Fratmen Benji – Smile! You’re On Candid Camera!


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Flirt4Free’s Got Talent?!

guess-who-headerwho1aHere’s a 2009 photo of our singer guitar player – playing a guitar of sorts!

who2All that practice eventually led him to today’s audition for …

agt    Will He Get A Shot On America’s Got Talent?  We Should Know Soon!

updatexThis just in …mike1mike-hollister

So it looks like our very own Top 20 Model …

Mike Hollister … may be on “America’s Got Talent”

Congratulations, Mike … and best of luck in the competitions to come.


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The Corporate Offices Of Gentle Murmurs Will Be Closed Today!


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Fright Night Theatre Presents Lincoln Hawk! WTF?!


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Shake Off Those Sub-Zero Temps With Leoboy – Stefano – And Sunshine!


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Catching Up With Aidan!


When last we left model Blue Aidan … he had opened a “Go Fund Me” Donation Page for you to give him your money so he could buy himself stuff.  He had set a $2500 goal … and in the first 11 days had collected $900.  You remember his plea …

recapMiss Murmurs can now report that 5 days after Miss M called him on his nonsense … Donations to Aidan’s fund had halted at 36% (or the $900 he had on the day the story was reported).  He was now asking for even One Dollar donations.


Shortly thereafter, Aidan closed his “Gimme Gimme” Page completely.


  Oh, and as for that tip goal for his brand new bed on his Flirt4Free page …


Well … it’s  STILL  at 6%.  Only now … the Bed is gone … and Aidan wants New Clothes instead (don’t we all? ;)


Changing it to New Clothes, however, hasn’t seemed to re-ignite the fire that was put out on January 11th.   It appears Aidan Blue has now moved into his new apartment … with a lot less Aidin’ and just a touch more Blue!  Happy Housewarming, Dear!

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EUREKA! Miss M Has Found It!

The Perfect Gift For Brandon On His Birthday! Can Miss M Buy You A Remedial Math Class, Sweetie? :/


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And The Beat Goes On!


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There Is A Lesson To Be Learned Here Somewhere!

lessonsThe night before last, model Shawn Elliot tweeted to say he had his most successful night ever on Flirt4Free. He had a Party Chat that was filled with tippers big and small … and earned himself some really big bucks.

If only the story ended there … but, alas … it does not. Last night, Shawn went out to celebrate his windfall … and tweeted to show us his first drink. A few hours later … he tweeted the result of his driving after drinking. :(

shawnA sad sight to behold … but at least Shawn (and any of the potential victims in passing cars) are safe. 

Shawn joined Flirt4Free to make money to buy himself a car.  And several months ago he did just that … a Volvo sedan … and was very happy.shawn5

He then rear-ended another car with his new Volvo … and had to have it repaired.


With the Volvo now bought, Shawn moved on to new Ray-Ban Sunglasses (several pair) and new Shoes (pairs and pairs and pairs) and Burberry Watches … and … well you get the idea.  There really was no end in sight.

shawn2shawn4*The friend’s comments above are priceless. :)

shawn6Now the car is no more and Shawn is back to square one.  Hopefully he was smart enough to pay the extra for some good insurance … and he’ll have a new car soon.  If not, Lord GS and Dapop and GiovanniD and the rest of you will have to buy him another.  And you will

And that’s why there is a lesson to be learned here somewhere …  beyond “Don’t Drink and Drive!”  The sad part is, when other people keep buying your cars for you … those lessons are never learned.

Miss M actually likes Shawn … and this isn’t meant as a slam on him.  Maybe just a mild bump.  When things come too easy in life … they don’t have the value they should have.  Sunglasses are lost and replaced.  Cars are totaled and replaced.  Easy come … Easy go!

If Shawn had to work in a factory or a foundry or a furniture store for a paycheck … instead of just “flirting for free things” … he might have behaved a tad more responsibly.

Yes, Shawn Elliott had a bit of hard luck last night!  But, if guys like Lord GS and Dapop and GiovanniD really liked Shawn … they might give him the chance to learn that lesson for himself.  Or … they might not.  In which case, Shawn will have his new car in no time … and be right back in the market for shoes and sunglasses and stuff.

There IS a lesson to be learned here somewhere … but will anyone ever learn it?

shawn7If Lord GS or Dapop or GiovanniD or YOU still didn’t get Miss M’s message … she is including Page ONE of Shawn’s latest Amazon Wish List …  because Shawn “likes to feel loved. :) ”  Just click the pic to ENLARGE!


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OMG!! Ryin Jackson Has Finally Moved!!

movedThe question is … did he finally move to Los Angeles … or … did he finally get sick of all the questions and move his computer to another room of his home in Arizona? 

On the night of January 21 … Ryin Jackson signed on from a new room.  The red drapes and famous Ikea Numbers Poster were gone … replaced by shutters and a wall sconce light. 

snowboardingSomeone asked him if he had fun snowboarding over the MLK weekend … and he said “yes, it was great going up north and he had fun.”  Someone else doubted he had ever been on a snowboard in his life.

As more people entered the room … questions about where he was … at that moment … kept popping up.  Ryin seemed irritated with the questions … and said he had moved to L.A.  He said his Phoenix house was now empty and ready to be sold.

But wait … last Friday night (Saturday morning) Ryin Jackson signed on for over four hours beginning at 1:30am Phoenix time … from his familiar red-draped bedroom.  He said he wouldn’t be online over the weekend because he had a snowboarding trip up north with family … which he had also mentioned several nights before.   Suddenly … at Midnight on Tuesday … he was supposedly living in L.A. … having left Phoenix behind for good. 

2weeksNeedless to say … it was startling and confusing news.  A move two years in the waiting (with no sense of urgency whatsoever) … had suddenly and unexpectedly taken place in the dark of the night … while snowboarding over MLK weekend … and best of all … the cable people at the new place had already arrived and installed Ryin’s Internet service … because there he was … broadcasting from L.A. right before our eyes.  Most people have trouble getting their cable to come out at all … in the best of times … but somehow Ryin Jackson got them to come out over Martin Luther King weekend.  It was amazing!

And so you can understand why people continued to question him about the move. Only his most diehard fans let it slide and tried to cut short the questions.  It was, after all, annoying Ryin to no end.  He not only didn’t want to answer the inevitable questions … he didn’t even want to be asked them. Within in a very short time … Ryin Jackson was ready to hightail it out of there.

And with that … Ryin Jackson was gone.  Los Angeles seems to be agreeing with him.  With that friendly, upbeat mood … he’ll no doubt be auditioning for acting roles and doing open mic nights in no time at all.

272843-256-k603106Which is good … because when it comes to Flirt4Free … he cannot wait to quit that shit.  Jesus Christ!  Just dealing with all the mentally unstable idiots is becoming too much to handle.

Yes … Ryin Jackson has finally made his dream to move to Hollywood a reality (perhaps) … and he couldn’t be …uh… happier.

Miss Murmurs has no idea if Ryin was really in Los Angeles that night… or just down the hall from his old room in Phoenix.  lf he was in L.A. … congratulations and best wishes.  lf he was not … something tells Miss M he is never going to be.

The one thing Miss M does know for sure … if she should ever have cable trouble … she wants those L.A. guys that Ryin uses. :D


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Former Flirt4Free Model Chris Stardon (aka Walter James Cole) Arrested!

arrestwalter j cole aka chris stardon 3Some of you may remember model Chris Stardon aka Walter James Cole from his tenure on Flirt4Free (or his subsequent accounts on Cam4).  You can read’s previous report on his underhanded exploits here to refresh yourself. 

In any event, word comes today from a faithful reader, Murray Townsend … whose informative comments can be read at the link above … that Walter James Cole was arrested and gtabooked two days ago by the Greenville, South Carolina Sheriff’s Office for auto theft and other charges. 

You may click the screenshot below to ENLARGE.


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Crazy Annie Reynolds Mourns The Loss Of Flirt4Free!

annie-goneCrazy Annie Reynolds … after sending the careers of so many aspiring models to an early grave … has finally done herself in.  If we’re lucky … this time will be for good.  Give us Eternal Peace!

annie-cheersUnable to keep her mouth shut about promoting other sites and ventures (despite being banned for the same infraction in the past) … Annie went and did it again two nights ago!  This time, however, as she began to promote Jaden Storm’s new venture … there was an employee of Flirt4Free in the room watching! 

Annie tried to sign on last evening … only to discover her account had been shut down.  She complained a bit on Twitter … then spent the night wandering around other cam sites … but found none to be as “chat-friendly” as Flirt4Free.  She is hoping to call VS and get it worked out … as she has so many times before … so, alas, this NO-Annie-mmdelicious turn of events could be short-lived.  But if she’s unsuccessful … and the ban sticks … something tells Miss M that Izzi won’t be coming to her rescue this time around. 

Hold your breath and cross your fingers, gentle readers … we may finally have seen the end of Crazy Annie Reynolds.

UPDATE1annie-banned2As of a half-hour ago … Annie was supposedly still not sure why she had been banned … and supposedly not in any hurry to find out.  Yeah … right! ;)

UPDATE #2 – THE TWITS JUST KEEP ON TWEETING!t-boneWhy does everyone always seem to blame that Miss Murmur dude?  :::sigh:::  You know … if Miss Murmurs were to marry that Miss Murmur dude … she would be Mrs. Murmurs Murmur, dude.  What do you think?  Catchy? :D


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Our Latest Mystery Model Is Rhode Island’s Own CHUCK BASS!

mystery-solved-cbChuck BassChuck Bass 2The was model in our weekend “Guess Who” lip-lock!  was none other than Chuck Bass!  Chuck is currently #5 in The Flirt4Free Top 20! 

If you’ve ever visited Chuck’s room – you probably know that he is a big Britney Spears fan.  (Make that an obsessed Britney Spears fan! ;) )  

In fact, if Britney’s around – you can usually spot Chuck in the crowd!

Britney&Chuck2Britney&ChuckHeck, sometimes Chuck even becomes Britney!  :D Chuck as Britney







Chuck’s real life Facebook is “All Britney – All The Time!”  That is, except for the occasional hot selfie.  :)

Chuck Bass-SelfieOur latest Mystery Model?   It’s Chuck, Bitch!

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Ain’t Love Grand? Guess Who Miss M Found!

guess-who-headerguess-who2Our Top 20 Model is the lip-locker in the white tank top in this shot from April, 2012!  Miss Murmurs knows who he is … but DO YOU?   Post your guess in the comments below!*  *The model in question is not allowed to guess. :D

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Alessandro May – A Talented Model and A Talented Artist!

alessandro2alessandro-may4Many of you already know the handsome Russian model, Alessandro May.  Miss Murmurs has previously featured him in our “Eye Candy” segment.  What you may not know about Alessandro, however, is that he is also a very talented artist.

A while back … Alessandro , who is a big fan of Madonna, created a bust of the Material Girl.  Miss M admired it … and found out he has now created his “Madonna Bust (2014) – limited collection in artificial marble” … as part of Madonna’s “#ART FOR FREEDOM” project - a global digital initiative designed to fuel free speech - which you can read about here.

Madonna Bust2

Madonna Bust

The good news is … not only can you buy his sculptures on eBay … but if you’re in the market for something a bit smaller … you can always buy one of Alessandro’s handmade “Madonna Bust” candles!

Madonna Bust3

If you love Madonna (or Alessandro) – you’ll love these candles!  If you hate Madonna … rejoice in setting her on fire and watching her melt before your very eyes!  And … as if that’s not enough … you can also buy Alessandro’s avant-garde “CandleCocks” … handmade in assorted colors.

alessandrocandlecock valentineA red one can make the perfect Valentine’s Day present. ;)

Miss M would like to encourage some of the big spenders and high rollers on Flirt4Free to also be generous with the models who strive to do more with their lives and talents.  Visit Alessandro May soon … and visit his eBay page today!

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It Looks Like Cosmo Won’t Be Back! :(

tgdcosmo grover-bwIt looks as though fan favorite, model Cosmo Grover, has no plans to return to Flirt4Free in the future!  According to model Colby Chambers (who recently spoke to Mr. Grover) … Cosmo is doing well and pursuing opportunities in modeling (as opposed to cam-modeling).  Also, for those wondering, Colby informs us that Cosmo and his boyfriend, model Braden A, are still happily together.  Miss Murmurs and Flirt fans are sad to learn he won’t be back … but Miss M wants to wish Cosmo great success in the future.  You are missed, Cosmo!

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Thanks For Playing Our “Mystery Model” Game!

mystery-solvedj-zoom3jake-orion14j-zoom4 j-zoom5Jake Orion is currently the #2 Model in The Top 20 … and definitely a hard worker … putting in an average of 9 hours a day … seven days a week!


Lots of you recognized our Mystery Model … including our very first contestant to guess correctly … “TempleOfSin”!   Those who were right will be winning a luxurious full-length fur coat* from Dicker and Dicker of Beverly Hills.  The rest of you will be taking home our lovely consolation prize* … Jungle Gardenia Perfume by Tuvache!  Thank you for playing … and be sure to have your pets spayed or neutered. :D

*In your dreams

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guess-who2The 5’8″, 113-pound lad in the profile below was only 15 years-old when he posted this on a free chat site … and now he’s all grown up and is a Top Model on Flirt4Free.  Miss Murmurs knows who he is … but DO YOU?   Post your guess* in the comments below!  *The model in question is not allowed to guess. :D


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cap1cap2widget-dividerWhat are the odds that both Jesse John and Evan Matthews are Capricorns … and even more bizarre … share the same exact Birthday?  Well, it’s true … because they both keep tweeting about it.

e1 j3And they are looking … um … younger and bettwr than ever, too!

e2 j2

Yes, time has gotten off its leash, alright!  (*Note to self – Never give birth on January 16th!)

If you find yourself inclined to take some money out of the bank and buy the boys a present … Miss M is including their wish lists.  Evan has managed to whittle his down to 5 items … while Jesse … well … Jesse has 6 PAGES!  Miss M whittled Jesse’s list down for him. ;)

e3j4You might want to consider that $356 Dyson Vacuum for Evan so that he can keep his whore house spic-and-span … and perhaps the economical $270! Blue Jeans for Jesse … or go all out and get him that $5500 Segway (after all, remember the owner of the Segway company drove himself right over a cliff! ;) )  To make it even simpler … Jesse is also encouraging PayPal donations!

j1And be sure to dig deep, guys!  Poor Jesse had to go out all by his lonesome self for his birthday this morning!  :(



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“I have models begging me to visit them …” — Crazy Annie Reynolds, a pimpette scorned

This is the story of a sweet-natured model and the ill-tempered pimpette he scorned.  As with any story about Crazy Annie Reynolds … it is a cautionary tale.  Models should especially take note.

august-lincolnMeet August Lincoln … an extremely nice model who only recently joined Flirt4Free (at the end of last year).  Spend a night in his room and you will be forever hooked, according to the six pages of loving reviews he has already received.

On December 22, 2012 … Crazy Annie Reynolds and members of her penniless rabble visited August’s room … and in his usual soft-spoken manner he welcomed them with open arms.  This, of course, is always a mistake when dealing with Annie and the rabble … but how is a new model to know?  (If only Flirt4Free would share the link to before they sign on for the first time. ;) )

In any event … as is almost always the case … when one welcomes Annie and the rabble … they take it as a cue to drop their sleeping bags and move in for the long haul.  On that first night … Crazy Annie, Marty and Triton all left great reviews for August.  They had found a new home.  The only problem is … they are much like the house guests who never know when they have over-stayed their welcome.

Night after night of their chatter among themselves … their cross-talking the model … answering questions meant for him … monopolizing the chat so that Lincoln had trouble meeting and interacting with newcomers to his room … started to take its toll on poor August. 

He finally decided the New Year was the time for a new start.  On January 2nd, Crazy Annie and the rabble were given their walking papers. They were told they were welcome to visit from time to time and say hello … but basically gather up the sleeping bags … and move along.

Crazy Annie Reynolds was in a huff.  The rabble were in a huff.  Poor Marty was in such a huff he immediately rescinded his former review of high praise.  TGoFish took to the F4F Forum to complain. Yes, needless to say when Annie and the penniless get in a huff … they begin to huff and puff.  The twistosphere was alive with their cries of foul (a sampling of which you’ll find below).

During the days following their gentle eviction, August Lincoln found himself harassed in his room with mysterious, unwanted visitors.  They were driving the poor model to the edge.

Then there were a few days of silence … but just last night … Annie was back sniping in the twittersphere once again … calling August an idiot and a dickhead.  It’s been two weeks since Crazy Annie was scorned … and she still can’t seem to let it go.

Now Miss Murmurs and a great many members have often wondered why VS continues to allow Crazy Annie and her coin-less cult to annoy models and members alike … when they could easily ban her … and never lose a penny of income in the process.  Instead, they choose to respond by saying that if a model does not wish to have someone in their room … they are free to ban them.  August Lincoln serves as proof that doing so is easier said than done.

It is a shame that these rampaging rabble-rousers are free to run rampant … and a shame that poor August Lincoln made the unforgivable mistake of asking them to only visit occasionally. 

Read his six pages of reviews  ( )   and you will see that August is very loved in a very personal way by his fans … and really shouldn’t have to be going through any of this.  If you can, maybe pay him a visit and welcome him to the site … so he understands not everyone is Crazy! 

In the meantime … read the ramblings of a pimpette scorned below.  As always with Twitter and Flirt reviews … remember to start at the bottom and read upward.

annie-twit*Oh, just so you know, the breasts above do NOT belong to Crazy Annie Reynolds … she can only lay claim to the photo of the old woman picking her teeth. :D

arau1 arau2 arau3 arau4arau5august-lincoln2

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Friday Night Partying With Stefano, Tomo and Friends!

Now who was it that said Stefano never smiles?  He and Tomo were certainly all smiles when they joined pals out on the town Friday night. ;)

Stefano, Tomo and Friends

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Flirt4Free’s Blue Aidan Would Like You To Help Buy Him Stuff!

aidan6Model Blue Aidan is beginning 2014 with more than his genitals out … he also has his hand out.  It seems Aidan has found himself a lovely new home and needs to get it furnished … and that’s where YOU come in.  He started a “Go Fund Me” page on the very first day of the year because he needs … well, Miss Murmurs will let him tell you himself …



He set the goal at $2500 … and has already collected $900 in the first 11 days of the year … from members just like YOU!

thriftMiss M is a tad older than Aidan … but back in her day … one starting out might have browsed the thrift stores and resale shops … or taken the old sofa from Mom and Dad’s basement … or perhaps rented a few items from Rent-A-Center. 

Miss M would never have dreamed of asking her clients and her friends to lend her money so she could fancy up her new place … let alone ask them to simply give her the money.   But then … this was before people stopped working for a salary … and started taking their clothes off and flogging their genitals for cash.  Needless to say … we are not in Kansas anymore, Toto! 

So there you have it … Aidan still needs another $1600 to add to the $900 already given to him … so if you’re inclined to dig deep and buy a cam-whore a washer & dryer … you have your opportunity.


Or if you’d prefer to simply give him whatever Flirt4Free credits you have left lying around instead … you could always donate them to his 20,000 Credit “Sealy Bed” Fund.  So, you see … you have choices.  After all … Aidan is all about helping you help him!helpme


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Stefano Leads The Top 4 Models as of January 10, 2014!


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Happy Anniversary To Crazy Annie Reynolds!

boozeannie's armannie-falls2How Time Flies!  lt may not have a been a year of sobriety, Annie oldGirl … but at least you’ve managed to stay on your feet! 

Congratulations … and Best Wishes from all of us at!

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