OMG!! Ryin Jackson Has Finally Moved!!

movedThe question is … did he finally move to Los Angeles … or … did he finally get sick of all the questions and move his computer to another room of his home in Arizona? 

On the night of January 21 … Ryin Jackson signed on from a new room.  The red drapes and famous Ikea Numbers Poster were gone … replaced by shutters and a wall sconce light. 

snowboardingSomeone asked him if he had fun snowboarding over the MLK weekend … and he said “yes, it was great going up north and he had fun.”  Someone else doubted he had ever been on a snowboard in his life.

As more people entered the room … questions about where he was … at that moment … kept popping up.  Ryin seemed irritated with the questions … and said he had moved to L.A.  He said his Phoenix house was now empty and ready to be sold.

But wait … last Friday night (Saturday morning) Ryin Jackson signed on for over four hours beginning at 1:30am Phoenix time … from his familiar red-draped bedroom.  He said he wouldn’t be online over the weekend because he had a snowboarding trip up north with family … which he had also mentioned several nights before.   Suddenly … at Midnight on Tuesday … he was supposedly living in L.A. … having left Phoenix behind for good. 

2weeksNeedless to say … it was startling and confusing news.  A move two years in the waiting (with no sense of urgency whatsoever) … had suddenly and unexpectedly taken place in the dark of the night … while snowboarding over MLK weekend … and best of all … the cable people at the new place had already arrived and installed Ryin’s Internet service … because there he was … broadcasting from L.A. right before our eyes.  Most people have trouble getting their cable to come out at all … in the best of times … but somehow Ryin Jackson got them to come out over Martin Luther King weekend.  It was amazing!

And so you can understand why people continued to question him about the move. Only his most diehard fans let it slide and tried to cut short the questions.  It was, after all, annoying Ryin to no end.  He not only didn’t want to answer the inevitable questions … he didn’t even want to be asked them. Within in a very short time … Ryin Jackson was ready to hightail it out of there.

And with that … Ryin Jackson was gone.  Los Angeles seems to be agreeing with him.  With that friendly, upbeat mood … he’ll no doubt be auditioning for acting roles and doing open mic nights in no time at all.

272843-256-k603106Which is good … because when it comes to Flirt4Free … he cannot wait to quit that shit.  Jesus Christ!  Just dealing with all the mentally unstable idiots is becoming too much to handle.

Yes … Ryin Jackson has finally made his dream to move to Hollywood a reality (perhaps) … and he couldn’t be …uh… happier.

Miss Murmurs has no idea if Ryin was really in Los Angeles that night… or just down the hall from his old room in Phoenix.  lf he was in L.A. … congratulations and best wishes.  lf he was not … something tells Miss M he is never going to be.

The one thing Miss M does know for sure … if she should ever have cable trouble … she wants those L.A. guys that Ryin uses. :D


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9 Responses to OMG!! Ryin Jackson Has Finally Moved!!

  1. Anonymous Guy says:

    LMAO! That is the same house! Just a different room….Looks like the old room

  2. observer says:

    This is sooo funnny!!!!! I totally admit I was wrong. Ryin is amusing as hell! Don’t take this the wrong way, but you two make a great team for comedy!!!!!!!!!!

    I never thought anything would top the morning his mom knocked on the door after he was passed out nude on the floor of the wrong room but perhaps she’ll magically teleport to LA to knock on his door again. :D

  3. Fla guy says:

    Ryin as everyone knows. Is a chronic liar. It’s sad.

  4. Florence of Arabia says:

    Remember! “He CANNOT wait to quit this shit! ..all these mentally unstable idiots.” He doesn’t want to be there, but somehow you should show up dutifully and pay him folks. The man who chastises his room for “living on that website”, makes a living off of those same people.

    Well, nobody’s holding you back Ryin. Don’t be so damn self entitled. Just go get a real job ….or is that beneath you?

  5. KrisF2 says:

    It doesn’t matter whether he really moved or not because the only thing he’s going to do is what he’s always done. FLIRT4FREE! He has already been on three nights in a row from his new room and as long as guys are dumb enough to keep giving him money he will never do anything else. Underneath all the career talk, Ryin is just another lazy guy who’d rather jack for cash at night and sleep all day.

  6. carmen says:

    How much longer before ‘the big one’ is supposed to hit Southern California? :)

  7. GeneticBomb says:

    I think Ryin must have moved because his ceiling has a giant crack in it. He really needs to get that looked at before the next tremor.

  8. Best in show says:

    Miss M. That’s his house in Arizona. He once gave a virtual tour of the place. He was so proud to show off his decorating skills. Those are the shutters he used in the house. He is still in arizona. I bet a family member is using the old cam room. Ryin won’t move. He’ll end up on flirt for years.

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