Flirt4Free Model Of The Week – William Haley!

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The Top 3 and Ethan G is the Flirt Model Of The Week!


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Miss Murmurs In The News and On Trial! – Outcome: Vindicated!

in the newsMiss Murmurs’ was recently surprised to find herself in the headlines over on Ben’s News – a blogspot blog seemingly dedicated to glorifying, publicizing, and fawning over Jaden Storm and his brood at Voyeurboys … as well as doing the same for the gang over at their sister site (as Jaden called it) … Gay Hoopla!

Ben has a tiny group of diehard followers who have read his “news” since he covered the Fratmen –before following Jaden and “the breakaways” to Jaden’s new Fratmen-Lite imitation site.  Crazy Annie Reynolds™ is one of Ben’s biggest readers and supporters … need Miss M say more?

Seems Ben and the boys didn’t like Miss M’s posts on VB model Marc Swift … and so he printed the following headline and link.


Miss M thanks Ben for the mention – but unfortunately his link (and readers) didn’t register a blip in Miss M’s daily visitor numbers.  As you can see … his post received only 3 comments (and one of those was from Crazy Annie Reynolds™ herself).

Now today Ben added the following post (containing a bit of misinformation) directing his readers to


To correct the misinformation first … Miss M’s post actually mentioned Timothy Hoffman’s ex-girlfriend, Andie.  Miss M knows how much they loathe labels over there at VB where sexual ambiguity seems to be the “in” thing … but it is a point worth correcting.

As to the obedient young man … Timothy made it clear in his email that he had already decided to stop whoring himself prior to Miss M’s announced “Guide” … and just wanted to let her know so he could be excluded.  There will be no “Guide” now – so the point is moot – but should be made nonetheless.

Further … what Ben and the boys call “retribution” … Miss M calls telling the truth.  Andie discovered Timothy and wanted answers.  Miss M gave her the truth.  Today, Andie wrote to Miss M to thank her for her honesty … and to express her disappointment in Tim.


Miss M responded as follows …


Thank goodness someone appreciates the truth … unlike Ben … who saw truth as retribution.  Perhaps if he didn’t have so many stars in his eyes when watching all the naked boys … he would be able to see the truth differently.  Just a thought.

In any event … thanks for the free publicity, Ben … and it’s only fair that Miss M return the favor.  Below is Ben’s Masthead (click to enlarge) and it will tell you all the names of those he publicises in his tiny blog.  Pay him a visit sometime … he could use the numbers. ;)

ben's news

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“Miss Murmurs’ Helpful Guide” – To Be or Not To Be?

2000-Secret IdentityMiss Murmurs has been visiting her family in Vermont on her annual vacation.  During the days following the 72 hour grace period she had offered before putting together the final edit of her “Helpful Guide” … she has read and reread the comments left on the site by both her gentle readers and models.  She has also done the same with the emails and messages sent to her directly by models seeking to be excluded (including a very long and heartfelt email from Ryin Jackson) … trying to decide what course of action she should take.

The number of pleas sent in had already proven to her that the real reason for “fake names” and “blocked states” was NOT fear of stalkers (as is always claimed) … but fear of being found out (as she had always suspected).  Shame is an even more powerful motivation than fear.

truthShe asked herself if publishing the truth about the models who use false names would finally set them free.  Miss M originally believed that once they were forced to deal with the consequences of the choices they had made … the burden of that “guilty secret” would be lifted.

Miss M had been motivated by her anger at the discovery of the many lies told to members by former model, Brad Hedlund, and the realization that so much of the money men generously shared with Brad was based on those lies.

She came to the conclusion, however, that Bad Brad Hedlund was just that … a bad seed … and as such, Miss M had already turned his house of cards upside down in the process of shaking out the bad seed.  THAT was Miss M’s original goal for her website … and she realized she was suddenly lumping ALL of the models into the “bad seed” category.

They might not be the shiniest, most polished apples in the world … but despite their imperfections and bruises … they aren’t all bad apples either.

She decided she would NOT publish her guide which would have judged all models for the sins of the few.  But there was still that lesson that gnawed at her … that all of our decisions in life have consequences … and she knew that without the guide … that lesson would be lost.

Timothy Hoffman as Flirt4Free's "Marc Swift"

Then tonight … a startling comment came to in response to the post about Timothy Hoffman (Marc Swift) winning the Memorial Day promo with the help of Jaden Storm’s Voyeurboys. 

Miss M would like to share it along with her response below.


Miss M can only imagine the consequences this will have for Tim … and Andie … and perhaps others.


Timothy Hoffman is now learning the lesson in the poster above … and through him … perhaps so will everyone else. 

There will be no “Guide”.  At this point, no more good can come of it.  As the overwhelming majority of you expressed – it was a bad idea. 

bad-apples1Miss Murmurs will continue to “shake out the bad seeds” as she has in the past … but has learned that one bad apple really doesn’t spoil the whole bunch.  We may all have to one day suffer the consequences of bad decisions we’ve made – Miss M included … but if that day should come for the models of Flirt4Free … it won’t be because of Miss M’s ill-conceived “Guide”. 

Miss M will see you all when she returns to Santa Barbara in  a few days … but in the meantime … everyone please say a little prayer for Tim.  Miss M has a feeling he’s going to need them.

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Models From Europe and South America Hold Top 2 Spots!


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Two Young European Models Take Top Two Spots!


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Last evening there was a question left on ASK MISS MURMURS that inspired Miss M to create today’s new (and temporary) page header.  With all the brouhaha surrounding “Miss M’s Guide To The Cam Models” – you would think she was burning them at the stake. Do you like the new header? ;)


Miss M has heard from lots of models these past two days – and each and every one who contacted her have been exempted from the Guide.  It really wasn’t that difficult of a task for them to assure they didn’t appear.  Miss M is assuming the other models who haven’t bothered to contact her are either (A) Even lazier than the average cam-whore … or … (B) not opposed to having their information posted in the Guide.  Some may, perhaps, even be looking forward to the free publicity.  If you aren’t however … you have 10.5 hours left to get your exemption.  Eleven hours from now … The Whore Hunter comes a-callin’! ;)

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Brad Hedlund Writes To Say He Has Left Flirt4Free


Former Flirt4Free Model Brad Hedlund

After reading her post announcing the release of the upcoming ebook “Miss Murmurs’ Helpful Guide To The Secret Identity of Cam Models” … former Flirt4Free Model of the Week, Brad Hedlund, sent direct messages to Miss M this evening  informing her he has left Flirt4Free behind … and will be deleting his Skype account, Amazon wishlist and GoFundMe site as well..

As the second model so far to take Miss Murmurs up on the opportunity to contact her within 72 hours … his photo and information will not be included in the ebook.  Nor will any further information be released by Miss M regarding Brad.  Thanks for writing, Brad … and good luck in whatever your future holds.  47 hours still remain.

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Marc Swift Writes To Say He Will Leave Flirt4Free

Marc SwiftFormer Flirt4Free Model of the Week, Marc Swift, sent the following email to Miss M last evening after reading her post announcing the release of the upcoming ebook “Miss Murmurs’ Helpful Guide To The Secret Identity of Cam Models”.   As the only model so far to take Miss M up on the opportunity to email her within 72 hours … his photo and information will not be included in the book.  51 hours still remain. Thanks for writing, Marc … and good luck in whatever career you pursue.

MSwift email

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Coming Soon! – Miss Murmurs Guide To Who’s Who!

Secret IdentityMost of us know the Secret Identities of Superman and Batman and Wonder Woman!  Many of us know that actress Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jean Baker and ‘for-real’ model Carmen Electra came into the world as Tara Leigh Patrick and Caryn Elaine Johnson is now known as comedian Whoopi Goldberg.  Boxer Muhammad Ali is  really Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. and singer Lana Del Rey was born Elizabeth Woolridge Grant.  

Miss M has thought about it and decided that if  Super Heroes and actors and singers and comedians and athletes  and even fashion models are fine with us knowing their real names … then why all the secrecy around the real names of cam models?

The first excuse a cam model will shout is that it is for their safety … but that’s kind of silly.  Surely more men would want to stalk real model Carmen Electra (Tara Leigh Patrick) than cam model Sara Lynn (no offense, Sara).  And besides, if they are truly worried … the method used by cam model Brittany Leigh seems to be a whole lot smarter than pretending to be someone you’re  not.

alarmsshame4Miss M has always felt the real reason is shame.  Many cam models hide behind stage (fake) names because they don’t want family members and hometown gossips and former classmates to know what they are doing with their lives.  They further hide by blocking their home states or states where Grandma Ethel lives … or there would simply be no need for blocking.  In other words … they want to play with their genitals for easy money … but they don’t want to deal with any of the ramifications. 

hustlerThey already have it way easier than street corner hookers who brave the elements and risk the physical contact … and they have it easier than pole dancers at strip clubs who work face-to-face with potential stalkers who could easily follow them home.  Yet … cam models want it all.  They want to squirt their bodily fluids for strangers without having to endure the shame and scorn.  What a sad way to have to live one’s life … in shame and hiding.  Miss M has always felt one should be proud of themselves and what they do – and try to make Grandma Ethel proud too.

truthIt is in that spirit that Miss M is going to do her part to set as many cam models “free” as she possibly can … by shining a light in the shadows where they have been forced to hide.

In a short time Miss M is going to publish “Miss Murmurs’ Helpful Guide To The Secret Identity Of Cam Models” … an e-book that will always be available here at for fans and fellow models to peruse at their leisure.  If known – it will also include hometowns, birth dates and interesting fun factoids – about the cam models you all love.  And soon – perhaps they can begin to love themselves.

In recent weeks, Miss M has given advance notice of her e-book intentions to a few of her favorite models.  Two of those have decided they would rather go back to waiting tables or selling clothes at Abercrombie & Fitch than take the risk of their family finding out what they have been doing.  They understood why Miss M was going to do this – and she understands their decision – and will not be including their names in The Guide. They have both deleted their bio pages from Flirt’s roster.

It only seems fair that Miss M give all of the models 72 hours advance notice of her intentions … so that they might have the same opportunity.  If, for some reason, you are not ready to deal with the ramifications of your name and info being released to the public (Google search engines are merciless) … please send Miss M an email request or fill out the COMMENT box below this post … stating your reason for not wanting your name included.  Be sure to include your model name and fill in the email box so Miss M can contact you with her decision regarding your request. 

Please do not use the “fear for my safety” plea – as Miss M has already said she doesn’t buy it.  Please do not use the comment box to threaten Miss M in any way.  She has been threatened many times before – but the law is on her side in this – and any threats will not make Miss M happy.  And nobody wants Miss M unhappy. ;)

stress2Both of the models who left Flirt have been enjoying their summers and inform Miss M they are glad they decided in the end to leave (though they do, of course, miss the money). 

Should anyone else choose to follow suit – you may one day just thank Miss M also.  For the rest of you … at least you will no longer have to live in hiding.

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Run For Your Lives! – They’re Back From Outer Space!

falling-crawlingzac-pic2Taylor James Abshire has returned to Flirt4Free in the role   he made infamous a year ago …  misfit Zac Zeek!                              Times must be tough in the Ohio rust belt these days!Adam Foxx                                                     And Live from his retirement home in Palm Springs … Grandpa Foxx made his inauspicious return to the cam last night on Chaturbate!

Like a plague of locusts descending from the skies and spiders crawling out of the woodwork … it’s a terrifying time in the Cam World these days!

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Donnie B Is Back!

donnieb3At the end of last month Donnie B was removed from the Flirt4Free roster after a lengthy run serving the “wee hours” community.  The good news is that Donnie is back once again.  This time around he is appearing on Chaturbate.  Miss M will let Donnie tell you the details himself. ………………………………………………………….DonnieBelladonnieb2The cam world was just a little off tilt without Donnie B – but all is right with the universe once again. 

Be sure to visit Donnie over on Chaturbate soon – and tell him Miss M says hello.

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USA Shut Out Of The Current Top 4!

top4 headertop4-7-31-14

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Blue Aidan Wants Presents To Celebrate One Year of Whoring!


Model Blue Aidan with his hand out

Model Blue Aidan with his hand out

Blue Aidan is celebrating the One-Year Anniversary of whoring himself on cam (give or take – what with time off for bad behavior) … and would like to remind everyone of his Amazon Wish List. 

In fact – he would like to remind everyone twice!   In one day!  Because … you know …”presents are nice”. 

Let’s get right on that, boys … because … you know … it’s not every day a grown man celebrates a whole year of flogging his genitalia.


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Sara Lynn and Her Summer Makeover! Sexy or Scary?!

sara lynn springIt seems like just yesterday Miss Murmurs was complimenting Sara Lynn on her new look for Spring.  It was fresh and stylish.

This is why Miss M doesn’t know what to make of Sara’s choice of looks for Summer.  From fresh and stylish to frightening and scream-worthy!  WHAT were you thinking, Sara, dear?

Take a look and see what YOU think!

summer makeover

MISS SARA LYNNSara Lynn SummerIt looks like Sara is fresh from a Summer swim … and ready to join Carrie at the prom!*  The Fall season just can’t get here too soon!  ;)                                      *And yes – that really is Sara Lynn!

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Da Pain, Boss – Da Pain! … And So It Begins Again!

Back Just 2 Weeks – The Beat Goes On!


“Ay yi yi!” — Blue Aidan

Can the endless parade of back spasms … toothaches … torn ligaments … car breakdowns and stolen wallets be far off?

aidan blue chest strain

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It’s A Grand Opening For!

colbyknox - now openFlirt4Free Favorites Colby and Mickey have launched their new website … with lots of hot and sexy fun from these two hot models and their sexy friends … Tyler Sky, Ryan Durham, Jake Evans, Damien Young and more!

colbyknow-about usVisit Today!

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Miss Murmurs Congratulates Flirt4Free Model Will Ryan!

Will RyanMiss Murmurs would like to congratulate model Will Ryan on winning the top spot in Sunday’s “Webcam Cup” Promo … and use this as an opportunity to introduce those who might not know him to one of the absolute nicest guys on Flirt4Free.  In fact, models as friendly and gracious as Will are a rare find in the cam world … and Miss M suddenly realized she had been remiss in not acknowledging this soft-spoken young man long before this.  If you have never visited 6′ 2″ cutie Will Ryan (a Flirt4Free Lifetime Achievement Hall of Fame winner) … make it a point to do so. You won’t be disappointed. ;)

Will Ryan 2

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Flirt4Free Model Colby Money aka Eric P. Leuci Mugshot!

Flirt4Free Colby Money aka Eric P LeuciFlirt4Free Model Colby Money – whose real name is Eric P. Leuci was arrested last year in Florida … and charged with two criminal violations.  Charge 1 was “DWLSR” – Driving with license suspended or revoked … and Charge 2 was “NCTC” – Non-cooperative target classification … meaning person did not obey or follow directions of the arresting officer. 

Miss M has been unable at this time to find out why his license had previously been suspended or revoked in the first place … but as Mr. Leuci will coincidentally be doing a show later tonight on Gay Hoopla … perhaps someone who plans to attend could ask him … and report back to our gentle readers.

Eric P Leuci aka Colby Money of Flirt4Free

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An Interesting Top Three!

top3- 7-12-14c

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“I’m Kinda Famous On Here!” — Crazy Annie Reynolds™ (murderator)


Chaturbate Rock Star - Crazy Annie Reynolds™

Chaturbate Rock Star – Crazy Annie Reynolds™

What are Crazy Annie Reynolds™’ two favorite things in all the world?  Chatting online and masturbating!  So it stands to reason that Chaturbate and Crazy Annie were a match made in heaven. 

Crazy Annie Reynolds™’ dream during her beleaguered tenure on Flirt4Free was to somehow be able to banish the grey users.  At Chaturbate, Crazy Annie’s dream has come true.

Miss Murmurs recently visited Crazy Annie Reynolds™’ Chaturbate room … and wanted to share with her gentle readers just a tiny snippet of Crazy Annie in all her glory.  Oh – and some model was there too!

annie-chaturbateIf YOU would like to visit Crazy Annie Reynolds™ in her room at Chaturbate … just look for one of “her guys” … like Travis Deland … or Anthony John (Tj) Pelka aka JJ Swift … or Ricky Stormes aka Jaden Storm … or whomsoever she  announces on her Twitter.  Just remember YOU…..

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Miss M Has To Agree … It Really WAS Inane! ;)

Izzi Says 2izzi-tweetWhen He’s Right … He’s Right!

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Jaden Storm’s Hernia Far From Sexy!


Miss M always has to chuckle when someone (in this case, Model Kane Drexler) actually says out loud what she was just thinking to herself. 

In the constant barrage of promotional tweets from Voyeurboys that the twittersphere seems inundated with these days … complete with at least 7 exclamation points … this gem slipped through … and Jaden himself and Crazy Annie Reynolds actually favorited it.  Maybe you should pay for some real advertising, Boys.  Just sayin’.  Right after you buy Jaden a truss, that is! ;)

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Miss M Wishes A Happy Birthday To An Old, Old, OLD Friend!

adam_foxx_eyes39Miss M couldn’t let today go by without a Birthday shout-out to “The Giant Dildo™” Adam Foxx aka Jeffery Ronald Price aka Julien Price aka Rentboy Ashley Jordan … upon whose back was literally built.

mADAMe2Miss Murmurs will go easy on Madame today – as she knows beginning her 40th year on the planet is stressful enough for the rapidly aging “Giant Dildo™.” 

Look at it this way, old girl … you finally left West Hollywood where you were the oldest among the young and pretty … and went to Palms Springs where you are among the youngest of the dead and dying.

Thanks again, my dear old, old, old friend … Miss M couldn’t have done it without you!  HAPPY 39TH BIRTHDAY!


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Travis Deland Banned! Moves To Chaturbate!

violationModel Travis Deland, while competing in the 4th of July contests, brought along a friend to his chatroom … and bought himself a two-week suspension from Flirt4Free.  Travis tweets to tell us he’ll now be appearing on Chaturbate for the time being …

travis tweets

And sure enough … there he and his friend, Dexter Davis, were … in the middle of the night … complete with Crazy Annie Reynolds as their moderator.


Take that, Flirt4Free!  ;)

travis-fmmupdate2It looks like Travis got off to a rocky start last night at Chaturbate … first by hooking up with career killer “Crazy Annie Reynolds” … and second by not fully understanding how Chaturbate works and angering lots of visitors to his room.   By night’s end … even his new Pimpette was hoping he could get his act together for his next show.  This just doesn’t seem to be Travis’ week.


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