Crazy Annie Reynolds™ Gets A D-I-V-O-R-C-E …

divorceD-I-V-O-R-C-EANNIES DAUGHTERAnd so it seems after all these years of committing Adultery with Alan – her current bedmate … with very little fanfare … Crazy Annie Reynolds™ has finally decided to officially untie the knot. 

Why now?  Miss M imagines the father of Annie’s daughter (whom Crazy™ abandoned years ago along with her ex) has finally worked up the courage to try again with a new (and hopefully better) woman … and needed his freedom.  Miss M wishes him much luck and future happiness.  He has suffered enough for having made the hideous mistake of saying “This will do!”

It seems fitting that Crazy Annie would tweet the message of her divorce whilst surrounded by the photos of the one model she has loved the most from her first days as a chat room squatter … notorious pants-pisser Seth Landon.

At least now Crazy Annie Reynolds™ can finally remove that scarlet letter “A” from the middle of her forehead.  If only she could remove the pain and heartbreak she has caused her daughter.  But hey – don’t give it another thought.  Crazy Annie sure isn’t.  Her biggest worry was this …

divorce2We all know how much she hates to miss “her guys”.  Oh … and where did Annie spend the last day of her marriage?


That’s right!  She spent it with JakeBaby, Phantom, Rocky, BigPapa and some Damaged Little F*cker.  We don’t call her Crazy Annie Reynolds™ for nothing!


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Rest In Peace …

mike nichols

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TRUTH Wins Again!

truthMiss M is pleased to note the change in photos for model Ryan Gooding.  Following her post earlier this week – Ryan has completely removed the photo of fitness model, Brandan Fokken, which he previously misrepresented as a photo of himself … and replaced it with – surprise… a photo of himself! Fokken’s photo no longer remains any part of Mr. Gooding’s F4f portfolio.  Things are now as they should be – and thanks for reading, Ryan! :D

Before: Fitness model Brandan Fokken / After:  Flirt4Free model Ryan Gooding


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The Holidays Are Here – Time To Send Good Cheer!

Ed-TamponAs the holidays near … an anonymous tipster thought perhaps Miss M’s gentle readers might enjoy being able to send the #1 Model on Flirt4Free a real Christmas card – or perhaps give him a personal call to extend their Holiday Greetings!callMerry Christmas EdOh … and yes … that’s a tampon up his nose! ;)   A Christmas Classic!

Merry Christmas Ed 2

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A Gentle Reader Sees The Future – And It Is Bleak! ;)

Where-Are-They-Now25In my “Where Are They Now (2025)?” series …we take a look back at what happened with some of our wayward cam-whores from 2014 and shine the spotlight on their futures. –Kev



jj-jadenIn December 2013, Ricky Stormes (playing Jaden Storm) and Anthony John “TJ” Pelka (playing JJ Swift) formed JS Media LLC to house a new website,  They described it as the “future of male erotica” which they launched mid-year 2014.    It was a cam-whorehouse located at 8749 E Hubbell Street in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Although they promoted it as revolutionary, it was more like Fratpad 0.0 …  and, within a few months of launching, Ricky and TJ had such a blow-up that TJ left the Voyeurboys’ set forever. 


jaden storm - allison prattRicky Stormes (Jaden Storm) and his wife, Allison Pratt, are teetering on divorce as Ricky’s business continues to decline. As a result, they have had to move into the Scottsdale cam-whorehouse.  For additional income, Ricky sells “Throw Back Thursday Jaden Storm Parties”. Lugging his wardrobe of super hero costumes to gay disco parties, he performs for men who still believe he is trysexual.  Allison tires of the soccer moms, who think the stripper pole in her living room is quaint. She tells her kids to just ignore the naked boys in front of the cams all over the annie1952house–they don’t do much anyway.  And, Ricky has informed her that Crazy Annie Reynolds™ and Benjy Franklin will be staying with them for the holidays. Finally, Little Ricky, their 6-year old son, has volunteered his dad for “Show and Tell” tomorrow.   There’s a limit to how much the beleaguered wife of a cam-whorehouse owner can take.  Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives …

jj swift - tj pelkaTJ Pelka (JJ Swift) not only left the Voyeurboys’ set that day, but left the cam-whore business altogether.  He continued his college education and has become a successful corporate man. 

But, recently, his past, and more specifically, Benjy Franklin of Ben’s Blog, caught up with him.  For little did TJ know, Benjy was the Javert of his time, and has been tracking him  down through the years.  Benjy saw it as a crime that TJ left all those years ago without so much as a ‘good bye’. 

benjyJust a few weeks back, however, while entertaining a client for dinner, TJ peered out the restaurant’s window to see a man in a trench coat, hat, and camera staring in at him.   Seeing TJ just on the other side of the glass, Benjy knew his hard work had finally paid-off.  He waddled up to the front door and flashed his laminated “Press” badge, that he got from “”, to the Maître D’.  After making his way to TJ’s table, Benjy couldn’t believe his eyes, “JJ, is it allegedly you?  Would you get naked so I can be allegedly sure?” 

milk2Turning to TJ’s dinner companions, Benjy showed them a milk carton that he had saved with JJ’s picture on it, “He’s been missing since 2014,” he told them.  And, then, he pulled out what seemed like an endless stream of x-rated pictures of TJ/JJ Swift.  Benjy, for all his faults, had delivered the naked truth.   While his clients’ eyes were now glued to their phones as they began ‘googling’ “JJ Swift” for themselves, TJ took the opportunity to disappear, yet again. 

As for Benjy, well, ever purposeful, he continues to track his “JJ” to the ends of time to get his story.   And no doubt, his sole reader, Crazy Annie Reynolds™, will look forward to his content-free article, “Alleged JJ Swift of said company of paragraph 4 sub-paragraph 2-1 and further named here as JJJ Swiffer sighted at alleged restaurant by alleged victim, Benjy, allegedly,”  with a sub-title of “This headline is not designed to have double meanings or misleading word combinations. This headline is meant to be read and understood at its face value”.   


Travis Deland & Dexter Davis


tj donahue - travis delandParty boys TJ Donahue and Patrick Christy from Naples, Florida, play the Butthead & Butthead cam-whores, Travis Deland and Dexter Davis.   Ever the expert in capitalism, Donahue expects money from his “friends”, well,  just because.   

Recall, he put up a “Go Fund Me” page at the urging of  “friends” who have sought ways to support his “causes”.  Now, when Donahue says “causes”, he doesn’t mean trivial “causes”, such as feeding starving children, providing blankets to the homeless on a cold winter night, or funding AIDS research.  No, he means non-trivial “causes”, such as, paying for “unwanted excess expenses pertaining to the repair” of his vehicle.   His “friends” gave him the virtual middle finger by not showing support. 


travis2Having packed-on 100 pounds from a diet of baked potatoes at Daddy Donahue’s Shula’s Steak House, TJ finds himself as the last square on page 50 of Chaturbate.  He has discovered that while gay men may overlook the arrogance of straight assholes, they simply will not tolerate the overly plump ones.  On occasion, he still tries to fly the ‘bird’ at Miss M, but can’t seem to let go of the turkey leg to do it. 

travis3With Daddy Donahue cutting him off and absolutely no one donating to his “Go Fund Me” campaigns, he took a side job chauffeuring Cinderella and Prince Charming around the Magic Kingdom in Orlando. 

He says he holds tight to his new dream to one day become the Chaturbate middle square on page 50.   And, as he always closes his shows these days, “May the shitty negative force of energy be with you”.

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Miss Murmurs Presents – THE FAKES OF THE WEEK!

fake headerPopular Model Ryan Gooding recently decided to change the familiar picture he has been using …

rg1to this new one which he started using the past few days …

rg2Miss M must admit it is a fantastic new pic – and caught her eye immediately.  The only problem is … it is NOT a picture of Mr. Gooding at all.  It is, in fact a photo of  fitness model and bodybuilder Brandan Fokken.

M&SBrandan FokkenThe photo of Brandan can be seen in many articles about him – published all over the Internet – including this one at “Muscle & Strength”.  It was a silly choice by Mr. Gooding – easy to spot.  If you’re going to attempt to enhance your drawing power using someone else as the enticement … at least choose someone obscure.  You, sir … are one of Miss M’s FAKES OF THE WEEK!

fakemf2Next we have model Martin Ferrazzo – using a photo one cannot help but notice when browsing the available models. 

It is also quite eye-catching – and it is also quite fake. 

mf-fakeThe man in the photograph is really Brazilian model Marlon Salles.  Mr. Ferrazzo took Mr. Salles’ color photo and made it into a black-and-white photo – and thought no one would notice.  He didn’t count on the sharp eye of Miss M. 

marlon sallesSeveral of Mr. Salles photo spreads (including the photo in question) can be found here if you’d like to take a peek.  As for Mr. Ferrazzo …


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Like A Bad Penny – Zac Zeek (Taylor James Abshire) Returns Again! Time For A Series Of Miss Murmurs’ Flashbacks?

encorezac-baldFlirt4Free’s longtime loser … Taylor James Abshire aka Zac Zeek … was arrested and jailed on Domestic Violence and Menace charges back in March 2012!.

All these violent criminals on F4F could start giving the rest of the cam-whores a bad name!


The Women In Zac aka Taylor Abshire’s Life!

heather-abshireHere’s a pic of Zac Zeek’s ex-wife … Heather!


Here are pics of Zac’s ex-girlfriend, Lauren Taylor and ex-girlfriend, Alice Monk!


ta-babyTaylor (Zac) announces he’s going to be a father three years ago!


zbarszac-lush1aIf you’re a fan of domestic violence … lots more pics of Zac Zeek can be found on his old MySpace page!

There may even be one of him in a “wifebeater”!


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At Long Last … A “Go Fund Me” Miss M Can Get Behind!

failure jesse blumhelp mehelp me2back toAt long last … Jesse John Blum has realized what most of us have known for ages.  Stardom – Fame – and Fortune were just not in his cards.

He gave it a shot … and another … and another … but there’s only so much failure one person can take.

Finally, after years of letting his ego control his common sense … Jesse Blum wants to go home.  Back to Wisconsin to his Father – the woodcutter and his Mother – the Avon Lady … back to relive “That Championship Season” when he was a local football hero.

Fast approaching thirty, Jesse has lost a lot of time – but finally seems to be on the right track … back to square one!

Apparently stone broke in Las Vegas … Jesse asks for help in going home (as suggested by one of those ubiquitous fans that always seem to “suggest” these fund me things).  Miss M  has finally found a “Go Fund Me” she can heartily promote.  If you’d like to help send Jesse packing … Click  SEND JESSE HOME .  God speed, Jesse Blum.

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While Working In Her Lab Late One Night …

ca-top4… Miss Murmurs’ eyes beheld an amazing sight!

Miss M has discovered a way we can all avoid seeing Evan Matthews’ face – forever smiling in the top spot on Flirt4Free’s Top 20!  Miss M uses a VPN service (Virtual Private Network) when she surfs about on the Internet because … well, believe it or not … there are some who would actually like to pinpoint her exact location or see if she might have visited their websites.  Isn’t that silly?  But in any event – when she checks the Top 20 – she always selects somewhere like Omaha, Nebraska or Kalamazoo, Michigan from which to view it – because … well, what model in their right mind would bother to block Omaha, Nebraska or Kalamazoo, Michigan?  However, working in her lab late last night – Miss M didn’t bother to use her VPN and took a quick look at the Top 20 – and her eyes beheld an amazing sight!  When one signs on to the Top 20 from CALIFORNIA – model Kayden Hollis is #1 – and Evan Matthews is nowhere to be seen.  Who knew it was that simple?  Clearly Evan blocks his home state.  Therefore … the moral of the story is … when checking the Top 20 … sign on through a free VPN or invest in your own … and select CALIFORNIA … and Voila!  Evan Matthews no longer exists.  What a discovery! (Well you didn’t really think Miss M was finding the cure to diseases in her lab late at night, did ya?)


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The Best Little Whorehouse In Scottsdale Presents …

miraclehandIt has been less than three weeks since Arizona whorehouse owner, Ricky Stormes, injured his hand.  At the time, Ricky claimed he would be unable to masturbate before the cameras for at least six weeks and immediately requested $8,000 from his fans to cover his expenses and lost wages for the next six weeks.  Noted whorehouse critic, Gentle Murmurs, issued a statement scoffing at the suggestion that Stormes would be unable to work for that long.

gmquoteClip311Tonight she was vindicated when it was announced by the Voyeurboy whorehouse that Jaden Storm would be performing tomorrow night at 7pm PST on Chaturbate — less than three weeks from the time of his injury.  It is nothing short of a miracle — or perhaps it was a hyped-overstatement to begin with.  In any event, tomorrow night the whorehouse Madame is ready for his close-up once again.

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The Top 4 – November 12, 2014

top4 headertop4-11-12-14

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Miss Murmurs’ Veterans Day Salute Honors One Who Served!

salute2apatrick vidal US-Marines semper fimarines3

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Adiós Cancun!

colby-shawn-mickey2The Party’s Over – It’s Time To Call It A Day!  Colby Chambers, Shawn Elliott and Mickey Knox prepare to bid farewell to Cancun.williamWilliam Haley relaxes before packing up to leave Cancun!

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Are You Ready For A Shock?!

powerThis afternoon Miss M did a Google search for IMAGES from the Flirt4Free Summit in Cancun – and was pretty amazed at what she found.  Take a look for yourself.

google-imagesType in     flirt4free summit cancun     as in the illustration above.  Then click on the word Images as highlighted above … and behold the awesome power of the Internet and in the results.  Scan down the results page slowly … it’s like a Murmurs retrospective.  Try it for yourself.

Now try       flirt4free cam-whore (and the first name of any model)

Miss M tried it with   Izzi, Jesse, Sean, Shawn, Travis … the choices are endless – and the results amazing.

The moral of the story is:   Stay on Miss M’s good side because the Power of the Internet & can keep YOU (your photo and related story) floating through cyberspace for years to come.  If you make it a good story … Miss M will make it a good photo … and vice versa.  :D   Happy Googling!

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Models Lindsey Banks And William Haley In Cancun!

lindsey-williamLindsey and William Haley have fun in the sun!

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Dear Miss Murmurs … – A Reader Writes To Say …

letter to the editora.nonymous

Miss Murmurs thanks you for writing to share your Crazy Annie Reynolds™ story with her gentle readers.  Miss M suspects if we were to ask all of our readers to share their stories of encounters with Ms. Reynolds – we could print one a day for weeks.  The fact that the Voyeurboys (her most steadfast supporters) seem to have demoted her back to gawker from moderator serves as a sign that models on Chaturbate are slowly waking up to what we here at Flirt4Free have always known.

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Colby Chambers Greets The Morning In Cancun – ¡Qué vista!

Model Colby Donaldson Tweeted This Pic From The Flirt4Free Summit.

Colby Chambers (of tweeted this pic from the F4F Summit which begins today.

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A Confession – An Apology – And An Admonition!

stoptrue-confessions14When Miss M purchased the mysterious and troublesome domain name last June – she had no idea what she would use it for – or if she would ever use it. What can she say?  They were having a sale (a buck a domain) and Miss M just can’t pass up a good bargain. ;)   In any event – when she finally put the name to use as a bit of a joke for her gentle readers – she certainly had no idea what a tempest in a teapot she would create.

Designing a small ad for her and a similar ad for – Miss M placed them on her page as if she were now accepting advertising (something she has never done and will never do).  The ColbyKnox ad was directed to – because Miss M likes both Colby and Knox – and figured she’d give them a plug.  Miss M directed the ad to Jaden Storm’s former employer (whom he had left under rather bad circumstances).  The story is legendary – so there is no need to retell it.

Miss M figured her gentle readers would click it and get a good laugh when it took them to Fratpad instead.  But the real laugh, as it turned out, was on the folks over at “Ben’s blog” – and the folks at the real Voyeurboys.   Miss M had no idea they creep around her website late at night clicking things – and would thereby inadvertently get swept up in their own hysteria.

The ad had only been up a few hours when the first News Bulletin hit the presses at Ben’s Blog!

headline1There on display was Miss M’s spoof-ad … and conjecture that somehow Miss M and Fratpad were in bed together.  It was like striking a match to dry tinder – and within no time the comments were coming in … a few suspecting Miss M but most suspecting the owner of Fratpad.  It was shocking and hysterical – like watching a pack of rabid dogs attacking a piece of red meat.  Insults, allegations, accusations, and condemnations were being hurled everywhere.  Oh myyy … what had Miss M wrought?

kool-aidMiss M and her readers had always thought the VB fans had drunk a little too much of the “Undying Allegiance Kool-Aid” being served over there – but no one thought they were drunk out of their minds on it.  As the Tempest in the Teapot began to boil and whistle – Miss M pulled both ads back down – but there was no stopping this runaway train.

More headlines and more stories and more speculation followed one after the other.  The conspiracy theorists were climbing the walls.  The gentleman who owns Fratpad was being attacked and was forced to issue a statement saying he had never met me and that he wasn’t responsible.  And he was telling the truth.  Miss Murmurs has never met him – and he certainly wasn’t responsible.  Miss M probably should have stepped forward immediately – but, as those of you who know her are already aware – she just loves a good soap opera – and this one was writing itself without any further help from her.


Miss M took yesterday off and went shopping and had a lovely late lunch … and returned to find the insanity spreading.  Suddenly there were claims that Internet laws had been broken and lawsuits should be filed and finally Fratpad had teamed up with other Investigators to find the criminal behind the mystery ad.

headline4Well, as amused as Miss M was by this entire unfolding farce – she decided it was probably time to STOP THE INSANITY!  She had the feeling a lynch mob was being formed – or perhaps a suicide pact involving poisoned Kool-Aid.  Whatever it was – it was time to let everyone in on truth – for as you know … the truth is all important! ;)

Miss M would like to apologize to the good folks at Fratpad who are completely innocent of any involvement in Miss M’s joke gone awry.  They were unjustly attacked by rabid comments from readers at Ben’s Blog (which, if we’re to be honest, is really just a fansite for the GH and VB Kool-Aid crowd).  The commenters who were so quick to accuse should also be ashamed … and Miss M regrets her ad caused Fratpad to have to endure their wrath.

Miss M would further like to apologize to Ben – who probably thought he was just doing his job as a news hound – even if he was really only barking at shadows.

And though she has never tried to hide her feelings for Jaden Storm and his Scottsdale whorehouse since our conversation concluded last May – she would like to apologize to him also.  I’m sure this has taken up his time – so soon after his surgery – and for that I am sorry.

koolThat said … before all of the rabid dogs begin to turn their attacks toward Miss M … save it.  Miss M doesn’t publish her website for you – but for rational people who like to read about models – and their madness and merriment … for people who like to have FUN and recognize fun when they see it.  They are, after all, not clouded by the Kool-Aid.

Claims that Internet laws were broken have no basis in fact. As owner of the domain name – I can redirect it to point anywhere I want – even Jaden’s competition … Fratpad.  Why?  Because I am not doing it to gain unfair business advantage … because … wait for it … I have no pony in the race.  I will not make a nickel no matter where I direct it – and therefore I can direct it to the Westboro Baptist Church website if I so choose.  Fear not — I have no such plans.

I have thought about a spoof website of – something similar to


allisonbut, alas, Miss M simply doesn’t have the time.  And before you ask, spoof websites are perfectly legal and have been upheld in court decision after court decision.  Even Chik-fil-A’s website was spoofed. They sued. They lost.  So let’s all just be happy Miss M is busy with … and drink our Kool-Aid in peace.

Oh, one more thing – shortly before she began writing this post (which has been somewhat time-consuming) – Miss M redirected her domain to point to Jaden’s girlfriend’s publicly available Facebook page.  You all could have found it yourself but Miss M just made it easier for you.  She didn’t do it to cause her harm (as Ben now tries to claim in yet another late update :::sigh:::)  but simply to give the Kool-Aid drinkers a taste of reality.  She hopes they drank it up.  Allison’s facebook page has now been removed – which is probably a good idea for anyone who values and wants to retain their privacy in this day and age.

Miss M now plans to retire the domain name, … and retire for the evening.  Let’s hope tomorrow is a good day for all of us.  Goodnight .

monkeysUPDATE1This just in at Ben’s Blog!

vbupdateBenjy, dear – Miss M realizes you’ve been having a field day with this non-story you’ve fanned the flames on the past few days. You’re in your glory – a real live reporter.  Miss M gets it.  But the partiality you show in your reporting  tells the real story.  You seem to be nothing more than a mouthpiece for the whorehouses.  Now if you are NOT speaking FOR them as you’ve made it appear – Miss M would suggest you STOP SPEAKING altogether. If you ARE speaking FOR them – then they’ve chosen very poor representation. 

In your faux-legalese, for example, you stated that Fratpad suffered public humiliation and loss of reputation – when the fact is … 100% of the public humiliation they were receiving was from YOUR readers based on your unfounded allegations and speculation.  And to be frank, I’m not sure whorehouses can claim a loss of reputation – at least with a straight face in a court of law. 

It would seem you are not only digging yourself into a lawsuit – but you are attempting to make Miss M become adversarial with Fratpad and GayHoopla – when that was never the case.

Fratpad’s Zane didn’t sound on the verge of legal action when we jokingly tweeted yesterday nor in your comment section tonight when he said, “Whoever is behind the fake site is trying to make it look like it’s us and is probably laughing their ass off at getting all of you commenters in a tizzy.”

Miss M tries to remain a delightful woman – but she will NOT be intimidated by your ill-worded legal mumbo-jumbo.  Miss M has attempted to  explain what happened and to apologize for the confusion it caused (mostly due to your incendiary posts).  That really should be the end of it.  If, however, the parties you cite want to go to the expense of legal action as you imply – they really should speak for themselves.  Miss M hopes it wouldn’t come to that but will leave that up to them. 

You, however, in your unprofessional attempt to stir things up and make a mountain out of a molehill – may actually succeed … and find yourself part of the litigation.  Many of the not-so-carefully worded things you have written and continue to write about Miss Murmurs can certainly be considered libelous. 

In short, Benjy – you are getting in way over your head.

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adam foxx fall back 14

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Whores From Around The Globe To Descend On Cancun!

encoreOriginally published June 27, 2014…

As promised … Miss M is giving you the scoop on this year’s Flirt Summit … to be held in Cancun!  At the end of the pictures and rosy descriptions … she also has just a few less rosy words in closing … so be sure to read all the way to the end. ;)

ss33ss7ss13Starting June 1st, models will be able to compete to win a room at a 5 star all-inclusive luxury resort in Cancun, Mexico and attend the most talked about event of the year – Flirt Summit! 

What is Flirt Summit?
Flirt Summit is a three-day event all about being a model or studio with Flirt4Free. We take time every year to pamper attendees, get to know models and studios better, and answer any questions in person. This event is private, safe and secure – just for models, studios, and Flirt staff and thanks to Miss M … YOU … our gentle readers!

Why You Should Attend:
– Bond with fellow models & studios
– Be spoiled in the lap of vacation luxury
– Learn more about the network & camming
– Ask us your questions in person
– Go home with new friends and amazing memories!
- And for Miss M’s gentle readers … the chance to coincidentally meet, greet and scare the sweet bejesus out of your favorite cam-whores. ;)


Summit Contest Details:

We’re doing not only one contest to win a room at Summit this year, but four!

1) June 1st – June 30th - top 5 models with the most credits wins a free stay and $500 for airfare!
2) July 1st – July 31st - top 5 models with the most credits wins a free stay and $500 for airfare!
3) August 1st – August 31st - top 5 models with the most credits wins a free stay and $500 for airfare!
4) June 1st – August 31st - 5 Random Draw Winners! (to qualify must work 90 hours and earn at least 75,000 credits) (This contingency plan is always necessary in the event Izzi doesn’t qualify any other way ;) )

Contest Rules:
Any model who wins a room must work at least 30 hours in the month they qualify, and must work at least 60 hours between the end of the contest and the event (September 1st – November 6th). Any model who does not meet this criteria will lose their spot at Summit and it will go to the next qualifying model in line.

We know how much time and effort you put into being a great model and/or studio, and we love getting the chance to reward you with an extravagant vacation in an incredible location, so please join us in November and good luck to all models competing in our first round of the competition!  VS-Angela

ss1ss14ss2ss3ss15ss17ss16ss4ss18ss19ss20ss21ss22ss23ss24ss25ss29ss27ss30ss26ss31ss28ss8ss32Kinda makes ya wanna be a whore, eh? ;)  

But listen up … these kids need your help and your money to get to go to Camp Cancun … so save your cash, skip dinner and a movie this weekend, put off that new car you were needing … and send a whore to summer camp this year (and next year – and the year after that)! 

And don’t forget to buy them some new clothes, swimsuits, Ray Bans and dancing shoes from their Amazon wish lists before they go.  Just think of all the wonderful memories they’ll have to tell you about … next time you pay them for a nice long private. 

Unless of course YOU would like to go yourself … and scare the sweet bejesus out of the gaggle of gropers and grinders! ;)   Then YOU’LL have some memories to share with Miss Murmurs and her gentle readers when you get back.

But seriously … it is for a good cause, right?  After all … whores need vacations as much as waitresses or teachers or businessmen.  The difference is … waitresses, teachers and businessmen all pay their own way!  Whores, however, want YOU to pay for theirs … because … well … because they’re just thoughtful like that. 

The next time one of these pretty poseurs play with their peckers or pulsate their pussies … you remember how hard they are trying to work their way through school … your wallet … so they can go to Cancun … and forget they ever had to show you their junk to get there.

stopIsn’t it time to … Send A Whore To The Want Ads … and Send You and a Friend to Cancun?!  Oh, and by the way … the whores are NOT your friends.  If you think they are … well, then sadly,  you are even dumber than Miss M can deal with … and she gives you her blessing to spend your hard-earned money to continue sucking up to them.martini

Oh, where am I – what’s happening?  Miss M is sorry … she apparently blacked out and went off on a rant.  Don’t worry – it’s nothing a nice dirty double Vodka Martini won’t cure. 

And so Year Three of begins … with that old familiar queasy feeling Flirt4Free has always been so good at providing.  ;)   Bon Voyage!

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Relief Finally Comes For Jaden Storm Devotees!

mmupdate2joosjaden livescrowd2crowd1Crowds from around the globe as they wait for the news

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handhand2Today, Miss Murmurs’ readers will join the readers of B2 – as well as fans around the world – in a candlelight prayer vigil for a successful surgery being performed on Ricky Stormes, owner of a relatively new Scottsdale Whorehouse.  Collections have been taken up – as well as blow job benefit shows – to help pay for the surgery when it was learned Mr. Stormes did not carry the insurance required by law.  For Mr. Stormes, who earns a big part of his living by jacking off, his hands are, in essence, his life and livelihood. 

Complete recovery time is expected to take six weeks – though many expect Ricky to be back strokin’ before the cameras long before that.  In the meantime, fellow whores at the Voyeurboy house, including newcomers José and Juan Aguilar, will be picking up the slack. 

Rev. Frankin spoke for all of us when he said our concerns go with Mr. Stormes into surgery. Miss Murmurs will post the results of the procedure as soon as they are known.

Concerned fans of whorehouse owner, Ricky Stormes hold candlelight vigils.

Concerned fans of whorehouse owner, Ricky Stormes hold candlelight vigils around the world.

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Back By Popular Demand! Now In Its Third Smash Year!

slhhwh2bFormer model, Seth Landon, is once again in the mood for Mayhem and Madness this Halloween Season … as he welcomes you to his “Haunted Halloween Whore House!”

Each Halloween, Seth rises from the dead to host this horrifying event – so don’t miss your chance to tour his haunted home.  Those clad only in adult diapers will receive FREE admission and an autographed 8×10 from the ghoul of their choice!

travis6This year, the trees have once again been personally teepeed and the windows personally soaped by the ghost of the frightening felon, Travis Steel and his ghoulish gang of misfits.

ghostInside the creepy halls of Scary Seth’s Haunted Whore House you’ll find attractions like The Ghost of Crazy Annie Reynolds™ … a terrifying spirit of the undead who still haunts lost souls like herself! She’s usually found hovering over the slippery staircases … so hang on tight to the banisters.

nipplesVisit “The Web of Deceit” where the hideous Madame Foxx will see your future in her Crystal Balls. Watch her eyes roll back in her head while pulling on her nipple rings!  Grisly and unnerving!

ryin-drag1There’s “The Buxom Blond’s Bawdy Bedroom” featuring the mournful wails and siren screams of Ryin Jackson!  Listen closely for the stories of rape, incest and other random rants from Flirt’s resident madwoman.

gayho2“The Mystifying Hall of Mirrors” featuring the “Now you see him … Now you don’t” disappearing act of escape artist, Sean Holmes!

On Halloween night only – he will don his “GayHo – The Dancing Bellboy” costume and do the Monster Mash for the entertainment of the crowd!  Macabre!

ohnoNext, descend the frightful staircase leading to the lonely, desolate, now abandoned and boarded-up basement of Eerie Izzi … featuring the spine-chilling ghosts of the penniless rabble … remnants of the Dark Side who once haunted the bowels of stately Izzi Manor!

paulContinue back upstairs to the terrifying “Paul Atreides Experience” … a ghastly show haunted by the ghost of Paul Atreides.  Refreshments will be provided by the Brio Tuscan Grille located in Birmingham, Alabama’s Brookwood Village. Critics give this show two fingers up!

Sara Lynn SummerNext, tiptoe into  the rickety room of the slowly rotting flesh of Sara Lynn … one of the oldest and most frightening of Flirt’s walking dead. Cha!

seth3And just when you think you’ve seen it all … you reach your final destination … “The Petrified Pissing Parlor” … where your host, renowned “squirter”, Seth Landon … will stand before the crowd of mortified onlookers and pee his pants at the top of each horrifying hour!

Halloween just doesn’t get any scarier than this … so plan your visit soon! Private Tours, Group Tours, and Parties may also be scheduled. *If interested in purchasing  Seth’s spookhouse – contact Nick McCullough of ReMax in Phoenix, AZ.

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Two 5’6″ Bisexual? Brothers known as “The Jtooda Twins” (Currently Performing On Flirt4Free) Arrive At The VB Whorehouse Today! Like Mighty Mouse, Mice – “Here They Come To Save The Day!”


jtooda aguilarThe Voyeurboys sure seem “excited” to welcome José and Juan Aguilar (who play Tony Striker and Devin Matthews on Flirt4Free – and will presumably continue playing those roles during their VB stint). 

The promotional copy says they are twins … and that is true.  It says they are 20-years-old … and that is NOT!  They are at least 23.  It says they are bisexuals … and that is extremely unlikely (if you watch the video Miss M is including below as a means of introduction – and clarification).  On Flirt4Free they say they are from Michigan … but they are NOT.  They live in Plainfield, Illinois jtooda3(outside of Chicago).  In short, they are starting out like a typical Voyeurboy … quite probably 100% straight willing to be gay for pay – and full of lies.  They should fit right in. ;)

In the video below made a few years back before either of them got their tattoos – they admit to being 21-years-old … they admit to living in Illinois … they admit to being named Juan and José Aguilar … and they admit to loving the ladies – as in loving loving loving the ladies.

Their pastimes include “dominating events” like festivals and carnivals. Their “main number one thing is picking up girls – that’s like their drug right there”. They claim to “love girls – Monday through Friday – even on the weekends – we have to have a girl no matter what”.

jtooda2They sleep in the same bed (huh?) – they cut each other’s hair – they spray tan each other – they share girls – they eat at the exact same time – and they both have to work at the same place and have the exact same schedules (huh?).

They “love being the center of attention – shining the brightest – and they don’t give a f*ck what other people think”.   “We are not normal.   Guys hate jtoodaon us”.  (Miss M thinks they will fit in perfectly at the whorehouse).

When they drink “they get naked and black out”.  They “love to provide the LOLs”.  They “just love to hear what everybody thinks of them”.  They don’t sleep.  “Work, gym and then hook up with girls … that’s all we do.”

stopIn their own words “Nobody has ever met anybody like us!  Instead of working in a job that you don’t like – being a mindless drone, you know, that’s stupid – you’re just letting your time go to waste … so just go out there and f*ck bitches, bro … we don’t stop, we don’t stop.”  Trust, Miss M – by the end of the 15 minute video you will be begging them to STOP!  Just STOP!

birthday cakeMiss M got a headache watching the video the first time.  The second time, gathering their quotes, gave her a migraine.  So, take a couple Aspirin – and start mirin’ the Jtooda Twins in this very special introduction video.  Fifteen minutes and you will have had enough of them for the rest of your life.

The Voyeurboys just get better and better and better.  Miss M hasn’t had this much fun since Paul Atreides finally got a job. :D

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Crazy Annie Reynolds™ Wails In The Night …

lonesomecrazy annie2

CRAZY ANNIE REYNOLDS™ SINGS …annies lonesomeNO-Annie-mmAnnie … Miss M wishes she could say her heart aches for you … but from what she’s told, 75% of the trolls you blame for your loss were there because of you.  Miss M has heard stories of some of the trolls actually pilfering photos of you right off of Miss M’s site – urging Chaturbate to Ban Crazy Annie! 

Readers have also told her other trolls even brought up the young daughter you abandoned years ago. 

It seems like you weren’t very popular with the viewers, Annie – probably because of your heavy fist as a Moderator.  Specially designed gifs like this most likely didn’t win you any friends …YOUannie-says2

Miss M understands though, Annie – it was your one brief moment in the spotlight – and you wanted everyone to know your name.  It just wasn’t as much fun when they put that name on their own gifs.  As for your adultery crazy annie™and child abandonment issues – well, Miss M has never understood those herself – but you probably made peace with those decisions a long time ago.

Miss M knows it must be difficult for you without your guys – but you can always watch them from the rafters of the VB whorehouse … while pondering the fact that it was YOU (not the trolls who protested you) that was responsible for your guys leaving Chaturbate.  Just saying :P

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