”

With no one else available at the last-minute … GayHoopla’s LaEl (owner Landon Elengold) was forced to fill in with a shave-and-chat show.  Miss M had never met Landon before (having never watched Fratpad until their members joined Flirt4Free) so she enjoyed having the opportunity. To be honest, Miss M enjoyed Landon’s low-key show more than another strip-and-strut-show from “Gay-Ho The Dancing Bellboy” – who apparently couldn’t be bothered.  Fear not – if there is one thing Nick is good at – it is making up stories and excuses – so I’m sure he has a doozy lined up for last night.

la elDuring the chat portion of LaEl’s show, Miss M did learn that Jaden and JJ are the “sole owners” of VB.  GH does NOT own any part of them.  LaEl said he and Dimitry Dickov have offered advice to Jaden – but there isn’t much more they can do to help … so the rise or fall of VB is really all up to Jaden (the owner ;) ).  Miss M can only hope JJ gets his buy-out money soon – before the whorehouse becomes the poorhouse.

ReMax ManIn any event, Miss M enjoyed LaEl’s chat and is grateful to The Renaissance Man for blowing off the event.  Who knows, maybe he was finally unloading a house somewhere … as The ReMax Man.  ;)

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Ho Ho Ho From The Ho-House!

ms. rattHello – this is Allison P Ratt … MissMurmurs.com’s first rodent correspondent.  My assignment is to scurry about the VB Whorehouse gathering dirt and ratting out the vermin who live there.

Ho Ho Ho’s … everywhere I look in this God-forsaken rat’s nest.  Christmas is just around the corner but you wouldn’t know it looking around this dump.  Where’s Auntie Mame when you need her?  They sure could use a little Christmas – right this very minute.

Anton Anderson, who plays Rocky Steele, has been busy packing and shipping his stuff back to Loves Park, Illinois – so he can get the heck out before the Christmas doldrums set in among the captive whorehouse residents. 

Patrick Vidal, who plays Ken Ott, has decided upon Randy Blue as his Christmastime replacement for Flirt4Free (where his profile has been removed – as in … Ken no longer is welcome there). 

Speaking of “not welcome there” … the entire Voyeurboy band of roving gypsies spent a bit of time unwelcome at Chaturbate.  They didn’t perform a show under the VB name for over four days.  Apparently, however, the CB shutdown was merely a suspension of some sort as they resumed broadcasting this afternoon.  Perhaps it’s a Christmas miracle.

RS-APRicky Stormes (who plays the owner, Jaden Storm) seems to have had to have a little more work done on his hand yesterday … but has not begun any new funding drives yet – as far as I know.  As for Christmas, the question is … will Ricky spend it with his whores at the house – or with the love of his life – Scottsdale waitress Allison Pratt?

Juan and José Aguilar (who play “The Twins”) seem a little down these days – and are probably missing Mom and Dad and all the Christmastime snow back in Plainfield, Illinois … not to mention Dad’s Mexican cooking and Mom’s Italian cooking.  Sure beats a Hot Pocket!

And Dustin – well, Dustin sleeps a lot … as in A LOT! O Holy Night!

alli tinyAs my Christmas gift to Miss M’s gentle readers – I’ve included a few snapshots of the moment the Ho Ho Ho’s got their first glimpse of me scurrying about.  Enjoy and Merry Christmas from Scottsdale. I hope Santa visits whorehouses – or I’m screwed this year :(


Jake comes face to face with Alli P. Ratt shortly before leaving the house to return to Portland, Tennessee.

tony2Tony spies Alli in the corner during a show!

rocky2Rocky and Alli had a stare-down until Alli finally had to run away.

the big chief2Jaden has a small heart attack upon first seeing Alli.

ken2Ken comes face to face with Alli.

dustin - jacob2Dustin and Jacob spy Alli snapping photos from under the sink.

merry christmouse

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And THIS Is Why We Love Donnie B …

best tweet 12-8bt-12-8-14And THIS Is Why We Love Donnie B! :D

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December’s Models Of The Week!


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The Top 4 for December 8, 2014!

top4 headertop4-12-8-14Miss Murmurs is a fan of each one of these hard-working models who currently hold the Top 4 spots on Flirt4Free … even if it is rumored Andrrew Great is really 41 years old and Billy Amore wears a wig! :D

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crime-scene-tapetipMiss Murmurs received a rather chilling tip last night.  As she has no further information than what has already been reported elsewhere … she will simply share the tip exactly as she received it.  She has included  related photos.d&m2




It appears the hairy / scruffy guy shown here: http://www.flirt4free.com/vod/models/466745/

murdered his whole family: http://queermenow.net/blog/tomas-lopez-tulio-adorna-murder/

I guess the 4 tattoo is the number of family members he has killed.


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Oh Rats! Anton E. Anderson (Rocky Steele) Is Going Back To Rockford, Illinois!

ms. rattHello – this is Allison P Ratt … MissMurmurs.com’s first rodent correspondent.  My assignment is to scurry about the VB Whorehouse gathering dirt and ratting out the vermin who live there.

Today’s report is on Anton E. Anderson (who portrays Rocky Steele) – from Loves Park, Illinois (a small city just outside of Rockford).  Anton was hoping to scoot back home before Miss M could give him a proper sendoff – but thanks to a little mouse who yanked the cheese – Rocky’s hand was caught in the mousetrap.  Ooo, and after he tried so hard to not show his hand for all these many months.

Anton Anderson, Rockford, IllinoisAlas, it turns out our friend Anton (pictured at left as the odd man out with Boylan Catholic Central High school friends), will soon be returning to Rockford, Illinois … leaving Voyeurboys.com and Scottsdale, Arizona behind.

He will also be leaving the Community College he has been attending – but there is no word if rock valley collegehe will be returning to Rockford’s Rock Valley College or not. 

We are all going to miss the rubber-lipped lad born in Vladimir, Russia … but the midwest and those fun road trips to Michigan are calling him home.

Rocky has no plans to give up his cam-whoring and will still appear on Chaturbate from time to time – so take heart, fans … you haven’t seen the last of  Антон Агибалов yet

alli tiny2Until my next report from this rat hole, this is Alli P Ratt with Miss Murmur’s “Farewell Surprise For Rocky” saying, “Never play Cat and Mouse with Miss M”.


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An Old Favorite Returns – Akim X!

blastfromthepastakim xMiss M was happy to see an old favorite back today after a long, long absence … Akim X.  Akim spent some time in the army – lost a little weight – lost Asher (his former duo partner) … but kept that winning smile and his love of dancing.  Pay him a visit and maybe he’ll dance for you too.  Welcome back, Akim. ;)

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Flirt’s New Top Model Is Great … Andrrew Great!

f4f1ag1ag2Andrrew Great is the current #1 Model on Flirt4Free … and the best part of all is the handsome and personable model made it to the top not with the help of oilstud58′s money … but with hard work and the help of his many fans.  Quite an accomplishment – and quite deserved.  Congratulations, Andrrew!

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Coming Soon! … Rat-Tails From The Whorehouse!

alli p rattcomingsoontomm

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If Only ALL Wishlists …

wishlist-buttonMiss M happened upon a European couple on Chaturbate this afternoon – and was pleasantly surprised by their wishlist.  Take a look …

wishlist-cbShort, sweet and sincere.  If only ALL wishlists …

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“I have dare all my close model take a pic not all dress up me house clean smoke break” –Stella Kain

omg2Does anyone out there have a Translator that can convert Stellaspeak into English?  This came tumbling through the Twit-0-sphere earlier – and left Miss M dazed and confused.  Dazed by the photo and confused by the message.  Miss M is going back to bed now.  Love ya, Stella!

stella kain - smoke breakstella-tweet

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You Could Get An Invite To Colby (Cole) Money’s Wedding!

cole2Yesterday Miss M told you about Colby Money’s Go Fund Me to raise money for his Dream Wedding (which has already garnered $275) … and today she can tell you what wonderful prizes you might win!

colefundmecoletweetcoletweet2That’s right … with a large enough donation … YOU could be an honored guest at the grand affair … or at the very least … have a copy of all of the photos of the wedding to cherish for a lifetime. ;)


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Now You Can Wake Up To “The Renaissance Man” Every Day!

renaissance manIt has come to Miss M’s attention that Nick McCullough aka “The Sean Holmes” aka “The Renaissance Man” privatized his Model Mayhem profile and portfolio following Miss M’s report … leaving so many fans stranded out in the cold with no way to look at Mr. Man’s visage.  For those who might want a daily fix of “The Man” … you can now buy him on Canvas for $125 or for the economical fan-atics – on poster at 20 bucks.  Yes, if you want Nick-Sean-Cason-RMan against the wall by your toilet – simply hang his portrait there.  Miss M can, in fact, think of no more appropriate place.

canvasposter            Just visit Redbubble … and complete your gift shopping today.                   This Christmas … it’s “The Renaissance Man”.

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The_Sean_Holmes (Real Estate Agent Nick McCullough) Has Reinvented Himself As “The Renaissance Man”

bs-meterThe_Sean_Holmes lays it on a little thick in his latest reinvention as “The Renaissance Man”.  Loathe to use his real name, Nick McCullough … and distressed at his real name being associated with his Flirt4Free character “Sean Holmes” … Mr. McCullough has chosen The Renaissance Man as his new Model Mayhem moniker.  In his bio – Nick says, “For a model to create anything substantial, the model must have substance.”  Fear not – he had a lot more to say if you can slog your way through it.  Just click on the image below to enlarge it and enjoy a good laugh with The Renaissance Man!

sean holmes - renaissance manIn addition to placing 63 (count ‘em – 63) of the creepiest, smarmiest, self-loving photos ever taken into his portfolio … Nick goes on to list his Credits!

creditsIf you would like to see The Renaissance Man’s 63-photo portfolio on Model Mayhem – just click here.  But hurry – when Nick gets wind of Miss M’s story he may just make them “private”.  Shhh… don’t worry … Miss M has saved a copy of all of them. ;)

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Flirt4Free Model Colby Money (Eric Leuci) Wants Your Money!

give me give mecole1Panhandling2

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A Late Night Holiday Shocker From JJ Swift!


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This Thanksgiving Let’s All Join Harley Marie For Dinner! :)


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Congratulations To William Haley on Receiving The Lifetime Achievement Award!

William HaleyThis is just one of the little souvenirs William Haley brought home with him from the Flirt4Free Cancun Summit!  William had lots of fun in the sun with other Flirt models – and reports the first thing everyone wanted to do was tug on his hair to make sure it wasn’t a wig!  Miss M has received no word as to whether or not it came off.  :D


William, by the way, is currently ranked #2 in the 2014 FOTY Viewers Choice Category … and there is still another month left to vote. Congratulations, William!

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et-homehelp me3It had been 7 days and no one had given poor Jesse so much as a kick in the pants in his quest to return home … not even the fan who suggested he start the Go Fund Me.  Miss M was heartbroken for the poster boy of failed dreams … and decided to give up her Starbucks for a day to give Jesse’s campaign a kick-start.  Surely you have something you could give up for one day to HELP SEND JESSE HOME!  Join Miss M in making ALL of our dreams come true! :D



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Crazy Annie Reynolds™ Gets A D-I-V-O-R-C-E …

divorceD-I-V-O-R-C-EANNIES DAUGHTERAnd so it seems after all these years of committing Adultery with Alan – her current bedmate … with very little fanfare … Crazy Annie Reynolds™ has finally decided to officially untie the knot. 

Why now?  Miss M imagines the father of Annie’s daughter (whom Crazy™ abandoned years ago along with her ex) has finally worked up the courage to try again with a new (and hopefully better) woman … and needed his freedom.  Miss M wishes him much luck and future happiness.  He has suffered enough for having made the hideous mistake of saying “This will do!”

It seems fitting that Crazy Annie would tweet the message of her divorce whilst surrounded by the photos of the one model she has loved the most from her first days as a chat room squatter … notorious pants-pisser Seth Landon.

At least now Crazy Annie Reynolds™ can finally remove that scarlet letter “A” from the middle of her forehead.  If only she could remove the pain and heartbreak she has caused her daughter.  But hey – don’t give it another thought.  Crazy Annie sure isn’t.  Her biggest worry was this …

divorce2We all know how much she hates to miss “her guys”.  Oh … and where did Annie spend the last day of her marriage?


That’s right!  She spent it with JakeBaby, Phantom, Rocky, BigPapa and some Damaged Little F*cker.  We don’t call her Crazy Annie Reynolds™ for nothing!


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Rest In Peace …

mike nichols

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