Tom Faulk (Jesse Elias Townsend) – “Assault Causing Bodily Injury” Arrest!

tf17Recently Miss Murmurs wrote a brief article about Tom Faulk and his “Twilight Zone” behavior involving his hours-long political rants … his abandoned chat room … and his mysterious tag line.  All quite innocuous.  That article, however, brought in comments from readers who have reported much DRAMA in Tom’s room as of late.  They ranged from Tom’s insistence that he is straight and has a girlfriend and is not gay or bi … to how he fell asleep on cam and was awakened by a female who pulled his hair – so he shoved her and slapped her!  Last night he ranted against William Haley and his “pedo” fans who were robbing him of his bonuses. Our regular reader “didione” wrote in to say:

“Now Miss M should know that today young Tom Faulk has gone totally silent in his room. He seems to be mad all the time! In his room today, he took a phone call and you could hear him tell someone that he was going to beat up some guy who dared to speak to his girlfriend when he told him to stop. Mr. Faulk may have some jealousy issues as well as anger management problems!!

Today, Mr. Faulk apparently discovered the article and comments and sent in the following comment himself.

tom faulk says

A rambling, ill-punctuated, and grammatically incorrect comment to be sure … but at least he wished we bitches “peace” in closing! 

Miss Murmurs was aware of Tom’s use of pot as his drug of choice … which he readily admits … but she wondered if maybe something more was going on with Tom lately.  She knew he had recently moved to Chicago to live in Mike Osterfeld’s home … in the same room vacated by Sean “Cason” Holmes when he moved to Arizona to join Fratmen.  She decided to see what else she could find.

It turned out that Tom Faulk listed himself on Model Mayhem under his real name, Jesse Townsend!



From there … it was easy to discover that Mr. Faulk may, in fact, be moody these days because he’s in a bit of trouble with the law.  First there was his arrest last June for POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA in Cedar Park, Texas.



But then just three weeks ago, Mr Faulk had another run-in with the law when he was arrested for CRIMINAL MISCHIEF and ASSAULT CAUSING BODILY INJURY!



Well, Miss M believes that probably answers the question about Tom’s tendency for violence … and helps explain the shoving and slapping of the female the other night … as well as the recent threats to beat someone up over his girlfriend.  It might also explain why Tom has seemed “to be mad all the time” in recent days.

Miss M would suggest to Tom that he is probably in enough trouble already with his current assault charges … and should reconsider shoving, slapping or beating up on anyone for a while.  I’m sure it would be a relief to Mom and Dad back in Cedar Park.

Oh … and ha ha, Peace, bitch … to you!

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17 Responses to Tom Faulk (Jesse Elias Townsend) – “Assault Causing Bodily Injury” Arrest!

  1. Time Keeper says:

    he fell asleep on cam and was awakened by a female who pulled his hair – so he shoved her and slapped her!

    dude not a man to hit a girl, one thing my parents raised me, even if the girl is hitting u, never hit a girl, or yell at a girl. model should not be on flirt4free anymore.

  2. fla guy says:

    Here’s hoping he gets the help he needs. He seems like a troubled soul.

  3. didione says:

    When I was in Tom’s room a while ago, he proceeded to tell me that he wasn’t very happy with me. Seeing his note to Miss Murmurs, I can only imagine what he’ll say after this current post comes to his attention. I am sorry that Tom won’t value me as a customer anymore, I even sent him a virtual gift with suggestions today as to how he might win some of those promo contests that he wants to win. It really is not a good night for me since I really think that Tom has great potential even outside of the porn world. I truly wish him well and my comments were more of the smh variety and not meant to express hostility or promote negativity but Tom needs to realize that while ranting is certainly his right, even on cam, he can negate all of his positive attributes by spewing venomous, hate filled opinions. And some of those opinions were directed at the very people who are tipping and taking him private. This is what you would call in marketing terms, not a smart move!!

  4. Dorthy Kuhl says:

    I must say this is a great article. i enjoyed reading it. keep up the good work :)

  5. Pimsler says:

    It seems to me he is a juvenile in an adult body. Not a rare thing unfortunately. But his incoherant rant leads me to believe that maybe his drug use is starting to effect his ability to string together complete sentances that would make sense to anyone. My advise to him would be……. GROW UP! And, no, pot is not making you the genius you think you are. Just the opposite

  6. Marcus says:

    I’d still fuck him.

  7. SurferBoy says:

    Super awesome article! … You go on with your bad self Miss M! (reading that back sounds lame lol oh well, IDC!) Job well done! He’s so yummy looking and has that surfer boy look I love, so sad he’s a flake! Maybe he just stumbled upon a rough patch in life.

  8. tom faulk says:

    um wtf? lol so rude, and distasteful, i was arrsted for beating a robber that came into my house on the night of my birthday, scondly, there was no girl, my roomate richie admits he was the one who came into my room while i was asleep, and thirdly, this makes me laugh so much, lol jesse isnt my real name , but nice try :) publicity is awsome bro keep up the fine work, and once again, peace bitches! haha smoke weed all day!!!

    • treehugger says:

      You sir, make us tree smokers look bad -_-.

      • Ken says:

        Tree smokers? You are pathetic! Donot open you mouth and speak for others. If you feel he is making you look bad, fine, but do not bring everyone else into your fantasies! As far as this article and everyone on here spewing rude and ignorant things about Tom, grow the fuck up! He is an entertainer and he gets paid to be such! I have known him for about a year now and not once has anything ever happened to make me think anything in this article is true to its word! See, that’s the thing about internet blogs, nothing needs to be true or even backed up with facts. You can say anything you want and most idiots will believe it because it is online. I feel sorry for all of you!

  9. didione says:

    I tried to give Mr. Faulk some advice but he told me to get my old, fat ass fucked and apparently thinks I have something to do with this website other than my occasional comment that gets posted here. Tom says that he is going to get to the top at f4f doing it his way and he doesn’t need any help to get there. I pointed out that the top current models/performers all have rabid fans who want to see them win and he doesn’t have those yet. He also doesn’t see the value of twitter to cultivate those relationships, etc. Apparently, Tom also believes that state criminal justice agencies are in the habit of putting incorrect information on the internet. Ah, if only that were so, then I would be smoking some of Tom’s weed or should I say Jesse’s!!

  10. NonUS_Customer says:

    Lol this seems to be the modern version of a gauntlet, or what thats called in english.
    Young guys have a high level of testosterone and other hormons, and thats one of the things making them attractive to me.. and make them do weird things.
    Most of them will get wiser with age anyway.

  11. Omen says:

    Jesse, Tom, Josh, whatever your real name is, man you should just leave the porn business. Its destroying you and you could do so much more with your life.
    Step back and really think about it, is all of the criminal issues, the negative fame, and all of the porn content something you want to become your legacy?

    My advice, Get your legal issue closed and behind you, and move on to greener pastures. If you’re gay then so be it, be a happy gay man, if you’re bi or straight then live the way that makes you happy. Who cares what others think, its your life just do no harm to others. Maybe open that ranch you talk about and live a happy and good life.

    I sincerely hope to never read about a tragic end to your young promising life.

    Peace, and I hope you find the love inside.

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