HarMar Auctions Undies and More To Highest Tipper!

abuckAhhh … Does anyone else remember sexy Southern gentleman, Ashton Buck, besides Miss Murmurs?  Nice guy!  In fact, Miss Murmurs remembers when VS punished the poor lad for offering a prize to his highest tipper.  Ashton hasn’t been on camera since May!

How the times have changed. Over on the female side of the site … Harley Marie (coincidentally also named Ashton off camera) is offering to her highest tipper not only her very own PANTIES and exclusive naked photographs … but hoe-made cookies on top of that!


harmar3Come on, models!  Get with the program here!  What’ll you give US if we tip YOU?! ;)

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5 Responses to HarMar Auctions Undies and More To Highest Tipper!

  1. flirt follower says:

    It is a violation of vs rules for her to have personal contact and addresses to send her panties maybe with cookies. I think all of us should let vs now and maybe she can get banned

  2. J says:

    VS knows about this but doesn’t care. Idiots like VS Jamie love to play kiss-ass with the female models while treating the male models like complete shit (with the exception of a small few like Izzi and Stefano). VS Jamie in particular has a big hard-on for Hazina. HarMar could probably offer her customers free Skype shows and VS Jamie would gladly turn a blind eye.

  3. treehugger says:

    VS loves her too much to punish her for this. In fact, they are congratulating her all over the place! It isn’t fair how some performers get chastised for these kinds of things while others at the top get away with it. Reminds me of something…oh yes…America’s economy!!

  4. treehugger says:

    Also…seems like Dallas Moore is catching on too! Another top female performer. Jeez ladies!

  5. mister_denistoo says:

    oh please. VS models LIVE to have members contact off the site. Probably because VS media rips them off so bad its the only way they can make any real money.

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