GODZILLA and the $113,000 Car! – Evan Matthews Resurfaces!


Recently, Miss Murmurs pondered the mysterious disappearance of Ed Clark (Flirt4Free and oilstud58′s own Evan Matthews) – last seen on April 10th.   His old Facebook entry at the time (from April 8th) informed the world that Mr. Clark was doing some remodeling at the Wildomar House of Whores. Then there was silence.

Ed Remodels

EddieCHad Ruth (Rushlow) buried Ed beneath those new tiles he had taken such pride in … and run off with the oilstud’s money?

  Had Ed and the oil stud had a lover’s quarrel … forcing Ed to halt progress on the baseboards? 

Had constant tanning turned his skin an unnatural shade of “Adam Foxx Orange”? 

Had he gone into hiding because excessive whitening of his 900 teeth had made his mouth and tongue appear red and ravaged? 

An anxious world held their breath … and waited for an answer regarding the mysterious disappearance of Ed Clark.

Well … Miss M is now delighted to report that just 13 hours ago, Ed Clark resurfaced … just south of Las Vegas!

2015 GTR

Ed Clark was alive and well … and buying MORE cars!  Miss M didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  Ed’s cam-whore sister, Haley Nicole (above) did the laughing for her … so Miss M decided to cry.  That is until she saw Nick Lesmeister’s comment.  “What do you do for work?” inquired Nick?  Then she laughed and laughed.  Because YOU and Miss M know all to well what Ed Clark does for work. 

os58He canoodles … allegedly (as Kathy Griffin might say) … with an aging oil man from Texas … who in turn “keeps him” in new cars and new baseboards … while Ruth looks the other way.

Or does she?  Miss M notes that Ms. Rushlow’s Facebook page filled with posts and friends and photos no longer exists.  It has mysteriously disappeared … much like Ed Clark had done … until 13 hours ago.  Miss M hopes there is no trouble in Paradise … especially now that there are “His & Her Cars” at the House of Whores!

GODZILLAThe photo above was taken just two hours ago as GODZILLA was en route to the aforementioned California Cathouse!  Michael Gray’s incredulous “Another car?!” made Miss M laugh again. 

Most everything about Ed Clark … from his orange, weathered skin … to his 900-tooth-too-big smile makes Miss M laugh.  In fact, Miss M hasn’t laughed at any one single model this much since Paul Atreides stopped staging his famous “Pre-Shows”. 

She always wondered if the overly tanned, overly vapid couple could get any more ridiculous … and now she knows the answer is yes.  Just place them in the front seat of a $113,000+ automobile.

113kWhat’s next for Ed Clark?  Miss M suspects a Liberace fur, new sequined candelabras for the whorehouse … and a chauffeur! :D


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Miss M Sends Compliments To Sara Lynn On Her New Look!

springSara Lynn2stylish

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The Mysterious Disappearance Of Eddie Clark!


Eddie Clark as model Evan Matthews displays his wide ass

Eddie Clark as model Evan Matthews displays his wide ass

Eddie Clark … who used to appear on Flirt4Free as model Evan Matthews … seems to have DISappeared. 

His last appearance on Flirt was April 10th.  His last tweet was April 7th. And then nothing. Silence. 

With his modeling career having been lassoed and hog-tied by the Texas oilstud … Evan Matthews became the stud’s “Private Dancer – A Dancer for Money” (as Tina Turner once sang). Now, Evan seems to have gone into seclusion. 

Evan-PunchPerhaps he has gone back to his old hobby of preening on public beaches while striking “Zyzz” poses.  Possibly he has become a couch potato eating curds and whey with Ruth Rushlow in front of the 70″ TV at his Wildomar Whore House.  Maybe he’s on an extended vacation from the rigors of “upside-down-booty-dancing” like a frog.  Or perhaps he’s once again busy beating up on guys at parties. No one seems to know.  Few seem to care.  However … if anyone has any information on “Whatever Happened To Evan Matthews” … please write and let us know.


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“That’s Amore!” – Flirt4Free’s MODEL OF THE WEEK!

Billy AmoreBilly Amore 3Billy Amore 2Miss Murmurs would like to Congratulate European model Billy Amore on being Flirt4Free’s newest MODEL OF THE WEEK!

Sometimes Miss M balks at calling some of the Flirt guys “models” … but not Billy.  At 6 feet tall, Billy is as beautiful as any model on the runways or in print.

johnson404-His fans all love him … including his #1 Fan, johnson404 who tipped Billy over 66,000 credits this past week … assuring him the top spot!

Miss M isn’t always in sync with Mr. Johnson’s taste in models (as is only natural) … but in this case … she couldn’t agree more!  If you haven’t before … make a point this week to visit Billy and say hello.  You’ll be happy you did.

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Only ONE American Makes THE TOP EIGHT! A Nice Change!


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Blue Aidan Finally Coughs It Up (And Then Goes Belly Up?)

good-newskendrick-steele2Miss Murmurs has good news to report!  Model Kendrick Steele has finally received the $600 in pay owed to him by his former studio manager, Blue Aidan. 

You’ll recall Aidan had mixed his personal funds with the funds VS Media sent to him to pay his employees … and then spent all of the money on his own bills … leaving Mr. Steele high and dry and completely unable to contact Mr. Blue.  And Mr. Blue was certainly in no hurry to contact Mr. Steele … ignoring his many phone calls and email messages.  After Miss M first reported this story … Aidan contacted us with convoluted excuses and explanations that really left more questions than they answered.  He then continued to stonewall Mr. Steele. 

aidan-blue2In fact, it was not until Kendrick Steele finally found Aidan’s address … and went out and filed legal papers as well as criminal papers … and was in the process of having them served …. that Mr. Blue coughed up the money owed.  But he was NOT a happy camper at all.  In fact, Mr. Steele informs us Aidan “flipped out” and claimed he was going to file bankruptcy to protect himself from any additional civil action Steele might take. 

bad-newsWhat a tragic way to live one’s life … having Scam Alerts posted about your business practices … refusing to pay money due … avoiding phone calls … always looking over your shoulder … and finally threatening to go bankrupt.  Whether or not Aidan actually does file for financial bankruptcy protection from his other debts … he has certainly, in Miss Murmurs’ opinion, proved himself to be morally bankrupt.

It is clear Mr. Blue needs a few good lessons in RESPONSIBILITY … and so Miss M would like to suggest he take a look at this link …. and begin learning today. ;)               http://www.wikihow.com/Be-Responsible

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Happy Birthday, Domenic Prize!

Happy Birthday Domenic PrizeYou Seem To Get Younger Every Year!  ;)

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Saturday Morning Pancakes With Karlyn!


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Was Blue Aidan The Big Winner In His Own Raffle?

raffle2dupedModel Blue Aidan with his hand out

Recently Miss M told you about former model and studio owner, Blue Aidan’s failure to pay his studio model, Kendrick Steele.  It seems Aidan used the money received from VS specifically to pay his model … on his own personal bills instead.  This prompted the question above from a reader … and Miss M would love to know the answer herself.

Miss M once asked Aidan what the “prizes” were for his “raffle” … and he said winners would receive gift boxes personally filled with various items purchased by Mr. Blue himself.  It does seem to beg the question … “If Aidan was unable to pay his model – and had to use Kendrick’s paycheck to meet his own bills … did he ever come up with the money to fill those gift boxes for which he had sold raffle tickets?”

Miss M always thought it was a slippery slope when Flirt4Free first started to allow models to “sell” tickets to raffles and offer “prizes” in return for tips. And so she, like her gentle reader, is curious to know if Aidan ever fulfilled his Raffle obligations … or just took the money and ran.  Hopefully, Aidan will write to let us know the answer … or perhaps one of the winners (or losers depending on the case) could enlighten us.  It certainly seems a question worth asking.

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He’s Promised Not To Wear The Monkey Suit This Time! ;)

Izzi Invites

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How refreshing …

it is to see the latest TOP 20 MODELS … minus Oilstud’s boy toy, Ed Clark (aka Evan Matthews). 

os58The Texas oil digger must be drilling somewhere else these days … leaving the Flirt gold digger completely OFF the Top 20.

Miss M has no doubt it was just an oversight on oilstud’s part and the Wildomar Cum-gusher’s check is in the mail … but we can all at least enjoy this brief breath of fresh air … without the stench of stinky grease fumes polluting the air. 

Although other top models can also savor Slick’s absence from the Top 20 … VSJamie must be shaking in her beanbag waiting for the pipeline to start flowing again.


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An Unusual Top 8 For April 17, 2014


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CJ Reed – A Truly Nice Model Is Celebrating Today!

CJ REED-Be Sure To Stop By Tonight and Wish Him Well!

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Rob Rides Again!

rr-drivesrob-carcongratswaitingdrive safely

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Readers Weigh In On “Deadbeat Blue” and Baby Blue Bellows Back!

Model Blue Aidan with his hand out

Model Blue Aidan with his hand out

And the beat goes on …

Following yesterday’s post regarding studio owner, Blue Aidan … and his personal use of VS payment money owed to his model, Kendrick Steele … a couple of readers had comments … and Mr. Blue had a bit of a conniption fit.


As you can see … readers tended to not buy Blue’s bloviation … so Mr. Blue decided to bloviate some more.


aidan-blueWhew!  And so Mr. Blue claims he is “done talking and will never post on this nonsense again.”  All Miss M can say is “Woopty doo!” 

Oh … and Aidan … Miss M is NOT in the business of redacting the comments sent in by readers … which is where your real name first came to light; not from a revelation by Miss M.  Nor is Miss M obligated in any way to cut out information that was posted in a public craigslist scam alert … especially when said scam alert was the subject of her post.

And regarding that California Penal Code Section 653.2 you love to bandy about, Aidan … you know, the one that begins …653.2… well, Miss M can recite it in her sleep … and often sings it aloud while showering.  Miss M has no “intent” to place you in any fear, Aidan … only to encourage you to pay your employees in a timely manner.  Nor is Miss M’s purpose to imminently cause you unwanted physical contact … or she would print your address and a google map to your apartment building. Trust Miss M, dear … there are no stalkers out there just dying to cause you safety concerns … other than, perhaps, Kendrick Steele. :D   And really … could you or anyone else blame him?  It’s time to get off your horse, Baby Blue … it’s far too high for you.  Ciao ;)

whom(Oh … and please learn the difference between “who and whom” and how to use them correctly.  It’s one of Miss M’s little pet peeves.)

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“Unlike you (Blue Aidan) I have a real day job … I do camming as a way to supplement my income. I don’t go around asking for handouts from people, however I do expect to receive what I earn.” — Model Kendrick Steele

webRecently Miss M wrote a piece regarding the SCAM ALERT that was posted on the Dallas area Craigslist regarding Flirt4Free model and studio owner, Blue Aidan.  Miss M also received this comment from a reader named “Ethan H” providing more detail.

ethan h

Several days later,  Miss M received the following letter of apology explanation from Mr. Blue himself.

Model Blue Aidan with his hand out

Model Blue Aidan with his hand out

ba1ba2Miss M wrote the following reply back to Mr. Blue … and thought that would most likely be the end of it.


Well, Surprise!  The mysterious “Ethan H” wrote back this evening … under his model name, Kendrick Steele … with “the rest of the story”.


ks1 ks2

mm-lgBWYou are quite welcome, Mr. Steele.  All models are welcome to speak out on MissMurmurs.com … and hopefully calling out Mr. Blue regarding this matter will help lead to a resolution. 

Unlike you, Mr. Blue has not had a problem asking for handouts from his fans in the past … so perhaps he will request their assistance in coming up with the money necessary to pay you, his employee, the money you earned.  (Hopefully with a little interest added on to make up for the time you were without the money due you … but Miss M digresses.) 

paid-in-fullIt seems to Miss M that a good businessman knows better than to live so close to the edge … so “hand-to-mouth” … that a dental bill or a bit of bad luck can cause him to come up short on paying his models.  Perhaps Mr. Blue has learned this lesson now … or perhaps not.  Only time will tell.  In the meantime … thank you for writing Mr. Steele … and please do write again to let us know when this matter has been settled in full.

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CADEN BROOKS (aka Jordan Frye) … One Model – Four Different Mug Shots! – Animal Cruelty – Felony Possession Of Stolen Goods – Larceny – Underage Drinking – Drunk Driving! Behind Bars? NO! On Flirt4Free? YES!

Jordan Frye - Caden Brooks

Jordan Frye - Caden Brooks 3Jordan Frye - Caden Brooks 2Jordan Frye - Caden Brooks 4Jordan Frye - Caden Brooks 6Jordan Frye - Caden Brooks 5Miss M really has nothing more to add … except perhaps a sigh!

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“It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” — George Eliot


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The Top 5 For April 8, 2014! Oil’s Back – Johnson’s Out!

top5top5-4-8-14The Top 5 seems to be back to normal these days … following a brief bout of “johnson404″-mania!  Mr. johnson (formerly zizpops) seems to have run out of cash … or run out of luck … and so … back on the shelf are johnson-favorites Philip H, Turik, Chance Stone, Kylar Mason and Aiden Brody. 


Chance has slipped back into self-imposed obscurity … Aiden has a new boyfriend to keep him distracted … and Kylar (who billed his room as Kylar-Mania during those few brief, heady days in the sun) is simply Kylar-Managing-To-Survive these days.

mm-lgBWBack on top are “oilstud58″ … who continues to buy the #1 spot for his own personal self-aggrandisement … as well as perennial regulars on the top of the heap … Jake, Stefano, William and Shawn.  Miss M offers her congratulations to numbers 2-5 … and her hand in marriage to the oilstud. :D

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scam-alert2scam-alertMiss M has received a couple of reports of Blue Aidan disappearing without paying his models the monies owed to them.  Now comes this from Dallas via Craigslist! 

If you’ve read previous posts on MissMurmurs.com … you know Miss M always felt there was something awry with Mr. Blue (seemingly named Ryan Courtney in the real world) … but just couldn’t place her finger on what.  Apparently we now know. 

Word is VS has moved his models to an independent account … but their money is gone … somewhere … in the wild BLUE yonder.

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The Mysterious Disappearance Of Blue Aidan!


Model Blue Aidan with his hand out

Model Blue Aidan with his hand out

Blue Aidan … who used to appear on Flirt4Free in an effort to get gay men to help him acquire a new apartment … and to promote his Amazon wish list … seems to have DISappeared. 

After acquiring enough money and “gifts” for the new digs … Aidan moved in late in January.  He was gone virtually a month later. His final appearance on Flirt was March 1st. 


Car-Of-BlueDuring his tenure on Flirt, Aidan suffered all manner of illnesses and unfortunate happenings.  He was plagued by various and frequent back injuries … car problems … water pipes bursting … check fraud … stolen wallets … the list was endless.  However, he never lost sight of his “GoFundMe” money-seeking campaigns … his “offline tip” requests … or that famous wish list … no matter how much pain or annoyance he was enduring.

dentalWith his new apartment completed and ready to entertain his sisters … Aidan virtually disappeared … never appearing on cam again. 

Suddenly, on March 18th, he tweeted he was having an expensive “dental emergency” … the latest catastrophe to befall Mr. Blue … and was seeking help from his followers.

On March 20, @naashar2002 tweeted to inquire, “Does anyone else miss @BlueAidan as much as me?”   There was no response from anyone .  Finally came Aidan Blue’s last tweet two weeks ago in response, “evidently no one.”

And then … as with the disappearance of Dustin Sky … nothing.  Silence.  Perhaps Aidan is curled up in the fetal position in excruciating tooth or back or whatever pain … or perhaps he is simply not in need of funding or Amazon gifts at this time.  Whatever the reason … Miss M is sure the next time he is in need … we will see Mr. Blue again.  Surely there’s some sort of head injury or roof leak in his future.  In the meantime … if anyone has any information on “Whatever Happened To Blue Aidan” … please do write and let us know. ;)


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Cosmo Grover Returns To Flirt4Free Friday Night!

cosmo-14cosmo-14-1Miss Murmurs received word this morning that Flirt4Free favorite, Cosmo Grover, will be returning to F4F on Friday night, April 4th.   After spending most of this past year assembling a professional modelling portfolio of photographs like the one above … Cosmo has decided to return to his old stomping grounds until next Fall.  As you remember, Cosmo was celebrated for his inexpensive 40 minute long Group Shows … and promises more in the future.  He also plans to bring his dildos, anal beads and nipple clamps back with him.  Word is VS-Jamie nearly fell out of her beanbag chair when she heard the good news.


For those of you who didn’t bother to click the link above yesterday (and how could you resist?) … Miss M is printing below what you would have seen had you clicked on it.  Enjoy!

april1Miss M Hates To Say It … But April Fools!

Alas, Cosmo has made no such announcement … and as you can see from the photos is keeping busy away from Flirt.  Sorry to burst your bubble!  But as a consolation … Miss M is including another delicious photo of Mr. Grover for you to enjoy!

Cosmo-14-4cosmo-14-1As further consolation … Miss M really CAN announce that Paul Atreides popped on last night to an empty room … and left shortly thereafter.  Perhaps, with coaxing, we could get HIM to return to Flirt.  As he once told us … he and Cosmo have similar deep voices and very similar bodies.  Coincidentally, Paul also was famous for 40 minute Group Shows … though a tad pricier. :D

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Everything’s Cumming Up Roses For Crazy Annie Reynolds!

recordsLast night, it seems, the demented dingbat from down under, Crazy Annie Reynolds was beside herself with excitement … having witnessed seven (7) cum shots in one night.  It was her “personal best” record during the three years she has spent trolling male homosexual cam sites. 

1-ANNIEThe sight of all that jism made Annie so giddy with delight that she just had to take to Twitter to share her triumph.  Despite having to do housework today for the first time in years (see previous story) … last night was one for the record books in the crazy life of Annie Reynolds.  As she herself proclaimed , “It’s all good.”

a-tweets“A post menopausal 58 year-old woman helping virtual camera whores conduct their carnal circus is unseemly and borders on the absurd!” — Miss Murmurs
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Crazy Annie Reynolds Finally Forced To Work!

crazy-annies-bordello2houseworkSad news from Crazy Annie Reynolds by way of Twitter today.  It seems the Bordello Boarding House (pictured above) run by she and her “companion”, Alan, is due for an inspection. 

“Lazy Annie Reynolds” announced, complete with “sad face”, that she was actually going to have to do “a bit of housework”.  Word is Alan was delighted to see Annie finally pick up a mop and pail … and went out to celebrate with local dollybirds.  More on this breaking story as details emerge.

conceptCrazy Annie Reynolds mouse and mousepad sit idle for the first time in years.

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