Back By Popular Demand! Now In Its Third Smash Year!

slhhwh2bFormer model, Seth Landon, is once again in the mood for Mayhem and Madness this Halloween Season … as he welcomes you to his “Haunted Halloween Whore House!”

Each Halloween, Seth rises from the dead to host this horrifying event – so don’t miss your chance to tour his haunted home.  Those clad only in adult diapers will receive FREE admission and an autographed 8×10 from the ghoul of their choice!

travis6This year, the trees have once again been personally teepeed and the windows personally soaped by the ghost of the frightening felon, Travis Steel and his ghoulish gang of misfits.

ghostInside the creepy halls of Scary Seth’s Haunted Whore House you’ll find attractions like The Ghost of Crazy Annie Reynolds™ … a terrifying spirit of the undead who still haunts lost souls like herself! She’s usually found hovering over the slippery staircases … so hang on tight to the banisters.

nipplesVisit “The Web of Deceit” where the hideous Madame Foxx will see your future in her Crystal Balls. Watch her eyes roll back in her head while pulling on her nipple rings!  Grisly and unnerving!

ryin-drag1There’s “The Buxom Blond’s Bawdy Bedroom” featuring the mournful wails and siren screams of Ryin Jackson!  Listen closely for the stories of rape, incest and other random rants from Flirt’s resident madwoman.

gayho2“The Mystifying Hall of Mirrors” featuring the “Now you see him … Now you don’t” disappearing act of escape artist, Sean Holmes!

On Halloween night only – he will don his “GayHo – The Dancing Bellboy” costume and do the Monster Mash for the entertainment of the crowd!  Macabre!

ohnoNext, descend the frightful staircase leading to the lonely, desolate, now abandoned and boarded-up basement of Eerie Izzi … featuring the spine-chilling ghosts of the penniless rabble … remnants of the Dark Side who once haunted the bowels of stately Izzi Manor!

paulContinue back upstairs to the terrifying “Paul Atreides Experience” … a ghastly show haunted by the ghost of Paul Atreides.  Refreshments will be provided by the Brio Tuscan Grille located in Birmingham, Alabama’s Brookwood Village. Critics give this show two fingers up!

Sara Lynn SummerNext, tiptoe into  the rickety room of the slowly rotting flesh of Sara Lynn … one of the oldest and most frightening of Flirt’s walking dead. Cha!

seth3And just when you think you’ve seen it all … you reach your final destination … “The Petrified Pissing Parlor” … where your host, renowned “squirter”, Seth Landon … will stand before the crowd of mortified onlookers and pee his pants at the top of each horrifying hour!

Halloween just doesn’t get any scarier than this … so plan your visit soon! Private Tours, Group Tours, and Parties may also be scheduled. *If interested in purchasing  Seth’s spookhouse – contact Nick McCullough of ReMax in Phoenix, AZ.

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Two 5’6″ Bisexual? Brothers known as “The Jtooda Twins” (Currently Performing On Flirt4Free) Arrive At The VB Whorehouse Today! Like Mighty Mouse, Mice – “Here They Come To Save The Day!”


jtooda aguilarThe Voyeurboys sure seem “excited” to welcome José and Juan Aguilar (who play Tony Striker and Devin Matthews on Flirt4Free – and will presumably continue playing those roles during their VB stint). 

The promotional copy says they are twins … and that is true.  It says they are 20-years-old … and that is NOT!  They are at least 23.  It says they are bisexuals … and that is extremely unlikely (if you watch the video Miss M is including below as a means of introduction – and clarification).  On Flirt4Free they say they are from Michigan … but they are NOT.  They live in Plainfield, Illinois jtooda3(outside of Chicago).  In short, they are starting out like a typical Voyeurboy … quite probably 100% straight willing to be gay for pay – and full of lies.  They should fit right in. ;)

In the video below made a few years back before either of them got their tattoos – they admit to being 21-years-old … they admit to living in Illinois … they admit to being named Juan and José Aguilar … and they admit to loving the ladies – as in loving loving loving the ladies.

Their pastimes include “dominating events” like festivals and carnivals. Their “main number one thing is picking up girls – that’s like their drug right there”. They claim to “love girls – Monday through Friday – even on the weekends – we have to have a girl no matter what”.

jtooda2They sleep in the same bed (huh?) – they cut each other’s hair – they spray tan each other – they share girls – they eat at the exact same time – and they both have to work at the same place and have the exact same schedules (huh?).

They “love being the center of attention – shining the brightest – and they don’t give a f*ck what other people think”.   “We are not normal.   Guys hate jtoodaon us”.  (Miss M thinks they will fit in perfectly at the whorehouse).

When they drink “they get naked and black out”.  They “love to provide the LOLs”.  They “just love to hear what everybody thinks of them”.  They don’t sleep.  “Work, gym and then hook up with girls … that’s all we do.”

stopIn their own words “Nobody has ever met anybody like us!  Instead of working in a job that you don’t like – being a mindless drone, you know, that’s stupid – you’re just letting your time go to waste … so just go out there and f*ck bitches, bro … we don’t stop, we don’t stop.”  Trust, Miss M – by the end of the 15 minute video you will be begging them to STOP!  Just STOP!

birthday cakeMiss M got a headache watching the video the first time.  The second time, gathering their quotes, gave her a migraine.  So, take a couple Aspirin – and start mirin’ the Jtooda Twins in this very special introduction video.  Fifteen minutes and you will have had enough of them for the rest of your life.

The Voyeurboys just get better and better and better.  Miss M hasn’t had this much fun since Paul Atreides finally got a job. :D

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Crazy Annie Reynolds™ Wails In The Night …

lonesomecrazy annie2

CRAZY ANNIE REYNOLDS™ SINGS …annies lonesomeNO-Annie-mmAnnie … Miss M wishes she could say her heart aches for you … but from what she’s told, 75% of the trolls you blame for your loss were there because of you.  Miss M has heard stories of some of the trolls actually pilfering photos of you right off of Miss M’s site – urging Chaturbate to Ban Crazy Annie! 

Readers have also told her other trolls even brought up the young daughter you abandoned years ago. 

It seems like you weren’t very popular with the viewers, Annie – probably because of your heavy fist as a Moderator.  Specially designed gifs like this most likely didn’t win you any friends …YOUannie-says2

Miss M understands though, Annie – it was your one brief moment in the spotlight – and you wanted everyone to know your name.  It just wasn’t as much fun when they put that name on their own gifs.  As for your adultery crazy annie™and child abandonment issues – well, Miss M has never understood those herself – but you probably made peace with those decisions a long time ago.

Miss M knows it must be difficult for you without your guys – but you can always watch them from the rafters of the VB whorehouse … while pondering the fact that it was YOU (not the trolls who protested you) that was responsible for your guys leaving Chaturbate.  Just saying :P

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More From The “Fools And Their Money” Department!

progress2Avery (L) - Cowboy (C) - Austin Wilde (R)Avery (L) – Cowboy (C) – Austin Wilde (R)

OCTOBER 2, 2014austinUPDATE – OCTOBER 27, 2014aw-updateAnother $8000.00 since our last visit – so that Austin Wilde can pay cash for his new Range Rover!  Jaden just may hit his GimmeGimme Target after all.  Cha-Ching!

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Even With A Broken Hand – Jaden Can Ask For A Handout!

superman begsjaden-smanThe Voyeurboys’ so-called Superman, Ricky Stormes (aka Jaden Storm), seems to have broken his hand … proving, as most of us have known all along, he is nothing more than Clark Kent. 

Miss M must confess, however … he did hit the “GoFundMe GimmeGimme” faster than a speeding bullet

jaden-handClip311Yes, apparently Jaden lacks health insurance  … for reasons that faileth human understanding considering it not only is required by our new health care laws … but is certainly within Jaden’s financial means given that he is the proud owner of his own personal media empire.

JADEN-STORMHow much is Superman asking for in his handout request?  A mere eight grand!  He would like you to pay his $2000 ER bill … as well as provide him with $3500 for future surgery to make his hand capable of jacking off once again … and an additional $2500 in spare change to cover his personal bills while he is unable to work (which, if Miss M is not mistaken, is, in fact, jacking off).  Jaden claims fans begged him to put up his GimmeGimme (a la Travis Deland) – but did mention he is not fond of having to do so … thereby making it ok to immediately do so.

pay_your_billsHe wasn’t “not fond” enough, however, to do what so many Americans have to do when misfortune hits.  He didn’t entertain the possibility of taking out an additional mortgage on the whorehouse … or giving up his own personal apartment just down the road from said whorehouse.  He is, after all, too special to bunk with the boys.  He didn’t think of cutting back on his frequent flying vacations to Arkansas … or … well the possibilities are endless.

gimmeNope, faster than a speeding bullet, Jaden took to the standby of all cam-whores who don’t want to work or sacrifice to pay their bills … the GoFundMe GimmeGimme.

Miss M is sorry to hear about your hand, Ricky – but hopes you’ll give some thought to your life while it’s healing.  Try to become self-sufficient RICKY STORMESlike other adults – or at the very least – get the insurance required by law.  Try to think of alternatives to begging. It is unseemly – and really makes you no better than the beggar on the sidewalk with his hand out.  In life, it is always wise to save some money for a rainy day and to prepare for an emergency.  That is, of course, unless you have a swampful of  toadies  just falling all over themselves to be the one to hold your umbrella.

close upOh – and six weeks off cam you say?  Miss M will believe that when she sees it. 

Your ego will be so in need of a close-up, Mr. DeMille – you will be drawn before the cameras like a moth to the flame. 

Just be careful not to burn yourself – or everyone will be having to pay for that as well!


If for some reason you feel Miss M has been too harsh and unsympathetic regarding Jaden’s request for ¢a$h – you might want to visit our friends at B2 – where they are always more than happy to put a different spin on things.  In fact, Miss M often spins just reading it. An example is included below.  ;)


Dear Lord – if confronting a hand in a cast is “one of the biggest challenges of his life” – let’s hope he never gets a real disease.  Miss M shudders to think what the headline might be then.

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Message To Jason Stark: “It’s Time To Hit The Button!”

help2bottom3jason-starkThe video below was taken several months ago when Miss M first became aware of Jason’s problem.  After a while, he took a full month off … and Miss Murmurs assumed he was getting help.  He returned – and Miss M continued to get messages from members urging her to check out Jason’s room as his behavior had seemingly not improved.  Just last night, a message sent Miss M to Jason’s room – where he had already passed out on cam.

Miss M has confessed in the past to knowing next to nothing about drug use – and is not sure exactly what is going on.  She has no idea if the problem is medical in nature – or pharmaceutical.  Maybe just posting this video will spur Jason to get some help (or spur VS to get some help for him). 

Mr. Stark is a tall, dark and handsome guy in seemingly great health – living in a beautiful apartment in the lovely country of Spain … and yet … this.  It is beyond Miss M’s understanding – but she hopes whatever is amiss in Jason’s life … it is dealt with soon – before there are tragic consequences.

videojasons comment

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You Have What We Call An Irrational Sense Of Entitlement!


As reported here last Saturday, our friend from Orlando, Florida … TJ Donahue …who plays Flirt4Free’s Travis Deland from Savannah, Georgia … began Twitter-promoting a Go-Fund-Me-Gimme-Gimme that had gone stagnant over a month ago … ostensibly for repairs to Travis’s Car. 

First Miss M would like to suggest to TJ that any money collected might better be spent on a remedial junior high English class … before he continues with Travis’s further education.  If TJ is confused as to Miss Murmurs’s reasoning – he might want to repeatedly reread Miss Murmurs’ sentence until it dawns on Travis’ brain.

frequent friendsNext, Miss M is pleased to report that no further “frequent number of friends” have stepped forward to give their hard-earned money to someone who would rather not work at allnotion

Sometimes a great notion … fails. He has had ZERO additional contributions – which would suggest that perhaps people are getting fed up with lazy boys asking for handouts. 

This also means that if Travis’s car still needs repairs (doubtful after all this time) and TJ does not wish to continue to ride the absolutely free bus system provided by the city of Orlando – he may have to actually work a part-time job or, at the very least, flop his genitals around on Flirt4Free more frequently.

Times are tough TJ!   You may just have to repair Travis’s car yourself.


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NIKEMiss M regrets having to inform her gentle readers that in future comments they must SAY NO TO NIKE or risk having their comment gobbled up by the Spam Disposal. 

spamMiss M has hesitated to include the word Nike in the banned list as it is sometimes used by commenters in reference to their “Just Do It!” tag line … and banning the word NIKE would mean such comments would have been tossed out by the Spam filter. 

However – as the daily battle with the sheer amount of Nike spam has now increased to over 400 a day – the chore of individually removing each and every one of their spam messages has become more than Miss M can deal with. 

spam2Therefore … in the future … please refrain from using the word NIKE in your comment to make sure it isn’t lost.  (Personally, Miss M would add that any company that inundates individual website comment sections with 400+ spam messages a day deserves to also be removed from consumers’ shopping lists. It is shameful.) 

Sorry, guys … but when it comes to NIKE – DON’T DO IT! ;)

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Stop Crying and Stop Blaming – And Get A Clue!

blame2rockytweets2 Rocky, dear … take a look at the Man in the Mirror!  It is YOU who are wasting all of the sites’ time – and your own time.  Don’t blame Flirt4Free for the fact that in the entire two hours you were online today – you once again only managed to EARN 40 CREDITS!  That’s 4 bucks, Rocky!  Three for Flirt and one for YOU!  Away from your Voyeurboys sycophants who kept you propped up – you just can’t hold your own.  Time to look in the mirror and be honest with yourself and admit it.  Get a clue!

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TJ Donahue – Another Cam-whore With His Hand Out!


travis-fAnd so our friend, TJ Donahue, who plays Travis Deland on Flirt4Free … an able-bodied young man … has decided to take the easy route and simply beg for money rather than work for it. 

TJ claims this was done at the desperate urging of “a frequent number of his friends”.  Miss M isn’t sure what a “frequent number” is – but from the contributions made since August 14th when TJ made his “Go Fund Me” account – Miss M is assuming it is TWO (2).

TJ, who has proven he is quite capable of making big bucks and winning big promos on Flirt4Free, has decided he’d rather not even have to ding-a-ling for his supper any more. And so … another model’s hand comes out … hoping those of you who DO work (even when you perhaps would also rather not) will fill it with your money.

busCar Repairs always seem like a good need-money-story – what with everyone’s need for transportation.  However, if TJ has still not funded these repairs since August, it seems quite obvious he has found sufficient means of getting around.  In fact, Orlando has a vast bus system that is put in place precisely to serve community members in a financial position that prevents them from buying (or repairing) their own car.

orlandoOh, Miss M realizes it says TJ lives in Savannah, Georgia – but that simply is not the truth.  It seems odd that TJ would think so little of his “dear friends who cannot be thanked enough and know that they are loved” … that he would lie to them.  Friends don’t lie to friends.  They lie to strangers.  In reality, all of you that TJ requests give him your money … are strangers.

have anotherOn the rare occasions that Travis has managed to drag himself before the cams in the brand new apartment he recently moved into – he always seems to have been able to afford a fifth of liquor to make his job easier.  It isn’t easy, after all, having to act like you enjoy flirting with gay men – when you are constantly having to remind them that you are straight.

tom donahue - shulasAnd what of Travis’ father,  Tom Donahue, who manages the large Shula’s Steakhouse back in Naples, Florida where Travis grew up?  Can’t Dad help his son out with his car?  That’s what families do, isn’t it — not total strangers?  Miss M thinks Dad (a former military man) might not approve of his boy flopping his genitals on cam for gay men – so TJ would rather get YOU to give him the money.

What kind of upbringing would lead a kid to think he doesn’t have to work for the things he needs in life … that he can just ask others to GO FUND HIM?  And what kind of lesson will he learn if more than the “frequent number (2)” of friends who begged to give him their money – give him theirs also.  Miss M thinks the answer is clear.  “Hard Work Is For Jerks!”

Grow up, TJ.  Put the liquor bottle down.  Stop lying to your so-called friends about who you really are and where you really live.  And get a job.

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Voyeurboy Rocky Steele – A Waste Of Flirt4Free Bandwidth!

omg2ROCKYIn response to Miss M’s commentary below – VB Rocky Steele came on like gangbusters yesterday in his 2 hours on Flirt4Free.  Although the number of tipping members he was able to draw in remained at TWO — his tips more than doubled. 

By the time he signed off and the smoke had cleared … Rocky Steele had made 165 credits.  Way to go, Rocky!

weakest linkrocky-sMiss Murmurs has been saying all along that Rocky Steele was the weakest link in the Voyeurboys’ chain gang – and now, flying solo, without the rest of the gang to prop him up – Rocky is proving her right in embarrassing ways.

Flirt4Free member nods off watching Rocky Steele

Flirt4Free member nods off watching Rocky

Yesterday afternoon Jaden had Rocky scheduled for a Flirt4Free show from 6:00-8:00pm ET.  Rocky showed up – but nobody else did.  One or two of his broke Chaturbate fans showed up to chew the fat – but Flirt4Free members passed him by completely.  When the what-seemed-like-an-eternity non-show ended two long hours after it had begun – Rocky had managed to bring in a grand total of 65 credits (from two fans).

pocket changeThat breaks down to roughly $6.50 (less than five bucks for Flirt and a buck and some change for Rocky).  It cost Flirt more in bandwidth for those two hours than they made back from Rocky’s appearance.  At this rate he may find himself forced to go back to Chaturbate (where he was constantly besieged by trolls) – because Flirt usually gives their non-producing models the boot.

tiny manNow to be fair to the little fella (Rocky stands a deminutive 5 feet 6 inches tall) … some members may not have even been able to find him … buried somewhere on page 5 as he usually is.  If they had, however, they probably wouldn’t have stayed long as Rocky likes to sit on his bed fully dressed and fiddle with his phone and try to mouth the words to songs for which he has no clue of the lyrics.  Nothing to see here … move along.

ROCKYThe funny part of all this is … Little Rocky has the biggest ego and the cockiest attitude of all of the models in Jaden Storm’s Scottsdale whorehouse.  In a house with Jaden Storm – that is saying a lot!  That attitude was one of the reasons Rocky found himself inundated with trolls on Chaturbate. 

He is prideful and arrogant – but from what Miss M hears – he, more than any, spends a great deal of time toadying up to Jaden – which may explain why he is still a VB.  Flirt4Free, however, usually isn’t quite as tolerant – but perhaps Jaden can pull some strings to keep Rocky’s account open.

In any event – with less than a handful of private shows so far – a few more 65 credit shows may drive Rocky back to Chaturbate by his own choice – despite the trolls that await his arrival.  Flirt4Free may finally be making Jaden some money (though nowhere near as much as it is for Ken Ott, the biggest draw of the four voyeurboys) … but for Rocky Steele – it is only shining a spotlight on his many weaknesses as a performer.

That’s Miss M’s opinion.  Be sure to tell us yours in the comment section below.


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Miss M Ponders Yesterday’s Promo Results …

winner isoilstud58 and his boysizzi10milWhen the results of yesterday’s Giant Dildo Promo came in a few hours after the contest ended … oilstud58 (Mike McCreery) had bought the victory for his boys yet again!  That was no surprise.  What may surprise you is … our friend Izzi now seems to be, in fact, one of oilstud58′s boys!

Miss M noticed the oilstud slipping thousands of credits Izzi’s way in recent competitions – and was at first amazed – but has settled on amused. 

wh-motw2Miss M has discovered that our friend from Texas seems to get as much glee from manipulating the results of Flirt contests as Miss M gets watching them be manipulated.  It began quite some time ago with any contest in which William Haley was about to be a part of the Winner’s Circle … and oilstud would drop someone, anyone, some last-minute credits to make sure that didn’t happen.  Miss M noticed it.  William noticed it.  Oilstud58 assured, however, it was all just repeated coincidences.

izzi-bars2And now we have Mr. McCreery slipping tens of thousands of credits to Izzi (70,000 just yesterday) … who certainly does not fit his usual type (Muscles Muscles Muscles) … but seems to fit his purposes.  Miss M isn’t sure what his purpose is … but does find it amusing nonetheless. 

Yes, in the beginning she admits to being less than happy when he purposely tampered with contests involving William Haley (for whom, as we all know, Miss M has a bit of a motherly affection ;D) … but … having cheered the oilstud so frequently when he helped Aaron Best win promo after promo and break record after record … it would have been hypocritical to fault him now.  The same goes with Izzi … who, in case anyone left on the planet is still unaware … is not one of Miss M’s favorite models. ;)   Miss M may not understand why oilstud does the things he does – but it sure is fun to watch.

JADEN-STORMFor example … last night’s manipulation with Evan and Izzi … relegated Ken Ott and Jaden Storm (who were set to take first and second place) to also-ran status … losers if you will.  Miss M confesses that brought joy to her heart – as that is exactly how she thinks of Jaden and his lackeys.  That the two $500 prizes went to Evan and Izzi instead was simply a case of the lesser of two evils. 

In nearly three years of doing this – Miss Murmurs has discovered that the secret to it all is not getting emotionally involved … or one mm-popcorncould have a nervous breakdown and rip one’s hair out.  So Miss M developed her “pop the popcorn – sit back – and enjoy the drama” attitude – and has thus far lived happily ever after.

Although Miss M would much rather see oilstud58 help young, struggling models like Chris Fosgate … she cannot dictate his preferences or charitable inclinations.  So, instead she chooses to take glee in the overall chaos he creates.  Landing Jaden flat on his backside outside the winner’s circle was delicious – and Miss M imagines a certain Henry Hard got a chuckle himself.

mm-twitter13In life – there are always going to be forces over which we have no control … whether it be a flood, a tornado, or a Texas oilstud.  Your house may be flooded and there is nothing you can do about it.  But … you can always take glee in having a delicious cup of tea while watching that neighbor who had driven you crazy for years … standing in the spot where his house once stood … before it was completely swept away.

Miss M is just kidding about that last part, of course.  Or is she? :D

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From The Philippines To West Virginia To Pennsylvania To Arizona To … The Philippines Once Again??? The Long, Strange Journey Of Patrick Vidal!

model-of-the-weekpatrick vidalAfter only one week on Flirt4Free – Patrick Vidal from Parkersburg, West Virginia is Flirt4Free’s new Model Of The Week.  Patrick plays Ken Ott – and also does sex shows on both Chaturbate and Cam4.

Born in the Philippines, Patrick is a long-time resident alien in the United States.  There is a chance, however, he could soon find himself deported back to the Philippines if unable to work out the status of his green card. Vidal, a former U.S. Marine, said should that happen he will still continue performing sex shows from his homeland.

Patrick Vidal and 6foot8supermanBodybuilding seems to run in Patrick’s family as you can see in this photo of him and his cousin (who goes by the name “6foot8superman” on Instagram).

It was his cousin, in fact, who gave Patrick a goodbye hug as he left West Virginia in August for a family visit in Pennsylvania – before heading to his final destination in Arizona – and his “big boy job” (as his cousin called it).

patrick vidal and 6foot8superman hugMiss M also wishes Patrick good luck on his new “big boy job” with Flirt4Free – and congratulates him on being the latest Model Of The Week!

Miss M will keep you posted on the outcome of Patrick’s meeting with US Immigration officials on Wednesday regarding the status of his green card and possible deportation  – Good luck, Patrick.

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The Top Two For October 13th – Cleaning Up The Oil Spill!

thetop2top2-10-13-14oil spill

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Four Winners and Not An American In The Bunch!

resultsdeep-throat2winners-circleThe American models were shut out of the Winner’s Circle in yesterday’s Deep Throat Promo … with Russian model Romka Cute taking the top spot. 

In second place was newcomer to Flirt, Patrick Vidal, who plays Ken Ott.  Mr. Ott is from the Philippines – and could possibly find himself deported back to his homeland next week when he meets with US Immigration. Patrick seems to have lost his green card … but assures us that he can whore himself from the Philippines as easily as from Arizona … so not to worry. 

Randy Taylor – and a Miss M personal favorite, Andrrew Great – rounded out the list of winners – with all four taking home an additional $300 prize. 

failuresAlso-rans included Ken Ott’s boss, Jaden Storm, who now finds himself in direct competition with members of his own entourage from the struggling Voyeurboys cam-site.  Ken won his second promo in less than a week … while Jaden, on the other hand, has found the reception to his “grand return” to Flirt4Free less enthusiastic than he had hoped. Something tells Miss M that with Jaden’s oversized ego being repeatedly stepped on by Mr. Ott … if Ken doesn’t find himself deported next week – he may soon find himself departed from the VB whorehouse. 

bellboyAnother legend in his own mind, real estate agent Nick McCullough, who plays The_Sean_Holmes, has also staged his own “grand return” in recent days.  Having made zero home $ales, Miss M suspects a lack of money has driven The_Sean back to his former home at Flirt4Free – but obviously not to his former glory days when promo wins were a given.  His “GayHo The Dancing Bellboy” act appeals to only a select clientele of die-hard fans – and sadly, Mr. Bojangles has found himself struggling to make it into the winner’s circle.  Last night was no exception. 

on the town

     oilslick58 & Evan          on the town

Evan Matthews and his sugar daddy, oilslick58, were apparently out on the town – as they passed on this competition altogether.  It was a Saturday night, after all, and sometimes one just cannot be bothered with small $300 Promos.

The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat is an age-old tale … and Miss M would like to congratulate all four of the winners.  She would also like to remind those mentioned who did not make it into the top spots: In Miss M’s book (as well as the record book) … you’re losers.  :D


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SeanSpeak! What He Says & What He Means!

seanspeak2WHAT HE SAYS …shtweetWHAT HE MEANS …shtweet2nm2By the way – has anyone else noticed Sean has removed that face he loves so much from his Twitter (see above) and elsewhere.  Perhaps his idol, Donald Trump, told his alter ego, Nick McCullough, that selling real estate and selling sex don’t usually mix very well.  ;)

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Shock and Grief Following The Death of Ben’s Blog!


Gentle Murmurs Pays Her Final Respects

Gentle Murmurs Pays Her Final Respects

The tragic news of the passing of Ben’s Blog echoed through the Blogosphere, across the Internet and around the world today – leaving many in shock and beset with grief.

B2, as it was affectionately known by fellow bloggers, stood as a beacon of truth, honor and the American way in the otherwise sordid and sleazy underbelly of the world of online pornography.

Miss Murmurs recently became a fascinated voyeur of the bustling enterprise founded by the Reverend Gregory (Benjy) Franklin … and although critics of Ben’s promotional style referred to his coverage as a bunch of gay hoopla … as a fellow journalist, Miss M could see the intense passion Ben had for the pornographers and smut-peddlers he faithfully covered.  B2 will go down in the annals of both anal and oral sex coverage. 

dianeBen’s Blog is missed by everyone from the late JJ Swift (whose own premature death was first reported right there in Ben’s Blog) to Crazy Annie Reynolds™ who had expressed her sorrow at B2′s passing only last night.   Fellow New York journalist, Diane Sawyer told reporters, “Mike and I were stunned to hear the news.  Ben’s Blog’s unique style of simply posting headlines with no story has always been the talk of the news business.  It was brash and bold and had never been done before.” 

Miss Murmurs and her minions also feel the tragic loss of a fellow news source and share in the sorrow of his many bunions.  The obituary is below:


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Four Reasons To Visit

4 reasons to visit colbyknox visit-colby-knox

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The Top Two For October 9th …

oils top 2top2-10-9-14oil slick

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Our Boy and His Dog Turned Into a Man and His Muscles! ;)

did you guess whoA Boy and his Dog - 2006Did YOU Guess Who our Boy and his Dog were?  Although most people guessed Rob Ryder … our friend Rick was the only one correct with his guess of CJ REED!

CJ has been a Miss M favorite for quite some time now … both for his quiet, friendly personality and his sexy, all natural muscles.

Who would have guessed the boy in the picture with the somewhat spindly arms would, only eight years later, look like this?cj3cj4cj2cj5a

In fact, only recently, CJ competed in his first NPC Physique competition (right) and came in 5th place … a nice start for a great competitor.

Should any of you want to catch CJ in more intimate action – be sure to visit his Flirt4Free room … and tell him Miss M said hello.  ;)





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Can YOU Guess Who?

guesswhoA Boy and his Dog - 2006

A Boy and his Dog – 2006

Can You guess who this future Flirt4Free Model is?  This photo is from 2006 …  so there have been a few changes in the last 8 years!  Take A Guess in the Comments below – and tomorrow – see if you were right.  ;)

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The Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves Roll Into Town!

garcons de voyeurles garconshear ye hear yeHere Ye – Here Ye!  Let it be known throughout the land that Jaden Storm (Ricky Stormes) has announced he is bringing his “Cirque de So-what”  to Flirt4Free in a further attempt to promote his ramshackle house of whores … a ragtag coterie known as “les garçons de voyeur”.

Ricky’s previous Voyeurboys run-in with Flirt4Free involved an ill-conceived cross-promotion that called into question the legitimacy of a $1000 Flirt promo prize awarded to former voyeurboy Marc Swift (Timothy Hoffman) – and resulted in a reprimand for Mr. Stormes.

dog n pony circusFollowing that debacle, a disgruntled Ricky rounded up his dogs and ponies and took them to Chaturbate and Cam4 to do a bit of cross-promotion over there.  It wasn’t long, however, before his little circus began to make “haters” out of “viewers” who were insulted and berated by their iron fisted Mods … headed by none other than Crazy Annie Reynolds™ … and Ricky found his rooms overrun with marauding trolls. 

trollsAfter a particularly harrowing battle on Friday night with the countless enemies they had made – Ricky threw in the towel and openly dissed Chaturbate and announced (while in his chat room on CB) that he was moving his band of merry men (er… boys) to – apparently because Flirt has more of the rich to rob in order to give to the poor … the sad saps living in his whorehouse (at 8749 E Hubbell Street in Scottsdale, Arizona) … as well as having fewer “trolls”.

And so it is that Flirt4Free saw the return of their prodigal son (or is it black sheep?) … Ricky Stormes … yesterday – as well as his faithful lap-dog and manservant, Rocky Steele, and his “better”, Ken Ott (Pat Vidal) – a silent and serious threat to Ricky’s dominance.  The amiable dunce, Dusty Jones, cannot be far behind.

cirque deWill this move help save Ricky’s floundering whorehouse … beset by the desertion of its co-founder, JJ Swift (TJ Pelka) – and the loss of voyeurboy after voyeurboy after voyeurboy?  Will it be long before we witness more chicanery and shady shenanigans involving Flirt4Free promotions?  Will Flirt4Free fans welcome the former deserter home with open arms … or closed wallets?  Will the “Cirque de S0-what” be forced to pack up their Gypsy wagons and find yet another site whose members they can pickpocket?  The answer to all of these questions will be explored (on various slow news days) – right here on 

crazy annie™

Crazy Annie Reynolds™

This, of course, brings up another point all Flirt4Free members should be aware of before taking Jaden or any of the boys into a private.  NOTHING is PRIVATE at the VB whorehouse!  Not only will Crazy Annie Reynolds™ be watching your private from the sky-box – but so will anyone and everyone who has a VB membership.  Jaden, in fact, used this as a selling point for in his kiss-off speech at Chaturbate. 

crazy annie2

Crazy Annie Reynolds™

Gives a whole new slant to paying big bucks per minute for a so-called private – don’t you think?  Just picture the creepy eyes of Crazy Annie Reynolds leering down – saliva dripping from the corners of her twisted mouth – as her hunched back is wedged firmly in the rafters where she can get a better view … and then just try to keep your hard-on!  There simply IS NO WAY to escape the demented dingbat from down under.

tumblingHear ye, Hear ye … Miss M urges les garçons de voyeur be cast out of the Flirt Kingdom in a forthright fashion – forever to roam the countryside in search of new villages to plunder.  Close your wallets and keep them closed …

and keep your fingers crossed that Crazy Annie’s hump lets loose and she comes tumbling down and breaks her crown – and we’ll all be filled with laughter.trampsOh, one more thing!  This just rocketed through the Twittersphere … a ridiculous case of SELF-PROMOTION if ever there was one.  The Voyeurboys are congratulating Jaden, Ken and Rocky!  Who are Jaden, Ken and Rocky?  Why … they ARE The Voyeurboys! 

Now that they’re back, those of you unfamiliar with their hoohaw and balderdash will roll with laughter at their endless tweets of self-promotion that make the tweets of former Global Cam Star and Giant Dildo King, Adam Foxx pale in comparison!

vbtweetNobody, but nobody – not even his sycophantic fans – love Jaden Storm as much as Jaden Storm loves Jaden Storm. ;)

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The One Hundred Thousand Dollar Gimme Gimme!

gimmie-gimmie2johnny-vThere was another over-the-top “gimme gimme gimme” story covered yesterday … this one on “The Sword” (another snarky gossip site covering the unseemly men of the “adult industry”).  Miss M found it rather entertaining … especially some of the comments that followed the story.  This time – porn star, Johnny V, would like a hundred grand.  No mention of whether he’d like that in small, unmarked bills or not.  Click the pic above and enjoy!  Oh – and when Miss M finds her cozy Casa Calabasas East in beautiful Scottsdale … she’s going to put up a Go Fund Me and let you boys chip in and buy it for her.  It seems pointless to be bothered with those silly mortgage payments every month. ;)

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Gimme Gimme Gimme – A Brand New Range Rover!

gimme♫♪♫ Miss Murmurs received the following anonymous tip tonight … and though she has sung this same sad song a dozen times before … here’s yet another rendition. This time the lyrics are about Austin Wilde – porn star and owner of ♪♫♪

austin wilde tipYes, it’s that same old refrain – only this time for some big bucks … none of that silly “buy me a new iphone” for this guy.  So Miss M went to have a look-see … and sure enough … our tipster was right.austinIf  YOU are reading this – it’s because you’re smart enough to read – and if you’re a bit sickened or appalled … well, join our tipster and Miss M.

Avery (L) - Cowboy (C) - Austin Wilde (R)

Avery (L) – Cowboy (C) – Austin Wilde (R)

Be sure to drive safely, boys!  Nobody wants to have to buy you another one!

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