Bad News For Timothy Hoffman Fans!

Timothy Hoffman as "Marc Swift"Actor Timothy Hoffman, currently in rehearsals for summer-long productions at Snow Camp Outdoor Theatre in Snow Camp, North Carolina, recently tweeted his followers as “Marc Swift” (the character he plays on Flirt4Free) with some bad news.

Timothy Hoffman - Marc Swift - Flirt4free - Tweet

Timothy Hoffman as Flirt4Free's "Marc Swift"

Timothy Hoffman as Flirt4Free’s “Marc Swift”

Not only will this turn of events keep Mr. Hoffman from masturbating for money in the apres-theatre hours (at least via the Internet) … but it means his Flirt4Free fans will have to find another young man to titillate them this summer.

When Mr. Hoffman left Arizona for his hometown of Glasgow, KY on June 6th … it was his plan to continue playing the role of “Marc Swift” late at night once he arrived in North Carolina … in order to continue making easy money and to promote his Amazon wish list … but, alas, it looks as though “the best laid schemes of mice and men – often go awry” … to quote the poet, Robert Burns.

Fear not however, gentlemen!  You can rest assured that when Timothy’s theatre commitments end in mid-August – he’ll be reprising the role of “Marc Swift” once again on Flirt4Free.

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Stefano Still Flirt4Free’s Top Model!

top4 headertop4-6-8-14astefano-

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Izzi Chokes On #29!

Izzi Turns 29-

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“Seriously .. if you follow that bitch .. you’re on my hitlist …” — Crazy Annie Reynolds

annie3a Crazy Annie Reynolds, in what was apparently a hard fall off the wagon, issued the ominous threat, “seriously .. if you follow that bitch .. you’re on my hitlist …” in a fit of rage earlier today. 

Miss M seems to be “the bitch” to which Crazy Annie was referring … and the location of (and her intentions regarding) this terrifying “hitlist” is unknown at this time.

wineIn the wee hours of this morning – when most of us were still sleeping – Crazy Annie Reynolds went to pour herself another glass of boxed wine and somehow staggered into  She apparently wasn’t happy with what she saw. 

In addition to posting two less-than-kind comments on the site (one directed at Miss M and the other at one of our regular readers) … Annie stumbled over to Twitter and unleashed four disturbed tweets … before finally pattering off to fall into her unmade bed.

annie-falls2Although Annie has struggled with the bottle for ages now – suffering nasty falls down the stairs and broken bones – she had seemed to briefly get hold of the demons that haunt her. 

NO-Annie-mmDespondent after being banned permanently from Flirt4Free (which served as her stomping grounds for many years) … friends feared Annie would tumble off the deep end once again.  However, thanks to Chaturbate and her new Jamily … Annie bounced back … took control of that site’s “moderator-ban-button” … and barely missed a beat.

car5That’s why it was all the more surprising (and tragic) to find her sputtering and cursing as she staggered down the halls of early this morning.  She had somehow come unglued.  Here are the tweets she shot off into the twittersphere.

crazy-tweetscar1Obviously, Crazy Annie was a disturbed woman … although exactly what set her off this time is still a mystery.  As the warm rush of red wine flowed into her blindsbloodstream … Annie began to delete followers from her Twitter account … if they also followed Miss M. 

There, bathed only in the moonlight coming through the dirty blinds of her ramshackle boarding house, Crazy Annie Reynolds had clearly snapped.

wine poison“35 ppl” met their untimely demise before Annie was through … and who knows how many more remain on her “hitlist”?  As with so many people who regularly consume more booze than they can handle … Annie tends to lash out and blame others for her lonely, barely lucid existence.  Today it was Miss M in her sights.  Tomorrow – who knows?

One thing is clear. Crazy Annie Reynolds is a woman in need of help … and she has Miss M’s compassion.  Miss M isn’t your poison, Annie.  It’s the wine that is poisoning you … glass after glass after glass of it.

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gentle-murmursMiss Murmurs would like to thank her many readers who have made a regular part of their day.  She would like to thank the various other gay blogs and websites who have printed links to Miss M’s site in stories they have run.  Those have helped to increase our readership a great deal. 

Miss M has never run an ad promoting her site … and yet her site continues to grow.  Nor has she placed unsightly ads on her page in an effort to make money from them.  Nor has she has ever made the site “by subscription only” – charging any kind of fee. has never been about making money … and because she has no advertisers … she is beholding to no one. is about providing news and information and opinions … and none of those mix well with money. 

Miss M has never held drives to increase her Twitter following or signed on for one of those “Buy 5000 Followers” shenanigans.  If people want to follow Miss M @MissMurmurs – they are welcome to do so … or not.

Jaden StormTherefore, when Jaden Storm stated in our recent conversation … that Miss M’s story on his interference in a Flirt4Free promo hadn’t seemed to get very many comments … indicating to him that either no one really cared (or worse … no one really reads … it annoyed her just a tad.  Not as much as Jaden’s interference did … but annoyed her nonetheless. 

So … out of curiosity … Miss M did an ALEXA comparison alexaof her little blog with “” and the even larger “ (Alexa is an company originally founded in 1996, and is a global pioneer in the world of analytical insight regarding websites’ online presence.  Here’s what she discovered.

mm-alexagh-alexavb-alexa51985Since ranking #1 (like is the best you can do … a lower number ranking (closer to #1) is what we hope for. ranks #51,985 in the United States … out of all the hundreds of thousands of web sites out there … from Google, Facebook, Youtube, Yahoo and Amazon to CarolsCatCorner and BobbysBabyPictures.   For a small, one-woman blog on a niche subject … Miss M is doing quite well.  On top of this … she averages 5.2 pageviews for every visitor to the page (who, on average, spend nearly 13 minutes on the site a day).

downBy comparison, as you can see above … both GayHoopla and Voyeurboys come nowhere close to those numbers.  GayHoopla ranks 211,958 in the US (or about 160,000 sites behind MissMurmurs) – and Voyeurboys is still too small to even be measured.   Global statistics follow suit.  Nor do either GayHoopla or Voyeurboys have anywhere near the average number of daily pageviews or the average number of minutes visitors spend on their sites.

Clip193aaEven Miss M was a bit surprised by the numbers (and the loyalty of her visitors) … considering all the Hoopla being made by the other two sites on a regular basis.  What this means is this … Visitors to Miss M’s site are READERS and not WRITERS (which accounts for both the lack of comments and the length of time spent on the site).  This is just fine with Miss M.  She is always happy when readers comment … but more happy when they READ what she has written. :D

Granted, most of the big “sex-for-sale” web sites do outrank Miss M considerably … but as for those other two sites … numbers don’t lie … despite all the Hoopla!


Again … thank you to everyone for making so successful.

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Did YOU Guess Who? Meet Timothy Hoffman!

did you guess whoguess-who2014This must have been a pretty easy “Guess Who?” … as most readers were right on the money.  Our budding thespian is none other than Timothy Hoffman … who, in addition to playing Peter Pevensie in the Glasgow Youth and Children’s Theatre production of “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” (pictured at left) … portrays “Marc Swift” right here on Flirt4Free.LWC

Timothy loves the theatre … having played in “Charlotte’s Web” … “Perfect Wedding” … “This One’s For Henry” … “Our Town” … and Miss M’s favorite musical of all time, “Pippin”  (pictured right) … at Kentucky’s Lindsey Wilson College.

Timothy as "Marc Swift"

Timothy as “Marc Swift”

Timothy threw himself into his role as Flirt4Free’s “Marc Swift” like a pro … charming members … winning promos … and becoming this week’s “MODEL OF THE WEEK” … all in just over 3 weeks on the site.  He even quickly set up his own Amazon Wish List … just as though he were born to the role.

Unfortunately, prior theatre commitments are calling Tim to Snow Camp, North Carolina later this week … where he will begin rehearsals for the summer season of productions at “Snow Camp Outdoor Theatre”.  It seems like a lovely venue … and if you should be in the area this summer … you might want to stop in and see Timothy perform in person.

snow camp

Timothy promises to never give up his role as “Marc Swift” on Flirt4Free though … vowing to continue to appear late in the evening after rehearsals.  What a trooper.

We all have our roles to play in life … but Timothy Hoffman seems to have more than his share.  Miss M wishes Timothy a great summer on masks

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Guess Who Miss M Found? Meet Kristina & Roland’s Little Boy

guess-who-headerguess-who2014aMiss M just loves the theatre … and nothing delights her more than children’s Theatre Productions.  The fresh faces … all smiles … spreading their thespian wings for the first time.  It’s quite exhilarating … and Miss M was very excited to find one of our own top models (the young gent on the right) in this photo from “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” where he played Peter Pevensie. 

Miss M suspects his proud parents had no idea their progeny would leave acting for “modeling” one day … although Grandma Carole might have had a suspicion. ;)   Miss M supposes the scent of the cash is stronger than the smell of the grease paint. 

In any event … can anyone guess who this future Tony winner (or Cybersocket Award winner) is?  Miss M knows … and tomorrow … so will everyone else.  Have fun and click below to offer your guess.

No ... It's NOT Justin Bieber!

No … It’s NOT Justin Bieber!

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The More Miss M Thought About It – The More She Realized Something Was Very Wrong With The Way Last Night’s Promo Ended!

vbf4fMiss Murmurs is becoming more and more confused regarding this odd connection between the new pay-to-join adult site – – and VS Media’s … and is hoping for some clarification.

Are the two sites now in some kind of official partnership?  Miss M asks this only because last night, in Flirt4Free model Marc Swift’s final push to surpass Henry Hard for a $1000 prize, Jaden Storm (one of the partners who own repeatedly entered Marc’s room and urged Flirt4Free members to help Marc out.  He promised that IF they could get Marc into the #2 spot (and the prize money) … would provide a free show this afternoon as a reward. See an example below.

cross promotion 2

@VoyeurBoys was also sending repeated tweets with the same message during this period.

vb1aWith this additional prodding, Marc Swift edged past Henry Hard in the final minutes to take the second place prize.  VoyeurBoys then sent the following tweet congratulating him:

vb2Miss Murmurs finds this strange … in that if anything … Marc’s victory proved Swift to be a true “Flirt4Free” Superstar.  What has to do with all of this (other than seizing the opportunity to cross-promote their fledgling site) is beyond Miss Murmurs.  Yes, Mr. Swift is also employed by (just as Rob Ryder is also employed by but last night he was simply performing as a Flirt4Free model … unless Miss M is missing something. 

She has never seen an owner of come into a Flirt4Free chat room making promises in the hope of influencing a contest Rob Ryder was participating in … nor has the owner of come into a chat room promising things on behalf of Cameron Foster. 

Flirt4Free Model Henry Hard

Flirt4Free Model Henry Hard

It really doesn’t seem like an ethical thing to do … and could quite easily have cost Henry Hard the $1000 prize.  Unless, of course, VoyeurBoys and Flirt4Free have entered into some sort of contractual partnership … as Flirt has done in the past with Fratmen and

That is the reason Miss M is asking for clarification as to whether or not the two sites are now in some kind of official partnership. 

It might also be noted that when Flirt4Free members who tipped Marc Swift last night go to VoyeurBoys tonight to view the FREE show they were promised … they will find that they have to JOIN at $26.95 to do so.  Now that is certainly good for VoyeurBoy’s bottom line (IF new members join) … because of Jaden’s interference in Flirt4Free’s contest … but not very good news for those who aren’t willing to fork over 27 bucks to join

vb-showThe bottom line is this: IF VoyeurBoys and Flirt4Free are contractually partnered … then Flirt is aware of the cross-promotion and obviously sanctioned it as a way to increase paid memberships at   However, if they are not, then clearly interfered in a Flirt4Free Promotion — affecting the outcome and quite likely costing another model a $1000 prize — all to promote their own website and to force those collecting on Jaden’s promise to JOIN

If Miss M is missing something here she is sure VoyeurBoys or Flirt4Free will let her know.  Otherwise, Miss M would think it only appropriate that model Henry Hard … and members who will be turned away from collecting their promised FREE show … should somehow be compensated.  Whether that should be the responsibility of Flirt4Free or Voyeurboys … something needs to be done to correct this situation and to see that nothing like this happens again.  It is the honest and fair thing to do … and, as always, finds the TRUTH to be all-important.


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Danny Izzi – Our LUSH OF THE DAY!

lush-of-the-dayizzi-lush2In what has become an all-too-familar scene these days … Danny Izzi once again decided the way to win yesterday’s Beach Party Promo was to buy a ’26er’ of Vodka and get shit-faced drunk in front of  “the crowd”.  A 26er (for we non-Canadians) is what we call “a fifth” … a 750 ml bottle … from which Izzi drank – and drank -  and drank … getting drunker  – and drunker – and drunker … until finally, inevitably, passing out on cam. 

The juvenile display from a Izzi-Dungeongrown man who will turn 29-years-old this month was as off-putting as the dungeon setting from which Izzi has been camming as of late.  Always a fan of basements … Izzi now finds himself relegated to the bowels of his sister’s home … as she sleeps … directly over the spot where he cams.  It is a charming set-up … and must remind Izzi of his cocaine days in the slammer. 

izzi-coverIn any event … although the drunken spectacle only brought him to the #7 spot in the promo (far out of the money) … it did earn him our LUSH OF THE DAY award!  Sober up, Izzballs!  There’s nothing sadder than a drunken, aging cam-whore passing out in front of a crowd of onlookers in the hopes they’ll throw him a buck.  That’s what alleyways and subway benches are for.

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Billy Amore (A Miss M and Johnson404 Favorite) Back On Top!

top5top5-6-1-14Billy Amore 4Billy Amore is a delight!  A combination of hot and sexy – cute and cuddly – sweet and smart … Billy has become one of Miss M’s favorites … and obviously a favorite of Johnson404 (Flirt4Free’s #1 Tipper for the Past 30 Days).  Thanks in great part to Mr. Johnson … not only is Billy the #1 model on the site … but was #1 in yesterday’s Beach Party Promo … taking home the $1000 prize.  Congratulations, Billy!

Henry HardIn the #5 spot is another sweetheart in Miss M’s book … model Henry Hard.  Henry held the #2 spot in yesterday’s promo for most of the night (but had to sign off a bit early to catch the last bus from the studio to his home). He was so excited at what would have been his first promo win … but was passed by newcomer Marc Swift in the final hour.

Marc SwiftMarc has the rosiest cheeks Miss M has seen on a model in a long time … and certainly was looking good laying on his sofa last night … as his room was flooded with tips from admirers. Miss M was, however, a bit surprised to see Flirt4Free’s Jaden Storm repeatedly promote his own Voyeurboys site during Marc’s show … promising a “Free cum show at the Voyeurboys house” IF the guys could get Marc into the #2 spot. (3 different examples below)

cross promotioncross promotion 2across promotion 3It was an added incentive that just may have put Mr. Swift into the Top 2.  It is a shame Henry Hard or Max Hughes (who was also trying for the #2 spot) didn’t have a Flirt4Free competitor in their corner offering free shows … to even the playing field.  Marc Swift is fast becoming a very popular model and may have been able to claim the prize all on his own (or not).  Unfortunately for Henry and Max … we’ll never know.

Anyway … it looks like there’s going to be a free show this afternoon over at the Voyeurboys house — so you may all want to sign off Flirt4Free and head on over there.  After all … that was the intent of the cross promotion … wasn’t it?


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Memorial Weekend Winners Finally Announced!


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Sara Lynn Turns Up In The Strangest Places!

Miss M was startled to see one of our favorites, Sara Lynn, pop up in the oddest of places today. WTF!

youll like sara

Yes … it seems that Flirt4Free has recommended Sara Lynn to customers who liked Mac Steele … along with four other muscular men.  Miss M is not making this up.  Go to Mac Steele’s profile and at the bottom of the page you will see the recommendations.  Miss M predicts when Sara sees it she will curl up in a ball and die.

crystal ball Hey … look at it this way, Sara … it may send some traffic your way!  :D

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Congratulations To Travis Deland On His Outstanding Week!

travis deland 3travis deland 4travis dMiss M sends her kudos to Travis Deland for an exceptional week that saw him become both the #1 Model on Flirt4Free as well as THE MODEL OF THE WEEK!  Working tirelessly throughout Memorial Day weekend (and always with a smile on his face – day and night) … Travis is quite possibly the big winner of the weekend promo with a $2500 prize (Flirt has not announced the winner yet to Miss M’s knowledge).  Should he not be the winner … Mr. Deland was still the recipient of over 200,000 credits in tips alone over the long promo weekend … and certainly won’t be sporting that “Broke Losers” tee-shirt again anytime soon.  Mr. Deland has an innate cheerfulness that has netted him a multitude of fans … and a boatload of cash!  Nice going, Travis!  (Now what’s up with the Vagisil, dear?)  ;)


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In Memory Of Those Who Gave All and One To Whom All Gave!



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Flirt4Free Member Mauled By Model!

anonymous-tipHawk TipLincoln HawkYou are not the first member to be taken advantage of by a denizen of Flirt4Free, gentle reader … nor, unfortunately, will you be the last.  Miss M has tried to emphasize over the years that these models are NOT your friends.  They are doing what they do to make MONEY!  It really is that simple. 

Sometimes … to do that … they have to convince a member that he is their friend.  Lincoln Hawk seems to have convinced you … and Miss M is sorry that you have nothing more to show for your kindness and $1800 than bad feelings and a hard lesson learned.

Just as National Parks warn visitors to ” PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE BEARS!” … because they are predators … so has Miss M tried to warn visitors to Flirt4Free.  It can be a catastrophe waiting to happen.

do not feedWhat do you (and Miss M’s other readers) think?  Do you agree well-meaning members only make the models dependent on handouts?  NEVER ATTEMPT TO FEED THEM!  Let them feed themselves.  Maybe they will learn a lesson on how to care for themselves … instead of the lesson being left for YOU to learn!

half listeningNow, that whistling sound you hear is Miss M’s words of warning whizzing in one ear of countless members and out the other  … with barely anything between those ears to slow them down.  Don’t let yourself be one of them!

bear warning

Oh Yes! And SHAME ON YOU, Mr. Hawk!leave-a-comment

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TOM FAULK FIRED!!! – sort of … maybe … who knows?

tomf10Our unfortunate Flirt4Free flake … Tom Faulk (Jesse Elias Townsend) … seems to have let his ‘partying’ get him into hot water yet again.  On May 18th, Tom took to the Twittersphere to announce – protest – and bemoan the loss of his job with 

It seems while in The Big Apple to film for … Tom stayed out late and partied hardy. A little too late and a little too hardy!  Apparently, he was immediately sent packing by the honchos at

twitterbirdTom tweeted:

Fired from filming in new york because i partied to much? Wow so was the rest of the @men cast. Im pissed ive never missed a flight

Ive never tested dirty, ive always performed on set and i got hard in every single one of my scenes there, i was out at jazx clubs.

And bars till 4 but other cast members were having sex before scenes with untested people , puking, and sexually harrassing women

After all my steady work with this company over the past year im extremely not happy with how an exclusive cant get a break aftet all it was

— Tom Faulk (@TomFaulkXXX) May 18, 2014

Now who among us who have watched Tom’s rise and fall here on Flirt4Free didn’t see this coming? Or worse?

The good news (depending on your point of view) however … is that Tom may have overreacted … and like a twit … tweeted too soon.  He later tweeted telling us he wasn’t fired – as in “fired” … but simply sent packing from this particular NY shoot.

@men didnt fire me fire me.. just npt wanted back in NY? Ive been working out so hard for this company. I dedicated. Myself. And only smoked

A little weed now and then, i get a few days in new york to myself. It was what i needed ! But then i hrar this from another model

— Tom Faulk (@TomFaulkXXX) May 18, 2014

Tom subsequently removed all of the tweets relating to this matter from his Twitter account and has said no more on the subject.  So … is he fired or is he not. Do you care or do you not?

mmtwMiss M would only like to say this to Tom.  You recently lost your longtime girlfriend … and now you may have lost your livelihood.  Perhaps it’s time to do some serious growing up … before you lose your life.

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Miss M Is Back – So Let’s Catch Up!

up to date

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Miss M Is Going On V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N


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They HAD TO BE Watching Flirt4Free When They Came Up With The Idea For This Show! Why Else Would They Have Cast Jesse John (Blum)?

escape clubThe new E! Series “Escape Club” – Premiering June 8 at 10:00pm – offers a dozen misguided, messed-up, “me-me-me” misfits – all going nowhere fast on the road to ruin – a chance to abandon everything and change the course of their lives forever!


Jesse John Blum (as caught by the Murmurazzi)

Miss M is including the E! Press Release so you can savor this slice of slackerdom for yourself … and compare the guys and gals who populate the show with those who populate the Flirt4Free chat rooms. 

In fact … one of Flirt’s biggest “me-me-me” slackers of all time … cammer Jesse John Blum … was actually one of the twelve chosen to hopefully get a clue … and get their glib, insipid lives back on track. 

Read and enjoy … and then Miss M will be back. ;)

E! Press ReleaseE! 2WOW!  What a lot of words about so little, huh?  And even with an over abundance of words … they could only muster a single sentence (the shortest of the 12 bios) to sum up our own Jesse Blum’s life thus far.

jjqAnd it should be noted that half of those few words are pure fluff.  Mr. Blum hasn’t been a practicing nursing assistant since well before he left Denver for Las Vegas over two years ago … and the thought of Mr. Blum actually working … let alone working 80 hours a week … brought Miss M to tears of laughter.  Obviously, they let the twelve hapless “vacationers” write their own little introductory snippets. ;)

The Murmurazzi captures a pensive Jesse John Blum

The Murmurazzi captures a pensive Jesse John Blum

Most of you all know Jesse from his frequent requests for Amazon gifts and financial assistance … but if by chance you aren’t familiar … you can catch up with Miss M’s “Jesse Reports” here.

In any event … with Jesse Blum as a poster child for the show … along with the descriptions of the eleven other self-obsessed, self-serving seekers (of a year’s worth of financial freedom – the grand prize) … this show is going to be must-see TV on Sunday nights at Casa Calabasas!  It will be like watching the mixed-up men and women of Flirt4Free … only on a big screen instead of a small one … complete with sun, sand and surf.

doctorsMiss M is thinking of pitching E! a reality show where Dr. Drew sits down with the women of Flirt4Free and Dr. Phil takes on the men … as they try to steer them toward becoming productive members of society!  Lots of screaming and tears!  Doctors, Dildos, & Drama!  It’s got it all. ;)

But until then … we have “Escape Club” to keep us on the edge of our seats.  Oh, and if you’re wondering if Jesse won the show’s prize of a year of financial freedom … Mr. Blum stated in his chat room that he can’t reveal that.   However, he also revealed that he’s currently flat broke … jobless … and living once again with his former girlfriend, Akasi … the singer … who is now relegated to dancing … at a Vegas club … to pay the bills.  A TV actor and a Singer/dancer … there is no end to the talent in that Little House In The Desert!

Oh yes … and then there’s this.


Sooo … since Jesse is once again asking for handouts … this time so he can take a bartending class – in the hope of landing a job in the next month – something tells Miss M that Jesse ended his stay at the “Escape Club” in the same way he’s living his life … as a loser.

Now sit back and enjoy a clip from the show … and see if you can spot Jesse.  :D

TWO LATE ADDITIONS:  A Promise and A Dream – From Jesse Himself!

promisehopesanddreamsAh … those hopes and dreams require hard work, Jesse – unless, of course, you’re Evan Matthews! ;)

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GODZILLA and the $113,000 Car! – Evan Matthews Resurfaces!


Recently, Miss Murmurs pondered the mysterious disappearance of Ed Clark (Flirt4Free and oilstud58′s own Evan Matthews) – last seen on April 10th.   His old Facebook entry at the time (from April 8th) informed the world that Mr. Clark was doing some remodeling at the Wildomar House of Whores. Then there was silence.

Ed Remodels

EddieCHad Ruth (Rushlow) buried Ed beneath those new tiles he had taken such pride in … and run off with the oilstud’s money?

  Had Ed and the oil stud had a lover’s quarrel … forcing Ed to halt progress on the baseboards? 

Had constant tanning turned his skin an unnatural shade of “Adam Foxx Orange”? 

Had he gone into hiding because excessive whitening of his 900 teeth had made his mouth and tongue appear red and ravaged? 

An anxious world held their breath … and waited for an answer regarding the mysterious disappearance of Ed Clark.

Well … Miss M is now delighted to report that just 13 hours ago, Ed Clark resurfaced … just south of Las Vegas!

2015 GTR

Ed Clark was alive and well … and buying MORE cars!  Miss M didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  Ed’s cam-whore sister, Haley Nicole (above) did the laughing for her … so Miss M decided to cry.  That is until she saw Nick Lesmeister’s comment.  “What do you do for work?” inquired Nick?  Then she laughed and laughed.  Because YOU and Miss M know all to well what Ed Clark does for work. 

os58He canoodles … allegedly (as Kathy Griffin might say) … with an aging oil man from Texas … who in turn “keeps him” in new cars and new baseboards … while Ruth looks the other way.

Or does she?  Miss M notes that Ms. Rushlow’s Facebook page filled with posts and friends and photos no longer exists.  It has mysteriously disappeared … much like Ed Clark had done … until 13 hours ago.  Miss M hopes there is no trouble in Paradise … especially now that there are “His & Her Cars” at the House of Whores!

GODZILLAThe photo above was taken just two hours ago as GODZILLA was en route to the aforementioned California Cathouse!  Michael Gray’s incredulous “Another car?!” made Miss M laugh again. 

Most everything about Ed Clark … from his orange, weathered skin … to his 900-tooth-too-big smile makes Miss M laugh.  In fact, Miss M hasn’t laughed at any one single model this much since Paul Atreides stopped staging his famous “Pre-Shows”. 

She always wondered if the overly tanned, overly vapid couple could get any more ridiculous … and now she knows the answer is yes.  Just place them in the front seat of a $113,000+ automobile.

113kWhat’s next for Ed Clark?  Miss M suspects a Liberace fur, new sequined candelabras for the whorehouse … and a chauffeur! :D


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Miss M Sends Compliments To Sara Lynn On Her New Look!

springSara Lynn2stylish

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The Mysterious Disappearance Of Eddie Clark!


Eddie Clark as model Evan Matthews displays his wide ass

Eddie Clark as model Evan Matthews displays his wide ass

Eddie Clark … who used to appear on Flirt4Free as model Evan Matthews … seems to have DISappeared. 

His last appearance on Flirt was April 10th.  His last tweet was April 7th. And then nothing. Silence. 

With his modeling career having been lassoed and hog-tied by the Texas oilstud … Evan Matthews became the stud’s “Private Dancer – A Dancer for Money” (as Tina Turner once sang). Now, Evan seems to have gone into seclusion. 

Evan-PunchPerhaps he has gone back to his old hobby of preening on public beaches while striking “Zyzz” poses.  Possibly he has become a couch potato eating curds and whey with Ruth Rushlow in front of the 70″ TV at his Wildomar Whore House.  Maybe he’s on an extended vacation from the rigors of “upside-down-booty-dancing” like a frog.  Or perhaps he’s once again busy beating up on guys at parties. No one seems to know.  Few seem to care.  However … if anyone has any information on “Whatever Happened To Evan Matthews” … please write and let us know.


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“That’s Amore!” – Flirt4Free’s MODEL OF THE WEEK!

Billy AmoreBilly Amore 3Billy Amore 2Miss Murmurs would like to Congratulate European model Billy Amore on being Flirt4Free’s newest MODEL OF THE WEEK!

Sometimes Miss M balks at calling some of the Flirt guys “models” … but not Billy.  At 6 feet tall, Billy is as beautiful as any model on the runways or in print.

johnson404-His fans all love him … including his #1 Fan, johnson404 who tipped Billy over 66,000 credits this past week … assuring him the top spot!

Miss M isn’t always in sync with Mr. Johnson’s taste in models (as is only natural) … but in this case … she couldn’t agree more!  If you haven’t before … make a point this week to visit Billy and say hello.  You’ll be happy you did.

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Only ONE American Makes THE TOP EIGHT! A Nice Change!


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Blue Aidan Finally Coughs It Up (And Then Goes Belly Up?)

good-newskendrick-steele2Miss Murmurs has good news to report!  Model Kendrick Steele has finally received the $600 in pay owed to him by his former studio manager, Blue Aidan. 

You’ll recall Aidan had mixed his personal funds with the funds VS Media sent to him to pay his employees … and then spent all of the money on his own bills … leaving Mr. Steele high and dry and completely unable to contact Mr. Blue.  And Mr. Blue was certainly in no hurry to contact Mr. Steele … ignoring his many phone calls and email messages.  After Miss M first reported this story … Aidan contacted us with convoluted excuses and explanations that really left more questions than they answered.  He then continued to stonewall Mr. Steele. 

aidan-blue2In fact, it was not until Kendrick Steele finally found Aidan’s address … and went out and filed legal papers as well as criminal papers … and was in the process of having them served …. that Mr. Blue coughed up the money owed.  But he was NOT a happy camper at all.  In fact, Mr. Steele informs us Aidan “flipped out” and claimed he was going to file bankruptcy to protect himself from any additional civil action Steele might take. 

bad-newsWhat a tragic way to live one’s life … having Scam Alerts posted about your business practices … refusing to pay money due … avoiding phone calls … always looking over your shoulder … and finally threatening to go bankrupt.  Whether or not Aidan actually does file for financial bankruptcy protection from his other debts … he has certainly, in Miss Murmurs’ opinion, proved himself to be morally bankrupt.

It is clear Mr. Blue needs a few good lessons in RESPONSIBILITY … and so Miss M would like to suggest he take a look at this link …. and begin learning today. ;)     

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